CyanogenMod 11.0 M7 Released

Release day is here again, with CM 11.0 M7 hitting the download servers. Last week’s post included the highlights from the changelog, but we’ll it again for those of you who prefer tl;dr.

* Common: Theme Chooser UI Overhaul
* Common: Calculator app redesign (courtesy Xlythe)
* Common: Performance Profiles
* Common: Improved theming performance on low memory devices (~512MB RAM or less)
* Trebuchet: Move settings to new slide-out panel
* Trebuchet: Consolidate settings for home and drawer options
* Media: Add FFMPEG support (expanded media format support)
* Bluetooth: Improved support for new car audio systems and docks
* Various small bugfixes, global and device-specific

The non-device specific code was branched on May 22nd, giving us a bit longer than usual for our stabilization period. Device specific code was branched on May 31st. For those of you who jump between nightlies and M releases, the May 22nd branch point is the one you should be paying attention to.

To get ahead of the inevitable questions, this release is based on Android 4.4.2. The 4.4.3 source has been merged into CM for nightlies, but given the source code was only made available last week, we chose not to rush the new code into the stable branch. There will be plenty of things to address with 4.4.3 in time for our M8 release next month.

Happy flashing!

  • SaulNunez

    If you can’t see it in ADB try installing Minimal ADB from XDA Developers. If it is by normal connect to PC, you might try doing right click on My Computer, and going to manage, and from there go to device manager, and you Nexus would be the one with a little yellow exclamation mark, right click it, and there should be an option for installing or updating drivers, select your drivers, and it should show you your phone :)

  • Joe

    Successfully installed M7 on my galaxy s2. First installation failed, because of some trouble with Google Apps. The gapps-kk-20140606-signed crashed all the time. Second attempt with gapps-kk-20140105-signed was successful. Looks like the newer gapps do not work with galaxy s2.

  • zamgwd

    LG G2?

  • Axel Curland

    found a small issue in case I tried to make pairing via Bluetooth to my car.
    if i use 4 signs like “0000” or “1234” for the pairing pin, it does not work!

    If I use only 1sign like “0” – it works

    Seems that there is an issue if I use more than 1 sign for the pairing pin!!!

    Hope someone can fix this problem

  • Shavano

    Any exectation when Cyanogenmod plans to support ART? Or is that gated by Google rolling out a stable version? I tried ART on my device. Took a long time to install and then sucked my battery dry twice as fast as normal. Sort of the opposite of the behavior I expected since ART code is supposed to run more efficiently (a layer closer to the hardware) than Dalvik.

  • Ritv12345

    Does anybody know if M7 brings back wiimote support?

    Downloading the update now on my Nexus 7 2012 Wifi (Grouper)

  • Raphael Leal

    Good afternoon, I installed cyanogenmod by cm installer, but whenever I search for OTA updates it never finds, my question is, how do I go update my ROM installed by cm installer? has OTA update or do I need to download in the cyanogenmod website and install in the recovery?

  • iAndroHackerDK

    Everyone have SystemUI crashes or it just me? many peoples said that it is CM11 theme engine bug

    My device is Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini I8190N running CM11 Android 4.4.4 by Maclaw

  • Barun

    When will Galaxy Note N7000 get a Stable or RC release for CM 11?

  • andy hoo

    when will Aries get a milestone version?

  • tom katemi

    Why you dont make cm11 for galaxy grand quattro??? I want ittttttttttttttttttt !!!!!

  • Vach

    How do I update to M7 from nexus 4 with M1 on it? the update section doesent show M7 option no way…

  • Peter Jensen

    So where do I go from here… Got here from a google search…. And I cant see any link or any thing.

  • OleIDole23

    Whats the difference between the different downloadtypes?

  • Guille Marcel Brasesco

    M7 for Moto G (falcon) ???

  • Aashish Lal

    when will moto g get m7????

  • Harry

    Can we install it on iBall mobiles (Uddaan) which has 512MB RAM and has dual processor and OS 4.2.2 or any suggestions for same…thanx in advance

  • Hamza

    Pourquoi il ne y’a pas Cyanogenmod pour
    galaxy trend plus malgre qu’il est bien(768 mb ram is good).
    Plusieurs personnes dans le maroc ,algerie et espagnol veulent d’ameliorer android 4,2,2.
    please think about this (Cyanogenmod for galaxy trend plus ) thank you.

  • Paulo Medeiros

    Tenho Alcatel onetouch pop c7, com a versao 4.2.2, gostaria saber se e possivel colocar uma versao tipo 4.4 kitkat

  • Leo Cordova

    es compatible con EL TERMINAL AVVIO L500

  • Omkar Joshi

    is it work for lg x137