CyanogenMod 5.0.6 – Tax Deductible

CyanogenMod 5.0.6 for the Nexus One and Motorola Droid has been released after being in test mode for awhile now. Thank you everyone who contributed to this release!!

It’s available via Koush’s ROM Manager (N1 and Droid), CM Updater (N1 only for now, Droid soon), or you can check the links below for manual downloads.

Check out the CM forums for N1 and also our Droid forums and come get kanged!! :)

And don’t forget our friends at XDA-Developers!!

Here’s the CHANGELOG for 5.0.6 (full list of changes here):

* Merged AOSP from Google as of 3/31/2010
* Ability to move installed applications between internal storage and SD (from Chris Soyars)
* Added libncurses, lsof, irssi, htop, bash, nano and powertop.
* Added option to disable USB Debugging notification.
* 5 column launcher drawer (from Kmobs and ChrisSoyars) - can be switched back to 4 column in Spare Parts
* Animated GIF support in the browser (info from Google)
* Updated translations from Eug89, RedVirus, and ThiasB
* Yahoo mail can be used over wifi (from [email protected])
* Kernel is now built from source and installed properly by the Android build system (from Android-X86, tweaked by Wes Garner and Chris Soyars)
* New camera features (antibanding, focus mode, jpeg quality) from CodeAurora
* Battery percentage meter fix from ChainsDD
* Fixed some bugs in Dropbear and added dropbear-keygen to generate host keys
* New ARM NEON optimizations for Bionic from ARM and 0xlab ( - Jim Huang)
* Audio gain tweaks from Pershoot
* Kernel
* Launcher can auto-orientate now (enable in Spare Parts) - not really all that pretty but it works
* Fix the Google backup transport. If you are doing a no-wipe install, run "bmgr transport" in a shell to get it enabled.
* More bugfixes from AOSP contributers (
* Sexied up Nexus LWP from WootRoot and jeagoss with more colors, background, and trackball lighting
* Added wireless-tools (iwconfig and friends) to the build
* Reverted bcm4329 wifi driver to older version
* Added option to set a system-wide http proxy server (this should really be a per-ssid setting though)
* Allow Bluetooth in airplane mode (needs settings db update if installing w/o wipe)
* Added some sounds back
* Added trackball-unlock option from Kmobs (this conflicts with the music skip option)
* Fix for the red/pink camera tint bug!! (from HTC/Google)
* Number keys work on the vk in the Terminal app again (from Jack Palevich's Google Code project)
* Added 5-minute screen timeout option
* Potential fixes in build.prop to improve 3G speed on N1 - YMMV.
* Fixed MMS Videos (PDR447, slayher, DroidMod all had a hand in this)
* Fixups to 4/5 column launcher
* Fixed ##program menu
* Fix fstab bug (DroidMod)

Have fun!

PS: Expect Ultimate Droid v11 soon! :) :) :)

  • iVisionX01

    Awesome downloading now!

  • Chopes

    Great work. Keep it up :) Very much appreciated by the community here I am sure.

  • alphabuild

    Sweeet! Can’t wait till UD v11 😉

  • R1lover

    thanks….. Love the last line lmao

  • Fern

    Will the Ultimate Droid theme work on this rom? Thanks for everything peeps. Don’t let jagbags put you down.

  • bgill55

    hahaha R1Lover I think me and Adrylyne are going to move from Dramaforum to your site!

  • Ash

    Yeah I think I’ll have to buy an N1 soon, but I’ll wait for the UDv11. :p

    anyways, going to steal my mates phone and finally hack his N1 to be cool like my G1 with CyanogenMod 😉

    Keep up the great work

  • Ultimate droid

    and heres the source I can compile from, but to throw you off im gonna call it extreme droid and make jillions :):):):):)

  • mcorbett

    man, forgot about UD 11, guess I will install that instead of this haha jk jk there won’t be an 11

  • Bigsal82

    Keeps telling me unable to start wifi. Other than that very fast with stock kernel. Any ideas for the wifi

  • Bigsal82

    Nvm installed befit kernel. I’m good

  • dlaciv12

    Also having the WiFi issue. First time I have to do a nandroid restore, I hope I know what I am doing!

  • flipgearz

    thank you! thank you! thank you! running smoothly on my N1. keep up the great work. [email protected] last line.

  • qball

    WiFi isn’t working. getting similar error as others that it won’t start. other than that it seems much faster.

  • PapaDocta

    thanks for the update… the weird thing it broke the Arabic Support.. yet it show the Arabic characters by default but not connected letters…

    best rom ever

  • Carlo

    Also experienced wifi unable to start. Reverted back to till issue is resolved. If you need any info on my current setup to help w/ troubleshooting let me know.

    P.s. I love cyanogen combined with smoked glass-esque theme, however my handset will reboot on its own from time to time and will always reboot when disconnecting from USB on PC. Any tips?

    Thanks and keep up the good work…you rock!

  • Mike

    Awesome! My favourite feature here is Bluetooth in airplane mode. I’m always using my Sony Ericsson HBH IS-800 A2DP headphones for music, but on flights I’m kind of screwed. My solution to date has been to take out the SIM card and then just run the phone in normal mode.

    The changelog says I’ll need to do a settings db wipe to get this feature. How do you do that?

    Cheers, and thanks for the update!

  • Cyanogen

    Droid update is getting pushed out to fix the wifi issue.


  • Jesús Ruiz

    Thank you Cyanogen!!! It’s a great job. Regards.

  • Ryan

    What happened to all the ring tones? I updated though the App and 90% of my ring tones are gone. :(

  • David LaCivita

    I reverted to last night. I realized I had the wifi on when I flashed 5.0.6 last night so I tried again this morning and made sure the wifi was off. Now it works fine. So, I don’t know what that means but that seems to be a work around for now.

  • Bill P.

    I upgraded to for the Droid and Gmail, Android Market, YouTube were gone. Had to revert back…I need my Gmail. Any reason why this may have happened? Thanks.

  • Patricio

    Nice work, I am really happy..wifi working without any problem.
    Again thanks for your hard work.

  • Dhex

    Cool!… now go port all this to the G1/Magic >=/

  • Kenny

    When can we expect this ported to the 4.2 build?

  • GarryH

    The reboot feature sometimes crashes the N1. This has happened since 5.0.3. 5.0.6 has not fixed yet.

  • chris

    i installed the update last night and every since the power button wont put my phone to sleep there a way for me to make this work again.

  • Kai

    Something happened to the Wiki section on the site? I’m trying to get there and i’m getting this error:

    ‘MediaWiki internal error.

    Exception caught inside exception handler’

    This is the first time i’m running Ubuntu on this pc and hardly ever used this OS before, is it just my PC? I’d appreciate a suggestion, this is the first time I intended to get a custom rom for my N1..

  • Andrea

    Great job as always, but the Launcher seems quite slow compared to the past versions (both in 4 and 5 icon mode)… am i the only one with this impression?

  • Samir

    Congratulation for your good work Cyanogen, and thank you for effort building this to the community.

  • morgan

    Cyanogen, thanks for all your hard work and making my N1 even more awesomer than it was!

    Upgraded to 5.0.6 last night. It’s been working great. Then I installed the Desire camera app (replacing the stock app), and now it says “Unable to start wifi” in the settings. I tried rebooting, but it freezes up (I have to pull the battery).

    I re-flashed 5.0.6 and Wifi is working properly. I guess the Desire camera isn’t compatible. Just a heads up for anyone wanting to “upgrade” their camera.

    Thanks again!

  • dlaciv12

    OK, Wifi stopped working tonight. I had Desire camera working but I need my WiFi.

  • martin

    WiFi stopped working for me too after upgrading to 5.0.6. I can connect fine, but cant go to any sites. Same proplem on all WiFi nets I’ve tried. Disabling and going back to 3G works fine.

  • martin

    Ok, WiFi back. Removed the proxy settings (which I btw don’t know how they got there) and it’s back to normal.

  • craig

    My sleep button will not take a nap? anyone else seeing this with 5.0.6

  • d0x

    Power button puts my phone to sleep and wifi works fine

  • Yagermeister

    Have a rooted 2.1 Droid. Downloaded Setcpu and ROM Manager. Flashed the latest version of Clockwork Backed up current ROM Downloaded Cyanogen and bekit Kernels 0.8.3 from ROM Manager. Tried to install cyanogenmod four times and it backs everything up claims the install is complete and then reboots but freezes on the Motorola logo for 10 – 15 minutes and then I give up, yank the battery, reboot holding down X and then restore properly to my current ROM without issue. Any ideas??

  • innov8ion

    Thanks man, works like a charm. Great ROM!

  • Mkrmec

    Thnx allot for this, everything works ok on my Nexus, no problems with Wifi, reset phone works like a charm, etc except the colours of the “dpad” I set it to Cyan and it for some reason goes to green after a while.

    Remember people allways do a backup 😀

  • Deladroid

    The Rom Manager isn’t working. I can download themes/roms, but when I click OK (without backup or wipe checked) and then OK again to reboot to recovery, it just closes the prompt and doesn’t do anything. I’ve tried reinstalling, etc. I’m Rooted 2.1.

    PS- Do I use Ultimate Droid or no? I can’t tell from your blog.

  • Deladroid


  • josh beck


    One problem,
    My existing Helix Launcher2 install force closed until I manually uninstalled it via adb after upgrade.

    Very nice!
    So many great improvements!
    Josh Beck

  • nick

    man, I cannot get to work. I’ve tried wiping everything and reinstalling 3 times. I’m gonna give it one more shot… or I might ACTUALLY try UD10.. i mean hell, if it’s mostly the same thing, then technically i’m still supporting you, right?

  • nick

    hey just to update I got it working. I downloaded the zip from the web instead of downloading it through ROM Manager. seems to have fixed the problem… including the wifi situation for now.

  • dgolom

    I like to add contact shortcuts to my homepage. With Cyanogen’s ROM, when I select a contact the window pops up way at the top of the screen and the top of it gets cut off like it is tucked under the notifications bar. Is this a ROM issue? Can it be fixed? I am on a Droid. Thanks.

  • Ryan

    Thanks for all the hard work! I look forward to giving this a try.

  • Micah

    Just bought a Moto Droid today… hard choice over the incred but I like the weight and keyboard… here’s my question what could happen if I do this wrong?

  • nick

    worst case scenario, you have a $200 paper weight? Never had a problem bricking a device, just take your time and do research.

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