CyanogenMod-6.0.0 RC1

It’s been a few weeks of work, and a great effort from everyone involved! I’d like to present the first CM6 release candidates for the Nexus One, Dream, and Magic phones! Versions for other devices are on the way.

Check out the CHANGELOG for a full list of features and contributors.

It’s available for download via ROM Manager, or direct links can be found in the links below:

Nexus One: CM Forums | XDA Developers

Dream & Magic: CM Forums | XDA Developers

  • swagcrusher305

    where do i have to go to download this?

  • david

    i looked at the instructions on the Wiki for rooting the G1 1.6 and then installing froyo 2.2 but for some reason it just didn’t seem clear to me. i have an unrooted g1 1.6 and i want to root it so i can install froyo 2.2 or cm6 so i can have access to the apps2sd feature so i don’t have to go and spend the money on a G2. it would really help me if there was a video on how to do the steps in the wiki. if you know of a way to install and run apps from the SDcard without having to install 2.2, that would be helpful to. thanks, david ([email protected])

  • swagcrusher305

    i forgot to check google add ons when installing 6.0 how can i get them now?

  • steve

    Rooted evo n now when i went ta upload cynagon its jus circlin in blue wats wrong is my fone broke it wont go past dat screen n i can not hard reset… asap.

  • Brandon

    I am having the same problem as steve. Rooted Mytouch 3g Slide, got the Clockwork, then downloading and installed Cyanogen. Now when I power on my phone, it goes past the initial T-Mobile screen, then gets stuck on the cyanogen(mod) loading screen, and I cannot get to the Recovery screen with vol_up+power or trackpad+power. I dont mind wiping the phone, but it seems I cannot get to the recovery screen to do that. Help please!

  • Adam

    Go into your recovery partition, nuke the cache and reinstall the rom.

  • Robert

    I’m an iPhone user, but look foreward to buying an AnDROID phone to install this, so when you say “nuke the cahce” Does a rooted Android with cynagog come with some sort of Open Terminal” to do this? or do I SSH into the phone?

  • Olivia
  • joe

    I’m a big coward, is there anyway to test drive the cyanogen rom before rooting/installing it?


  • LooYcRAcK

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  • James Ussery

    If you downloaded the google apps along with Cyanogen mod ROM… Just go back in ROM Manager and click install ROM from SD.. Then click the GAPPS zip drive, it will then install this in addition to your ROM…. Also if you are stuck on the screen with the Blue CYanogen mod character, just wait, it will eventually load, unless you need to go back and install again. this time doing a wipe.. Took me 2 downloads for it finally to work.

  • seancyan

    I just returned from Iraq and bought a cyanogen rooted evo 4g phone. Can someone help and tell me how to unroot the phone and go back to the sprint network please.

  • sheldon Blanton

    is it possible to convert mytouch 3g mother board into magic 32b, which is 32a now?

  • Carlos Bernal

    No se olviden de los modelos pasados que aún se usan, como lo son el HTC One m7, Samsung galaxy s4, LG g2. Me interesa más porque tengo un HTC m7, al cual prometieron actualizaciones, pero gracias a estás ROM’S he podido actualizarlo con éxito y sacar provecho de mi Android. Sería una buena ayuda tener el CM6