CyanogenMod 11 M12

Taking a breather from all the work on L, we snuck in another M release yesterday against the CM 11.0 (KitKat) branch. This release is less heavy on features, instead focussing on stability for various device trees and security fixes.

Notably on the security topic, this release incorporates the upstream Google patches against last months POODLE vulnerability in SSLv3. You can read more about the POODLE vulnerability on Google’s Security Blog. Users are strongly encouraged to update to the latest available build to keep in line with the latest security patches.

Multi-sim users should also see added improvements throughout the OS experience, and there has been similar polishes of improvements and features throughout the system as we look towards sunsetting CM11; CM12 looms over the horizon.

For those of you hopping between M and nightlies, the branch point was November 3rd.


No doubt the big news at the beginning of November was the release of the Android 5.0 Lollipop source code. AOSP began seeing the code on the 3rd, and completed the majority of the push on the 4th, with some remaining stragglers seeing code uploaded midday on the 12th. Work on CM12 began in earnest at the end of last week, and you can now successfully sync and build the work in progress against a handful of devices.

We are unlikely to enable nightlies against CM12 until towards the end of this month, or early next month, as we work to incorporate the CM features you’ve all come to appreciate into the new code base, and reimagine those that no longer translate to the Material look of L. It is also currently too soon to tell how many devices will transition from 11 to 12, though early traction has this number higher than we had initially hypothesized.

Home builders and community members are welcome to take a peek at the builds at their leisure, just repo init the new branch using the following command:

repo init -u -b cm-12.0

Again, please be aware that not every device is in a ‘daily driver’ state under CM12, and the codebase is nowhere near feature complete. Our contributors are working hard, and our gerrit is aflutter with activity. If all goes well, we’ll have something special to welcome the upcoming holidays and New Year.

Happy Flashing

-The CyanogenMod Team

  • Kent Norton

    How lollip onone1+

  • joakin2k

    The windows installer “for dummies” isnt working on my Nexus 5 stock Lollipop 5.0.1 , need some help here…yeah im a “dummie”… i don´t know how to unlock nexus 5 bootloader or root it…never dream of custom recovery… i need the windows installer !

  • Hamza

    please think about this (Cyanogenmod for galaxy trend plus ) thanks.

  • zadi abe

    Where do I report bugs

  • Sajib Chakraborty

    Can I install CM12 on my Nokia XL??

  • Hamza

    plz cm for galaxy trend plus S7580

    Topic is dead, or what? Trend Plus is fantastic phone, and very popular on the world. I don’t know why no one can make port of CM 10 or 11 for Trend Plus. I hate Samsung firmware, because takes a lot of memory <_<. Samsung not relased kernel source code or what? Please. We're waiting for one modified ROM for Trend Plus!

    EDIT: My mistake. Samsung released the [source code][1]! for all wariants of Trend Plus!

    Is there a chance for this phone?
    Plz answer me.

  • Rohan

    Can I install CM11 on my Nexus 5 Android 5.0.1? Or does it have to be CM12? (I’m new to this)

  • yob doog

    Could you tell me which one of CM11 nightly builds is M12 for xperia m (nicki) ??? tell me the build number plzzzz!! And one more question is when I installed CM 12 on my xperia m dual C2005 my device didn’t find any sim card in both slots !!!!(EMERGENCY CALL ONLY)

    plz help me!! I LOVE CM 12 BUT…….

  • yob doog

    plllllzzzzz answeeerrrrrrr :(

  • Bharath Manu

    Is thr any CM for Huawei Ascend G700-10, i have searched almost everywhr
    for custom rom but all in-vain, y arent developers interested, is thr
    ant probs???

  • HuaJie

    My cell phone with an exclamation point, according to not be able to connect, to ask for help.

  • Guest

    My cell phone with an exclamation point, according to not be able to connect, to ask for help. I’m Chinese

  • HuaJie

    My cell phone with an exclamation point, according to not be able to connect, to ask for help.

  • Arturo Numan

    For Protected Apps, there’s an easy way to access to them via Recent Apps menu, but once you enter you still need to scroll down until you find the app you want to launch.

    Is there a way to group all protected apps and bring those ones to the top? In other words, is there a way to list all protected apps first and then those ones not protected ones?


  • testSmirk


  • testSmirk

    where is LG L22 PLS We need it too

  • Siva Pradeep

    when will u roll out cm12 stable .. march is running… too much delay..why

  • zamarax

    1 – this is a thread about cm11
    2 – it is a free fucking rom that 99% of the time contains more features than your own manufactures rom who you paid money too.

    You need to get fucking real for a moment and check yourself.

  • Brajesh Kumar

    Hi, this is Brajesh, have YU yureka with cyanogenmod 11. In case of prolong uses for ex calling, heavy application, gaming etc, it start heating, kindly suggest what to do??

  • Nícolas Wildner

    Flashed CM11 nightly and never looked back. Battery got a real boost.

  • Siva Pradeep

    don’t u like android 5.0

  • zamarax

    Sure but this is a fucking blog post about CM11 milestone 12.

  • wenjun_chen

    8675 FHD DEVICE CPU IS 615.

  • Moji

    please cm12 for samsung galaxy alpha g850f ….

  • Rahul Singh

    Plz make cm12 for Nokia x

  • 小刃

    这时候应该是用 Flash 不是 Brush,此“刷”并非彼“刷”。数据连线可能是一时之间的问题,去设定看看Baseband还在不在,如果写着unknown的话很可能要刷回官方ROM再重新刷CM12了。至于上面信号有个感叹号的并没有影响,只要能打电话就行了。

  • 小刃

    If you want CM12 for dual SIM Xperia M, there is a bad news. You have to wait for Android 5.1. The build release now doesn’t support dual SIM. Hope I can help you. You can go to search PecanCM and wait for his CM12.1 ROM. Now he’s “fixing in progress”.

  • 小刃

    No. CM11 is KITKAT, however CM12 is Lollipop. They are different stories.

  • 小刃

    Sit down and wait for stock release.
    Or go to XDA and read carefully about how to unlock bootloader.
    No windows installer can install android directly on phone perfectly except you think your phone is useless or you are a billionare.

  • Koysii

    nightly installed on Hlte Note 3 SM-N9005 (cm-12-20150416-NIGHTLY-hlte)

    Could anyone please tell me how you save camera pictures direct to SD card. I’ve unmounted my card and remounted, cleared cache in Google camera app and lollipop camera app. It still does not prompt to save to SD card or say SD card detected even though I can view my pictures in SD card from file explorer and gallery app. And there is no option in settings all I have in settings of Google camera app are Resolution n quality, Save location toggle (using GPS I think), advanced, and help and feedback… I’ve searched online everywhere and most say there’s an option to save but my Google camera app is the latest version and I don’t see any option to save to SD card at all!! :'( or a prompt to save to SD…

    I want to keep cyanogen since it seems stable, but need that one feature. I think it may have something to do with the formatting of the SD card even though in system settings I can see how much storage is used and remaining etc… Can copy and paste to it read write etc is working perfect. AICP ROM had the same problem no prompt to save to SD and opencamera app kept on failing to save to SD. I’m sure I read somewhere it has to be formatted in NTFS format (mines ExFat) 64GB official Samsung memory card.

  • kneesus

    I’ve had nothing but a good experience with lollipop on my Nexus 4. Of course I also made a backup, did a full wipe back to stock and then installed the image that is directly from the vendor. I’m also on 5.1 right now with the OTA update. No issues. Wug’s tool kit is a useful tool for these phones. I’m tempted only now to sell it because Nexus 6 users will get Fi.

  • Mhamed Boualem

    can’t here anything on calling someone i’m using cm11

  • Chandresh Waghela

    I had updated My Yu Yureka with Lollipop 5.00 and it working fine. Its require Wifi to get update. Only proble is that OTG pen Drive unmount option is not appearing in storage in setting and. If I remove it directly SD Card Notification showing “SD Card unexpectedly removed. Unmount SD Card before removing to avoid data loss”. Unmount option is not available in Android Lollipop.

  • jcc2024

    Why Cyanogen mod can’t make a rom for Nokia xl users?

  • Muhammed Ali

    Can anybody clear a doubt,,,what is the difference between Lollipop adn Cynogen OS 12 ??? 😛

  • deepak

    was it stable enough?

  • Leo

    Nope, but I found an unofficial CM12 though it’s not stable for daily use. It’s good if you plan on having the phone as a phablet.

  • akash balakrishna

    can i get cm 11 for gt s5360

  • akash balakrishna

    which version of cm is suitable for galaxy y gts 5360…..i badly need to update my phone……….!!sugesstions pls

  • Baruch mery

    Can I get back the 11 versionfor onepluseone

  • Baruch mery

    The 12 version are very bed

  • NiEmY

    Please breake samsung galaxy grand plus.

  • Sara Bukhari

    Having issue in video calling on CM 11 amazon fire phone android KitKat version any one having the solution );