CyanogenMod 11.0 M8 Released

Not to be confused with the device from the makers of humongous tinfoil catamarans, the M8 release of CyanogenMod 11.0 is well under way. Builds began last night, and will continue into today. In lieu of posting a changelog, you can learn more about the majority of changes via our last recap post.

A quick FAQ for those common questions asked:

    1. When was M8 branched?  The M8 code was branched to stable on June 30th and is based on Android 4.4.4.
    2. What is the last ‘safe’ nightly I can upgrade from? The last nightly you can upgrade from without chance of issues is June 29th.
    3. I didn’t see/know there were such considerations as #1 and #2, and now Settings is crashing – what can I do? Clear the data for the Settings app – this can be accessed via the recents menu (long press the Settings multitask item).
    4. Why is #3 happening? By being on a newer nightly than June 30th, your Settings database version is higher than that of the M release – and downgrades of database versions are not allowed in Android.
    5. Where is my device? Currently, the builds have not yet completed, your device may yet still be under way. In the event your device did not get an M8 release, then consider it not deemed ready by your maintainer.
    6. What about [xyz device] that CM doesn’t yet support? Aliens
    7. CM SUCKS AND BROKE ALL THE THINGS! Thank you for your valuable feedback – please direct your bug report to our JIRA instance with a log so we can suck less.
    8. Why did CM abandon [xyz device]? We didn’t. If we discontinued support for a device, we would announce the reasons why. No M8 release for your device does not equate to abandonment – it means we know something is broken, and would rather not subject the masses to that item.

Happy Flashing

The CyanogenMod Team



  • fausto412

    Did you get it fixed?

  • fausto412

    Buy Titanium backup and save all user apps and data only in a batch backup, then from TB create an…download latest M8 or nightly file, download Panaroid Android Google apps 4.4.4. Make sure you have latest CWM recovery, boot to recovery, wipe system, del cache, del dalvik cache…install rom, install gapps, install You are welcome:)

  • Ernie Cervantes

    I am having a serious issue with CM and Pandora…. When I’m listening to Pandora a few songs into my session. My phone will freeze and then reboot. This seems to only happen when I’m using Pandora. Even getting a sms while Pandora is running caused my phone to reboot.

    Does anyone know what’s causing this and how to fix? Thanks.

  • Frank Axtell

    What is the last safe nightly for Huawei Y300 (u8833)?

  • Daniel

    Did they drop support for the Sprint S3 (D2SPR)? I got a notification today that there was an update for my phone (Which I can’t download for some reason) but the site shows the most recent S3 update was Feb 17

  • Daniel

    How do I re-calibrate the battery?

  • Luigi Puno

    when is the release of M9?

  • Prasanjith

    Apparently recalibration is always required after flashing a new rom. There is a superb app for this in playstore called battery calibration by nema. What it does is, it removes the batterystats.bin system file from the previous stock or custom rom. Then the current rom creates its own file with accurate info. For more info please google the net

  • Prasanjith

    Re calibarate the battery with battery calibration app by nema in playstore it will resolve the issue

  • Prasanjith

    calibarate the battery with battery calibration app by nema in playstore it will resolve the issue

  • Lowell Denzel Orlando Richmond

    Thank you guys so much for making a version for the S2…. My gf really likes kitkat and send to be enjoying… She like my phone.. Can’t wait for the S5 to do all this on


    If I Cyanogenmod my GS4 will it void my warranty?
    Other then that is there a way to go back to touchwiz?

  • Bob Marley

    The stability on CyanogenMod’s “stable” or “milestone” builds is a joke compared to other Nexus 5 ROMs such as SlimKat. The Theme Engine is especially a mess.

  • Tamo Oor

    Samsung galaxy nexus mugaro–CyanogenMod 11.0 M8 Released had the feature to show the battery percentage while fone is turned off and connected to charger but this feature lost in CyanogenMod 11.0 M9 Released :(

  • Chqz

    When will CM be ready to download for Samsung Galaxy S5 for sprint!?!?!
    Please remember us!!!

  • core2

    I cant play videos…, facebook, browser, dont work. Note 3 SM-N9005

  • core2

    I cant playing videos. Youtube, Facebook, browser…dont work. Note 3 SM-N9005

  • FaserF

    Yes I love cm couldn’t live without it, but please fix the bug that I can’t upgrade from the m7 to m8 or m8 to m9 on the Galaxy s3.
    Please I would like to have cm11 m9 on my phone but I can’t. On my s2 it works so great.

  • Fik of Borg

    Same thing with my Samsung Galaxy SII i9100.
    I hope they bring it back with M10, the current animation of a battery filling with green is so useless I can’t believe displaying the percentage is not standard since the early days of Android.

  • disqus

    Thanks cyanogen for your contribution !

  • yagnyam

    Hi guys i rooted my galaxy grand 2,
    But i didn’t find CM 11 for it.

  • Руслан Суфияров

    for HTC sensation ?????????

  • John

    Having problem with CM 11. Voice Call Volume adjustmente Does not work on Galaxy S3. Everyone around me can hear the persona im talking to. Please fix this

  • Anirudh G

    Hi people Im using grand 2 smg7102 (INS) please suggest me a stable cyanogen mod for my device . And i love cyanogen mod please send me a link to download the rom for my device

    Thank yu



  • Leroy De Jonghe

    I updated my Samsung Galaxy S3 (GT-I9300) to CyanogenMod version 11.0-InstallerXNPQ32P (Android Version 4.4.4) two nights ago and my phone’s battery life has drastically decreased ever since. Battery usually lasted me a work day or over but now it’s almost completely drained by the time it’s noon.