CyanogenMod 11.0 M9 Released

Another month, another release to mark the occasion – today we fire off the builds for CM11 M9. The M9 build incorporates changes from June 31st through its branch date on Sunday July 27th.

This release marks the first ever (non-nightly) release for the Xperia Z2 ‘sirius’, Xperia Z2 Tablets ‘castor’ and the HTC One ‘m8′ – kudos to their maintainers and all the other maintainers that bring you these releases every month! As a reminder, the best way to help them continue to provide solid releases is to report bugs to our JIRA instance.

* Themes support for additional UI elements
* Heads Up Notifications – Bug Fixes
* Lockscreen – Allow doubletap to sleep when using secure keyguard
* Torch – Improve performance
* Safe Headset Volume – prompt when interfering with 3rd party device (Jawbone, Square, etc)
* Center clock support
* Quick Settings – respect locale changes on additional tiles
* Proximity Wake-Up support – prevent accidental wake-up of device by checking to see if proximity sensor is blocked (eg. Device is in a bag or pocket).
* Spam notification filtering – Set notifications to auto-ignore based on content (perfect for those pesky games that want you to ‘Save 20% on our new game’). Long-press offending notification to set as ignored; manage in Privacy settings.
* Settings Search – Additional improvements and highlighting
* Data Usage Info – Add support for CDMA devices without sim cards
* Bluetooth – Add additional A2DP profiles
* Bluetooth – Disable AVRCP 1.5 by default (fixes various car unit compatibility)
* Email – Fix saving attachments to storage for POP3 accounts
* Translations (Thanks CM Crowdin Team!)
* Account for Play Services induced wake-locks
* Fix encryption on some LG Devices
* Dialer – add support for Korean and Chinese to smart-dialer

Happy Flashing
The CM Team

  • vvikke

    It’s now September the 21st and I am still waiting for an OTA-update. I am using a S4 International LTE (I think it’s I9505), and I got the M8-update so I can’t see no reason to not get the M9-update.
    Also, before I wrote this I saw that you guys are already working on the M10-update, and here I am waiting for the M9. My feeling is like “wtf”.

  • Guest

    Hey guys and galls,

    Is there any change for support for the non-europe plastic fantastic 😉

    HTC One E8 Dual SIM (M8sw)

  • Mohammad Zubair

    I like cm 11 over stock android i recently updated my s4 I9505 from cm 11 M9 to M10 there is one issue that my s4 now 50 %slow charging please fix this problem

  • Mark

    i have the M8 ATT version and i cant get data to work on cm11 M9 . whats going on??

  • michael

    I’m running a rooted alcatel one touch sonic . Dual core 4.1 jelly bean. I would like to know of what os I could run and exactly how to install it. Any info would be greatly appreciated.