CyanogenMod 5.0.7 for Dream and Magic!

After a lot of work from a lot of people, CyanogenMod 5.0.7 is out for your Dream and Magic (Fender/MT3G 1.2 also) phones! This is Android 2.1 (Eclair). It’s not without quirks, but it’s more than capable of being your daily driver.

Head over to the forums for all the details and download info!

You might also want to check out the CHANGELOG.

And HI to our friends at XDA Developers!

  • Siddharth

    Hi i’m kind of stuck here. any help would be greatly appreciated.
    I’ve downloaded all the required files and got my G1 rooted with RC 29 and flashed the Radio

    Now when i put Danger Spl, and Cyanogen 5.0.7 for my phone in the SD card’s root directory and restart using my phone while pressing the home key, all i get are three options in the recovery page.

    ALT +L to toggle display,
    ALT + S to flash the file and
    ALT + W to wipe the phone.

    I do not get the option to pres ALT + A and select the zip i want to flash.

    Please tell me where is it that i’m going wrong and whether i should individually rename all the three files to and individually flash them.

    Look forward to any reply.


  • Stejhu

    Hey sid. Sounds like you done have the right recovery image. Try redoing that step and make sure you use underscores and dashes in the right places and make sure you put the right spacing in. it should say the recovey image version at the bottom. Should say jf 1.4 something.

  • noobles

    Just to update my post #49.

    There isn’t anything wrong with the Cyanogen ROM, thanks for all the hardwork. Turns out the problem is with Rogers. Even though I have the latest radio for the e911 fix ( that isn’t good enough and Rogers will disable your 3G connection after 24 hours. From what I understand through a discussion with technical support, they also check your build number as well. If it doesn’t match with what they want (1.89.631.1) they will cut off the connection. I couldn’t figure out how to change the text of the build number on the XDA forums (not sure if that’s even good enough) so I had to sign a stupid waiver to get them to enable my data connection ( Which of course didn’t work since the form wouldn’t accept my IMEI number so my case had to get escalated to their network engineering team and would take 3-7 business days for them to manually enable my 3G connection.

  • Patrick

    With the forum being down, is there anywhere I can find the direct download to 5.0.7?

  • Grant Gorton

    Is the Danger SPL the one with the 3 skateboarding androids on the spl screen? I think I already have it on my G1, but I want to be sure. I’m going to be doing the switch from 4.2.15 to 5.0.7 as soon as i get my new class 6 sd card.

  • Neil Clavano

    Guys…. I am new at this. i just installed CM 5.0.7 on my MT3G. I noticed it didn’t have an app for ANDROID MARKET. Did i do something wrong? How do I get Android Market on my phone? Thank you

  • Opus

    @Neil Clavano: You have to download and flash as well (it contains all the google apps such as maps, market ect.)

  • Opus

    You can find all the download links on the XDA-forum-link (And HI to our friends at XDA Developers!) at the top of this page!

  • Siddharth

    Thanks Stejhu and Cyanogen, finally got it rooted and running on 2.1.

    But i have another question. Do i need to run another mod / Flash another image to get the Apps to SD working?


  • chris

    to all: the usb mounting issue is fixed on 5.0.8.

  • Guru

    Just a quick confirmation.. No multi touch ?

  • Siddharth

    sorry about the previous post. Got it sorted :)

    Thanks Cyanogen.

  • ste england

    due i love you this is the best version yet. keep up the good work

  • Ian Macfarlane

    Brilliant! If HTC don’t get around to updating Android to 2.1 on my Magic in the end, at least there’s an alternative!

  • CJay554

    a few odd bugs that render my phone unusable:
    After maybe a month of Cyanogen 5.0.7 usage:
    -Battery problem, percentage drops VERY FAST, especially when using apps that require internet (they drain more battery than the 4.* system.
    -Right now my touch screen is not responsive at all, even at the “recovery boot” which i find weird…
    -My G1 T-Mobile start up screen does not show anymore, contributing to the problem of no responsiveness as stated above.

    Going to revert back to earlier system to resolve these problems… As soon as i can touch my touchscreen again =(

  • CJay554

    [Add to above]
    I just played around and the touchscreen came back into usability. But then i plugged in my charger… for some reason after i plugged my charger to my phone the touch screen stopped working yet again, this happened 2 times, it takes about 1 hour or more for the touch screen to respond after unplugged… im so confused :/

  • CJay554

    [Add to above]
    Though im not completely sure who’s fault it is, i did notice my phone going haywire after i used my car charger that i bought from t-mobile. As far as the G1 T-Mobile screen (very first screen when powering on the phone) dissapearing, that is I believe firmware encoded into the hardware so simply software flashing for MOD’s shouldn’t affect that screen.

  • Jwbsmall

    I’m desperately excited about trying this out, but I’m worried about voiding my already measly Vodafone AU warranty, will this be the case? Thanks

  • Álvaro Iradier

    Thanks for keeping the work on HTC Magic!

  • Albert W

    Finally installed this yesterday. The Danger SPL made me wait until I had enough time to take the time to do it right. Very, very happy that I finally upgraded. My G1 now feels like reborn! Absolutely worth the little risk.

  • Jeff

    I have the same problem with the delay when trying to go back to home screen. Anyone figure out a way to fix that? Also…I don’t know if it matters or not but I couldn’t figure out how to do the step to get amon-ra recovery, it was too confusing. Does it matter? Would anything be different if I was able to get the amon-ra recovery on my phone?

  • Gusty

    In the spare parts there’s an option to keep home in memory. The home screen appears quickly for me now.

  • Siddharth

    Hey just wondering is it possible to go back to the original 1.6 for my G1… i do remember reading that downgrading radio with Danger SPL can/will brick my phone?

    Any suggestions?

  • John Lyons

    I hope someone can help me :/ lost su (root) access after cm 5.0.8-DS upgrade. love the vew mod but I miss my rot access. Thanks

    Tmobile old school mytouch..

  • khan

    how can i change my android g1 1.6 to 2.0

  • http://deleted khan

    how i change my android g1 1.6 to 2.0

  • Chicarcas

    Success story. I installed CyanogenMod 5.0.7 on a Google ION a.k.a Google Developer Phone 2 without any problems. Everything works (WiFi, GSM phone, EDGE connection, camera, GPS, google apps, etc.)

    – Battery doesn’t last as long as with Android 1.6.
    – Overall the phone feels a little sluggish, but no app. crashes nor freezes so far.

    Conclusion: CyanogenMod’s Android flavor is the best! Can’t wait for Froyo.


  • CJay554

    Im back to cyanogen 4.*, 5 simply ruined my phone as unusable, though again im not sure where the problem was, my battery became bloated and giant, when getting a new phone because my previous 5.* started mis-functioning, the battery would only work if i kept small apps working, if i start 3D accel, or even web apps the phone simply dies, and won’t turn on till I take out the battery, put it back in, then way 5-10 minutes… Very very weird stuff. As for me until the battery stuff is finished, and 5.* is a bit more stable, i’ll be sticking with 4.

  • QmacQ

    Uh, can I get some Instructions cause I keep getting an error

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  • SteelSamurai

    I’m still having problems with Android Market on 5.0.7. Whenever I access Market, it keeps shutting down a couple of times. That’s pretty annoying when you get daily updates :(
    Is there another file than which I can install? Or is reinstalling that file enough?

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