CyanogenMod 4.2.4

CyanogenMod 4.2.4 is here! Tons of bugfixes, visual tweaks, and new features. Check out the XDA thread for the full changelog and get it with CM Updater!

  • turturis


    Have you taken a look at what version you are running now after your nandroid restore?

    My curiosity is killing me. It would seem that you restored back to the previous version of thus putting you at a version that was admittedly working for you.

  • JAY

    …hmmm i had this update installed for 2 days and
    its the 2nd time while i was using it
    it froze then reboot it self why is that?

  • John

    btw…guys, my market and browser wasn’t working at first until I wiped data/cache. I needed to setup my gmail to sync in order to use the market and browser. Hope that helps.

  • eric dan

    Browser bug. Scrolling and touch doesn’t work. 4.2.2 was still working. 4.2.3 also has this bug.
    Can you please include the other locales in the next rom?

  • Mickey G

    “Tap Twice to Answer” popped up yesterday on incoming calls. I haven’t seen that before – has anyone else seen this (as part of the ROM) or maybe an app I have?

  • Owen

    Guys, I wonder if anyone else has had issues with this, I noticed the phone freezes quite a bit, but this seems to only happen when the battery is low, and freezes more and more often as the battery level gets lower. Has anyone noticed this?

  • Topher

    I’m thinking of installing this rom on my phone, G1, but am wondering how easy is to go back to the original factory state if I have too many problems or don’t like the rom?

  • xnamkrad

    I just did the upgrade from the cm upgrader from my g1. I know i should have read the instructions. But now it rebooted and is stuck at the tmobile boot screen is there any thing i can do to fix it ? I can still get to the recovery mode but i think it say HTC now???? I was on the last build before the google stuff happen. Any help would be great. I love my phone and the roms. thanks

  • Ambarish

    Hi Guys,
    Have run into this problem 3 times now – twice on 4.2.3 and once on 4.2.4:

    I got an incoming call (in the latest case while I was trying to make an outgoing call). When I tried to accept the call, the phone seemed to ignore all input and just kept ringing and ringing. The only way to get out of the state was to pull out my battery :-(

    Otherwise the new OS (with the new maps) is just wonderful!

  • several


    Damnit. Of course. Yes, back on Makes perfect sense. I’ve just restored what I wiped. *sigh*

    Doubt that wipe made any difference but will try again. I uninstalled a lot of apps that weren’t working or weren’t being used. Maybe the root of my problem got thrown out. Will post later if I get it working.

  • stklauberg

    hm …

    aTrackDog shows a android system update 1.6 to 2.1 is that safe???

  • Me

    -Screen Timeout issue after update-

    I am kind of losing my mind over this. It seems after I installed the new update anytime my screen times out or I manually lock it, the application I am using will close. I have verified that it will actually kill the process I am running. This is particularly irritating when listening to music as the song will simply stop playing if i don’t keep the screen from timing out.

    Has anyone else experienced this? Any help or thoughts would be welcome @ this point.

  • several

    Fellow sufferers of the spontaneous reboots…

    Mine was rebooting when sitting idle with the screen off.

    I don’t want to unfairly malign an app, but since I uninstalled the app named “Wallr” I’ve not had any reboots on 4.2.4

    If you’re suffering spontaneous reboots, are you running “Wallr”? If you are, does uninstalling Wallr make the reboots stop for you too?

  • several

    I’ve just confirmed that “Wall Switcher” causes the reboots too.

    I sent a tweet to @cyanogen about it.

    Moral of the story: if 4.2.4 is spontaneously rebooting on you and you’re using a wallpaper auto-changing app, uninstall that app and be reboot free.

  • several

    And he tweeted back. Should be fixed in 4.2.5.

  • several

    but it’s not. I sent him logs last night. I can certainly do without wallpaper changing for awhile. it’s a great update.

  • Werd

    Wondering if I can underclock the phone while asleep when running 4.2.5

  • Kelexel


    I’ve been trying to get the rom running for a while not but always end up with the same result. After running the procedure successfully I reboot the device and it invariably end upon the bootloader screen. I have tried many variations and versions but I answays end up at the same point… that dreaded bootloader…

    At which point I can only come back to the original and use the stock, unrooted image.

    running a bit desperate here :-)