Here’s a new update for the Dream/Magic! Lots of bugs fixed, new Music and DeskClock apps from Eclair, improved stability.

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  • tomp

    in response to ashter: (and all those who are upset about cyanogen’s recent n1 focus)

    wtf? how are we “screwed”? we have the coolest, most stable, kickass rom made for g1/mt3g!

    are we “screwed” just because he hasnt made an update in two weeks? omg!! what am i gonna do?!?!

    wtf? he has repeatedly (i repeat) repeatedly said that he will continue to work on g1/mt3g, in fact he just tweeted that this latest update for n1 is probably his last for awhile and he’s going to get back to the g1/mt3g this week

    ashter, its not just you who has lamented the inactivity on the g1/mt3g work, but cmon man, really, “screwed”?

  • pelo88

    Be careful of too many apps as the dalvik cache still will be on the phone’s memory and filling that up is just asking for trouble. I haven’t used half of my ext and I have over 100 apps.
    More that 96mb of swap isn’t worth it. That size I chose in anticipation of flash as that’s what hero builds use for flash 9 support.

  • sisterchick

    I got a fresh install! Posted problems ealier. Turned out to be OE. Got confused on the wiki and had been installed kernel – not needed on Dream – and did not reinstall radio – needed if you used defanged. Yeah.

  • Dar Devy

    Hi again Pelo88

    Thanks for you input. I will use 96mb for swap partition. But, what is the reasonable highest size possible for ext 4 partition in order not to fill up the dalvik cache and cause trouble?


  • Gabe

    I just updated to 14.1 on mytouch and when I try to update beautiful widgets the install fails. I cant even uninstall because it does not give me the option to uninstall, any ideas?

  • Jon A

    I’m not sure if it started with .14 or .13 but recently I’ve had a major problem with recieving SMS. I only recieve about 3/4 of the text messages that are sent to me. I was wondering if this has happened to anyone else using the ROM or if its most likely just a problem with my carrier.

    I’m using a G1 with 4.2.14.

  • Chris A

    I recently have been having the same problem, either they come in late or the other receiver doesn’t get the sms. Is this within G1/ROM ? Whats your carrier? I with T-Mobile US.

  • MasterCATZ

    Alarm Clock Issue

    Screen / Phone does not wake up

    By the time I find the buttons in the dark 2am in morning the screen is tring to change its position making it hard to click the off and not snooze option … not to mention my clumby fingers seem too press snooze
    eyes don’t work that well in the morning

    I also found every app needed reinstalling to work with out crashing

    And java seemed to have stoped working at some point VNC/AzSMRC webgui used to work

    Any idea when flash will be avail ?

  • carlitos

    Is there any alternative out there to CM?

  • sgmathews

    Sure…there are a many other custom ROMS. I’ve tried OpenEclair (2.1) and KingKlicks 2.0 and 2.1 ROMS. All are nice, but not as stable and low-bug as CM. With a clean install and properly formatted SD, CM is solid and everything works. Plus the CM installer is really nice and his ROMS don’t require a wipe all the time.

  • Dar Devy

    Hi all,

    Does anybody knows how to fix this situation? I really like the magic pond theme but after I installed so many apps on my phone, the magic pond theme won’t load anymore but force closes after trying to load. I do not understand why. I have 96mb swap and ~3gb of ext4 for app2sd. Also, the slidescreen home won’t also load. Did I do something wrong somewhere here? Are there any fix or solution to get the magic pond theme and the slidescreen working on my g1? Thanks,

  • carlitos

    Thanks, gonna see and try out.

  • boB

    Okay, so fix_permissions is my new best friend on MT3G. Very nice and stable ROM with everything working. Thank you for your work and generosity!

    As to the Contacts app, I find it interesting that it opens to everything BUT the contacts tab. I guess it’s supposed to open the last tab used? I will have to go back through the Encyclopedia Britannica of options to see if there’s setting for that…

  • Rich

    I have an addendum to my comment on pg 4.
    To recap, my wifi remains alive even when I go into standby mode (i.e. I hit the power button and the screen goes off). This appears to be a new problem, as of my upgrade from 4.2.13 to 4.2.14, and it killing my battery in less than 8 hours while in standby. The problem occurs intermittedly!

    Additional notes:
    1. This has occured both on my office wifi network (WPA2, I think) and a private network using WEP.
    2. The occurance of this issue is intermittant. Aside from the first time I reported it, I have not had the same issue on my home network (i.e. hitting the Power button has been putting my phone in standby *and* putting my wifi to sleep). Right now at the office, however, I cannot get wifi to go to sleep in standby.
    3. In Wifi Settings|Advanced I have “When screen turns off” selected for Wi-Fi sleep policy.

    I’m not running any active appications (ASTRO’s process manager shows: Android Keyboard, Android System, Dialer, My Uploads*, and ASTRO).

    * this is new, and I didn’t install it as an app so I’m assuming it came with cyanogenmod or a google app update. Anyone know what this does and/or how to get rid of it?

    Any help would be greatly appreciated! I’ve had to start checking to see if Wifi has gone to sleep every time I standby, and (if not) disabling it manually.

  • Rich

    @ Jon A

    I am also missing some incoming and outgoing text messages. I have, for example, an sms message clearly in my sent folder but my wife (on her iPhone) has no record of receiving it.

    I assumed it was a carrier issue. I’m with Rogers, and they suck arse (in general).

  • Rich

    I would like to retract my comment about the sleep mode for wifi. It would seem the sleep mode simply triggers after a fairly lengthy pause (15min).

    I hope no one wasted their time on my issue!

    Still wondering about the “My Uploads” application.


  • Dar Devy

    I think I am beginning to get very frustrated with my g1. I can’t seem to find straight answer or solve many of my issues. If I could install app2sd then why does it slow down my phone when I have not even come close to 3gb which is my ext4 partition with 96mb swap. The phone takes forever to response or do anything. If this is the case what is the point of installing apps to sd in the first place? I had to go and uninstall so many apps in order for the phone to function smoothly enough. Quite frustrated with my G1

  • Jud

    flashed the 4.2.14 a week ago and it runs great! it runs faster and more stable. i also flashed the dark star theme 1.05 on it instead of using theme apps such as open home or ahome. the only issue is that google talk no longer keeps me signed in. does anyone know if there is a fix to this issue?

  • sgmathews

    I’m using 4.2.14 and Dark Star theme 1.05 too and I love it! Good looking, fast and stable. I don’t use Google Talk, so have no response to any issues. Suggest you go to Dark Star XDA thread to post your question. ( In my opinion, with both of those going on a G1, there isn’t a need to jump onto a 2.0/2.1 ROM.

  • Rich

    @ Dar – unless I’m mistaken, installing your apps on your SD card doesn’t do anything for your RAM. The G1 just isn’t built with a heck of a lot of rapid access memory so app2sd won’t help if you have a lot of apps running simultaneously, and maybe some of your apps had background processes that ran at startup.

    Another problem might be the speed of your sd card. Class 6 is recommended.

    You might try posting a list of your apps and the details of your hardware.

  • chax

    I have problems when trying to mount ext2 image on some folder on data partition and I get following error:

    mount: cannot setup loop device: No such file or directory

    the problem is that file IS there but it wont mount

  • Dar Devy


    Thx for you input. I think that is the reason why cause my sd card is only class4. I will get a class 6 this time and see. Thanks again

  • Cheesyquaver


    Hi i i have a G1 and a Class 4 2Gb SD and no problems yet so far.
    i have apps2sd set up with a 15Mb swap and everything runs smoothly. what is it exactly that slows down? is it the transition between windows or general usage. could you be a little specific so i can look into the matter.

  • Professor

    A long SMS automatically converts to MMS which is of-course very expensive. A $20 phone has this capability to send long SMS as SMS then why don’t g1. Looking this option in your next update.

  • prashant

    Anyone having issues with WIFI on G1. When i click on wifi it says unable to start wifi

  • Shizzle

    for the love of everything, please port this, as soon as possible…I hope you already have this somehow because you are soo good it is scary

    you want more donations, you can have a $50 spot from me if you do this to cyanogenmod

  • Theo

    Thanks for all the hard work on your roms. I just bought you a beer (donated).

  • Dar

    Hi Cheesyquaver,

    Well, so far, I have gone and uninstalling apps as many as I could just to see if the phone would perform any better. But, the problem persists. This is my problem. When I try to make any phone calls, it takes a bit too long to open up. For example, if I click on the green phone call button, it would not load right away but lags for sometime. I am not sure how long exactly but longer than normal. Also, I used to be able to use the “magic pond” theme or the “slidescreen” home app before. But now, after I installed so many apps, “magic pond” and “slidescreen” always forced closes. Even though, after, I uninstalled a couples of apps already, and reboots, cleared dalvik-cache, The “slidescreen” home app and the “magic pond” theme still force closes. I admit, I still have a lot of apps but those are on the sd cards. I am using 8gb class 4 micro sd card with 96mb swap and approximately 1.5gb ext4 partition and the rest as fat32. Rich pointed out that the g1 is limited on its RAM so, less apps would help; and that a class 6 micro sd card would help with speed I suppose. What do you think is the problem? I am thinking it is the apps “slidesreen” and the “magic pond” that is the problem not the rom. But then, what about the speed of phone itself? Should I keep uninstalling more apps? This would defeat the purpose of having apps2sd I would think. Thanks,

  • Mat

    Hi All.
    Installed cm- on my G1.
    If I look in dmesg log I find:

    init: cannot find ‘system/bin/playmp3′, disabling ‘bootsound’

    playmp3 is missing…

  • Marcus

    Im using CM for some weeks now. .14 works good on my magic. Thanks for the great work ur doing!
    But could you please remove that amazon mp3 thing in the next release? Or at least make it uninstallable? im using advanced launcher and when i move it to a submenu or hide it from launcher, it always appears in the launcher again. :(

  • Dar

    Hi and thank you all,

    Never mind about all of my previous posts. I went ahead and reformat, wipe, and only install apps that are essential for my use. I don’t install any apps that I won’t use often enough and I got what I wanted. “Magic pond” works fine; “slidescreen” loads fine now and speed improves. The key is not to overload the sdcard with apps I guess. That’s it. Thanks,

  • phiredrop

    Still loving the ROM. I have noticed though that having the WiFi on slows the phone (MT32B) down a lot. It takes longer to load the homescreen than if it’s off; more difficult to swipe between home screens as if it doesn’t sense me touching the screen.

    Plus, I know Pandora takes a lot of resources, but using Pandora makes almost everything else on the phone almost unusable because it’s so slow, even using task manager and the 10MB hack.

    Overall I’m still a big cyan fan.

    On a side note, I got a G1 for my wife. Hers has the stock 1.6 T-mobile ROM on it and it’s incredibly comparable in speed, if not faster than my Cyanogen on my MyTouch 3G. The touch sensitivity is also very sensitive and easy to use on her G1 compared to my MT3G. How can this be?

  • wordsworse

    First ever flash…followed your instructions to the letter…my phone is now awsome to the power of pi…. Thankyou Sincerly

  • wordsworse

    First ever flash…followed your instructions to the letter…my phone is now awsome to the power of pi…. Thankyou Sincerly

  • cheesyquaver

    are you currently using a task manager or a process killer? the ram wont be effected by how many apps you have on your phone, it will be effected by how many apps are currently running. and you have a swap partition also set up so it should be extra quick. ok here are some things that i would recommend. firstly install Advanced Task Manager and install the widget onto your home screen(when pressed it will end all apps running) then go into the spare parts app on your phone and change both window and transition animations to fast. untick fancy input animations, and tick home app in memory. please let me know how this goes for you.

  • pelo88

    Get an adata class 6 8gb sdcard from and you’ll see a world of difference in speed. Don’t go overboard with always running apps and you’ll be fine there. Why sacrifice more than 512mb to the ext?
    Look into a — I’ve found with this version disabling compcache in spare parts and in the userinit as well as enabling swap (I too use 96mb as you know) with a swappiness of 20 in the userinit gives me the performance I need. I don’t use virtual memory or the cpu settings in the userinit.
    Also I haven’t needed the 10mb ram hack but it is available for added performance. Some people love it.
    Poke around the wiki and the xda forums to learn more about compcache, userinit, and the 10mb ram hack..
    As for an essential app, try taskpanel. It works better than task killer I’ve found and can auto-close apps if they’re not in the foreground.

  • Dar Devy

    Thanks, Cyanogen, cheesyquaver and pelo88.

    I reformatted my sdcard, wiped, and went with less apps. So far so good. Magic pond theme loaded as well as slidescreen. I am ok with it so far except, I have a feeling that if I keep installing more apps, the magic pond theme and slidescreen, both will force close on me again for sure. I will try advanced task manager and set spare parts accordingly and look into compcache, as suggested. Thanks again to both,

  • kshadley

    I recently installed the latest cm rom on my mytouch, everything is great except that after the phone has been powered off for a while I lose signal, and it doesn’t come back unless I reboot. does anybody have any ideas?

  • chimezien

    Love your work, please don’t stop now that you have N1.

  • MBristo

    yeah i have the mt3g and recently upgraded to the 4.2.14 and have had some problems with it lagging between screen changes. i was jus wondering if i did something wrong? cause i feel like it could definitely be faster… any suggestions??

  • pingspike

    I hope this isn’t the end of the g1 development. While I appreciate the new features and refinements, I sure would love some kind of performance improvements. Maybe I’m alone but since the the 14 rom my g1 has been slow as hell. Even down to typing this out there’s like a 3 word delay as I type.
    N1 rocks I know but G1 needs love too!

  • Kenny K

    Hey all,
    Love your stuff cyanogen can’t wait for the next update! All I wanted to know was how to chande the beautiful widgets in the green hero eclair theme. Specificly what the name and dictory for that apk is? It appears to be a system app now and I can’t unistall or upgrade to the new one with theme support. Any ideas out there? This is on a g1
    Thanks again

  • jman

    when is the next update coming out?

  • protoss

    Great work!Thank you:)

  • Kenny K

    I ment directory on my last comment doh!

  • joshua

    with 14.1 i was unable to send picture messages. Once i found out people weren’t receiving them, i reverted to 4.2.13 and it was up and running again.

  • Julie

    Question on using the “email” program. I’m running a G1 with CM’s 4.2.14 build and when I added the second email account it only shows the “inbox” not the outbox, sent or any other folders. Anybody have any ideas? I appreciate any help. : ) Thx much!

  • Trevor

    Hey man nice work on these ROMs. Love em. But as some people have said, just because the Nexus One requires a lot of attention, don’t stop now! Us myTouch and G1 users ( myTouch!(; ) could use some bug fixes at least

  • Marian

    Nice ROM, I think could be more cleaner (without non standard apps).

    Only one BIG problem, new clock is not working, New clock crash when Alarm is activating and there is no alarm…. I was late to work today 😉

  • Dar

    Google Earth is out for the Nexus 1. Waiting anxiously if the g1 will be able to get 2.1 and be able to get Google Earth on the g1. It will be so Great!!!