This release fixes the ext filesystem regression, and a number of other nasty bugs. Multitouch support has been added to the browser and gallery! Check the changelog for all the goodies..

XDA Developers CyanogenMod thread

  • zmesler

    Nope. You all are wrong. There is one or 2 bugs max. (1st G Maps dont update 2nd 3rd party brightness witdgets don’t work)I have never experience other bugs myself. How is that possible? What do I do you don’t? Just make a clean install and that will sort you out. And Don’t double post. READ first. Try to solve your problems yourself. 20 out of 100 posts says that update is not visible in CM Updater (what a shame and what now?). This place needs a moderator. Besides why I am trying to give an advice? It is pointless. Next post after mine will say that update is not visible anyway. Am I wrong?

  • Evengard

    Why updating google maps is a SO big problem for you?
    How I solved it:
    0. Search for some file. manager which can operate as root (I used “Root explorer”)
    1. Go to /data/app and remove (do a backup just in case)
    2. Clear /cache but PREPARE your file. manager to copy. a file from it.
    3. Start updating maps from market – there will be a “downloadfile.apk” – COPY IT to your. SD card AFTER the download has finished, but BEFORE the update fails – you will have a couple of seconds, so do it quickly.
    4. Rename the copied file in “Maps.apk”
    5. Go to /system/app and remount it for writing (in root explorer – press the button “remount” – it will do all the job for you), and REPLACE the existing Maps.apk with the one on your SDCard.
    6. Clear your dalvik-cache
    7. Reboot
    And you are fine – it works and it will also update now correctly!
    NOTE: all your links to google maps on your home screen will dissapear – you will need to recreate it.
    NOTE 2: the name of the app will be localised: it won’t be “Google maps” but simply “Maps” if your locale is set to english, “?????” for russian etc

  • vampzfreak

    I have 4.2.11. Why is cm updater showing me the latest version as

  • mbm

    Zmesler: lol you were almost right about someone updating after your post :)

  • Brad

    I saw someone this about an earlier build, but with 4.2.11 I’m having the same problem which is no bluetooth headset controls working. I really miss being able to skip up/down or change volume with my headset. Anyone else have this problem?

  • Ben

    I have Cynogen 4.0.4 – the updated has been coming up saying I need to update for a while. Am I right to do the update straight to

    I know there was a big change around 4.0.4 because Google cracked it with Cynogen.

    So if someone is able to let me know whether I can just go ahead that would be great.


  • nomesnomes

    i think i have tried everthing to try to get the new google maps but its not working.

    Evengard i tried your method but its confusing around the middle. so fustrating!!

  • NicksG1

    first. love the rom,runs faster and looks better than stock.
    few issues ive noticed recently. browser randomly crashes, no fc screen or nothing, just closes and opens back at google homepage when i reload it. ebuddy dont stay logged on, but i guess thats a known issue. brain genius gets stuck at the “touch screen to continue” screen, not sure if its a compatibility issue… but thought id leave some feedback

    love the roms so far btw, keep up the good work and thanks to all from the irc channel for all the help getting me here

  • usman

    can anyone tell me how to turn off predictive text?

  • spichanator

    For those that read my post about having outgoing mail problems, all is well. I did a complete wipe, reformat and reinstall. Everything works great and runs super fast.

    Also, I would recommend the Amon ra recovery that has some nice backup features.

    Cheers and Happy New Year!

  • cedos93


    for when cyano with Android 2.1 Flan ?
    Google phone Nexus one

  • zmesler

    @ Evengard
    thank for a piece of good advice. I had that idea before but was lazy to Google where all apps were stored lol. Ill try that soon

  • Aeires

    I loved 4.2.9 but did the proper research about ext partitions and gave 4.2.11 a try (4.2.10 killed my phone, which was my fault). Gotta say, a lot of apps that were a bit slow are now much quicker. I’m really loving where you are going with this and wanted to say thanks for all you’ve done for the android community.

  • Grothix

    Once again… excellent work. Is there any place to post feature requests, etc? I could really use the ability to send contact information via email as text and with an option for a vcard. There is an app in the market that does this, but it is pretty clunky and has not been updated in a while. HTC also has this ability in their contact manager. Thanks for the help!

  • Tony Bullard

    Another bug I’ve found:
    My alarm no longer unlocks the screen. When the alarm goes off, the screen stays off, so I have to unlock it, then hit either dismiss or snooze. In the past it’s unlocked the screen for you, so when the alarm goes off, all you have to do is hit snooze or dismiss.

  • Zvika

    The new 4.2.11 works very well until I install softwares.
    now it freeze some times.
    It also hepend when I unlock the phone, it takes about 5 sec until i can do anything.
    I format the SD card EXT3 partion and it works fine agine until instaling softwares.
    it works beter without the EXT3 partion.
    need help what am I doing wrong?


    @nomesnomes – if you’re having trouble installing the map, try this:

    It worked for me. Once you do this, install from the market and it should work.

  • nomesnomes

    do you have to downgrade to 1.5 in order to use this ROM?

  • zmesler


  • Broke

    I too am seeing the Alarm issue, but I didn’t think it was a big deal.

    @ usman Settings, Locale & text, Android Keyboard, uncheck Quick Fixes

  • NicksG1

    im also having the alarm issue, when i unlock the screen it seems to automatically snooze it, so its a pain sometimes

  • Shiro

    I was just curious, idk if this is the right place to ask this but from what i gather parts of eclair are in cyanogen right? so we got multitouch, ect., does eclair have improved opengles performance and hardware acceleration? if so would that be usable? and im also curious where do i find the opengl libs in cyanogen? or in android for that matter?

  • Tony Bullard

    I’m also having to Force Close “” a lot. I just deleted all my sms threads, and returning to home I had to force close “” 3 times in a row before my home page showed up again.

    This is on a G1 btw

  • Mark

    Thank you for cyanogenmod! I’m loving the speed and the enoch theme!

    Thank you again.

  • Nikola Petkanski

    I think there has to be a bugzilla for this project. There are several important bugs that need attention and it is not optimal everyone to post bugs or complains as a comment.

  • TGB

    STILL running into 4.2.9 bug when launching Pandora, switching to any other app, then reverting back to Pandora. Pandora stays running, albeit with a blank screen, no sound, unresponsive controls other than Quit, followed by crash attempting to view Song or Artist info from this screen.

  • hobbes

    Just upgraded my ext to 3 the 4. G1 is running much faster. Used Amon RA recovery image v1.5.2 Very nice recovery.

  • Brandon

    I’ve noticed a lot more problems with the multitouch support in 4.2.11. When I’m pinch zooming, the phone gets confused when my fingers get too close together. This wouldn’t be all that weird, but it never used to have this problem. Anyone else notice this? I’m on a MyTouch 3g.

  • JWebb

    Huge improvement – just upgraded from 4.1.99. Much faster and better appearance. I’m buying C a beer

  • sandy

    does anyone know if swap is picked up by default by this rom or do i have to set it up manually to be recognised by the rom. i have an ext 4 partition and swap partition but when i type free in terminal it says 0 for swap. meaning its not being used. could someone point me to a userinit script that works for all the ones i am finding seem to work for previous rom versions

  • Zolee01

    Hy there!

    Is there hope,that I can get some “language pack” or something like that?I would like a hungarian language for the G1:P

  • Aditya.H

    Happy New Year Steve!!

  • hadji

    Had to roll back to 4.2.9 again. Dunno why, but after 4.2.9, everything starts running poorly. Phone chokes out constantly. Also, lots of SMS issues (duplicates, very delayed notifications or no notifications).

    Will wait and try the next one.

  • hobbes

    Ext 4 has def mad a dif on cyanogen. My G1 was slowing to a crawl and I flashed amon RA recovery and upgraded my partition. I know I have posted this a few times but I really think that the SD. Partitions are the key.

  • slowjazz

    I keep hearing about 2.5 coming soon for mytouch and g1. Any thoughts? (also… will Jan 5th be the big day for the new google phone?)

  • DancingWombat

    This firmware is fast and stable for me. Acore does take a minute on boot-up, but you just have to “Wait” it, not force-close.

    I upgraded from . I’m glad to see that the dialer now works in landscape mode, however, the voicemail button to the left of the zero is now just a ‘+’.

    I also have the browser freaking out when I use the multi-touch pinch. Get your fingers too close and the magnification seems to go WAY up.

  • kurt

    Wifi problems. Wifi settings panel crashes and unable to connect to networks. I have fully wiped, formatted SD, reverted to full stock version(all works), then properly rooted phone to this version. WiFi Fail again. CM issue.

  • Kristian Frost

    My homescreen sometimes freezes. Dialer is very very slow. Other from that, very good rom.

  • b01

    A long time ago, b4 cyanogen version 4.2.x, I partitioned my sd card for swap and apps2sd, which speed things up quite a bit. But every time I’d upgrade I would loose my apps and cache (bye, bye saved game). So I went back to 1 fat partition because I didn’t want to reinstall my apps every time. Does version 4.2.11.x and above, preserve the app and cache during upgrade?

  • Tony

    Post #26 TGB of page 4 — Hey TGB! I’m having the same problem and been having it since 4.2.9 like you said…glad that someone else posted it as well! Hopefully, the next revision will have this fixed since I love listening to Pandora and surfing the web on my G1!


    zmesler you are misguided and misinformed. The update is in fact NOT visible. While I don’t know if doing a clean install would solve all the problems, I don’t see how anyone would ever want to have to rebuild and reinstall all of their phone content.

  • brian

    Do we need to do apps2sd for this rom?? I read i need a second this true??how do i do that??

  • zmesler

    funny. /data/app ( <– doen not exist on my phone lol. What now evengard?

  • usman

    Can anyone direct me to the themes link for the CM 4.2.11.
    i can only find 4-5 themes with the CM updater and most of them don’t work.


  • renn9420

    Hoping there will be a rom based on Android 2.1 coming out soon

  • Naveen

    For those facing random slowdowns with versions 4.2.10.x and above, open CM Updater (if you have it) and change its settings to never check for updates automatically. Open the Facebook app and disable ‘Notifications’. After I did this, there was a marked performance improvement.

  • Juergen Schmid

    Problems with Android Market

    I wiped my phone and installed the CM4.2.11.1 from the recovery mode. After that I rebooted the system and used the terminal to fix_permissions.

    Unfortunatelly I still have the problem that I couldn’t download any program from the android market, I allways get the error message “the progress has stopped unexpetedly. Please try again later”

    I try to find and solution for that in the forum but I couldn’t find it. What could I do to fix that ? Please help me, Thanks


  • Bob

    Google Talk was broken by this update… it crashes nearly instantly on startup!

  • kicklacacan

    First of all, I’d like to says that you are doing a great job with these roms.

    Now the pot.

    Since a couple of version, I cannot send email using Gmail, I can receive all right but when it is time to send something, it gets stuck in the outbox.
    Anything to do with the rom ?
    Could this

  • Dr Koch

    Got the same problems with the multitouch doing an “all-the-way-in-zooming” when fingers get too close, or I accidentially release one of the fingers from the screen for a short period of time…

    Other than that… this is amazing work you are doing… BRGS