CyanogenMod 4.2 STABLE!

We’re finally stable! Upgrading from 4.1.9* shouldn’t require any special steps, but if you are coming from another ROM or an older version be sure to follow the directions correctly!

  • Danny

    I just updated my G1 and my wife’s G1 with your new release, and I was a little concerned when I didn’t see any “android” boot screen after the “G1″ boot screen. Is that just something you accidentally left out?

    By the way, I love your new drawer handle. I haven’t had much time to notice anything else different about this build yet. Keep up the good work.

  • JoelOFH

    Awesome! Keep up the good work!

  • knyto2

    i’m updating this on my MT3G right now, and also not seeing the android boot screen after the “MyTouch 3G” screen. It’s been like that for a few minutes… hopefully it will be ok

  • Waldo

    There’s a 4.2.1 now that fixes the animation issue…


  • tw3k


  • Doug

    Installed (from 4.1.9999) on MT3G and works great! Boot screen functions per usual. Nice work Steve.

  • vitriolix

    Danny: the changelog answers your question:

    —- v4.2.1
    * The EBI1 support patch in the kernel breaks things (even if disabled) on Dream hardware (like the boot animation). Removed it.

    —- v4.2
    * We’re back to CFS for now, with a bunch of new kernel tweaks
    * Ability to lock home app in memory (can disable via Spare Parts)
    * Install the right AudioPara4.csv for Sapphire
    * Some image tweaks from Prash
    * Updated Cytown’s Phone mod to v10
    * Compcache is OFF by default!
    * Music app enhancements (includes a tiny video player too)
    * Got rid of some nines
    * STABLE!
    * CRAP, KNOWN BUG!! Boot animation doesn’t display on Dream hardware, looking into it.

  • john

    needs a cleaner way of flashing, instructions are not clear &many people are having problems.

  • Michael Adick

    i cannot sign into Google services, even with the new recovery image… my phone has been rendered useless by google

  • AC

    I cant load 4.2.1 on My magic but 4.19999 is ok, y???

  • AC

    My magic is 32A. Is tat y cant load
    stay @ HTC magic screen!

  • dawson

    Cyanogen is the man! This build is super fast, although I don’t see the extended menu options? Thanks for the good work.

  • sparks

    anyone got an eta for the first boot? so far im looking at 20+ min on G1 screen, booting from an older rom, followed steps on XDA, not a first timer.
    any help? thanks

  • sparks

    solved. pulled battery, restarted.

    booted no problem
    and MAN, this thing IS fast.

  • Saints

    Hey guys
    where is the more datailed manual of how to update from Jesusfreke to Cyanogen’s. I’ve seen some but kind of sumaries for people who flashes phones everyday.
    I flashed mine with JF and then forgot about it till today.

    I’ve been in the hundreds of pages of XDAdev but haven’t found any manual that I feel comfortable on not bricking my G1 PVT 32B.

    Thanks, thanks for any input


    cant open camera settings (german g1) in .999, .9999 nor 4.2.1 (force close) – any hint?

  • Tommy

    I am on 4.1.11 and have been trying to upgrade to the new 4.2 but havent been able to keep getting aborted any tips on how i can upgrade

  • Jones

    Great ROM!!! Only one problem thus far. My power widget doesn’t seem to work properly. Sometimes it’ll show the buttons, but not actually respond. Other times there’s no buttons at all. Anyone else experiencing the same?

  • kernelfrog

    You cannot flash straight from 4.1.x to 4.2.x
    did you not see the Google fiasco? Long story but essentially boils down to their proprietary bits not ok for distribution. Google (cyanogen Google c&d) anywho go to and find post on 4.2 and links to install guides. It is still trivial to install but a little more work to install but once at 4.2.x it is business as usual just flash like normal. You can thank Google for all the bullshit.

  • Inliner

    same problem as here: can’t open camera settings on my G1either. French locale set at system level.

    Other than that, very very pleased with 4.2.1 !

  • Tommy

    @kernelfrog thanks for the info after the whol day of trying to do i think i finally got to work well hoprfully i did. So far everything seems to be doin fine .thanks again

  • Tommy

    Question i am now on 4.2.1 everything seems to work fine except when on a phone call cant send text or get into market any suggestions

  • Daniele

    Very GOOD !!!
    Perfect for Magic!
    —> pdfreader (htc) not working

  • carlos

    Thanks for all the great work um running my g1 w1.4 recovery and
    It works fine and soon as I flash but then it starts running slower and slower I check myinternal memeory and its. Like 64.mb then progrerssively lower and lower not its at 53mb. I got my apps on my classs 6 8 gig card. Any suggestions thanks. Keep up the googd work g1 rocks

  • Kirill

    I have a Magic 32A running Cyanogen 4.0.4, and the instructions page says instructions are for 32B only.
    Does this mean I cannot get the new CyanogenMod

  • r4

    thanx for the update… This was just the thing I was looking for, keep posting. Will be visiting back soon.

  • http://cameradowngraded Brad

    It seems that the camera was downgraded on 4.2.1 on 4.1 had zoom, lighting choices, etc. This one has a nice border but no settings

  • keyboardsurfer

    Also got the camera settings force close issue on German 32B.
    Everything else is just perfect.

  • marv

    Upgraded to 4.2.1 on my G1 everything works fine except my bluetooth it connect but can not hear call I’m using a LG ear piece

  • dsi r4

    It works GREAT on my G1! I just can’t figure out how to apply a theme without bricking and having to start the install process over from scratch.

  • George

    Can’t figure out how to add a theme to it, what do I do?

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