CyanogenMod 11.0 M5 Release

Right on time, CM 11 M5 builds are now hitting the Community Distribution channel.

Everyone seemed to like the mini changelog from the M4 release, so lets take a look at what M5 brings:

Trebuchet – Fix last icon from hotseat disappearing
Trebuchet – Fix custom home transition effect
Volume Panel – Increase opacity of transparency (previous level led to visibility concerns)
WhisperPush – Relocate to Privacy menu
WhisperPush – fix NPE on viewing identity if unregistered
Translations – Initial imports from CrowdIn (followup blog post next week)
MultiSim – Additional support patches (25+)
Privacy Guard – Additional AppOps permissions
Additional Right-to-left (RTL) layout mirroring support
Settings – Add ‘screen color’ support
Quickboot support (device specific)
Stylus – Fix eraser being disabled by palm rejection
NavBar – Allow toggle in runtime (needs kernel support)
Add ethernet icon support to status bar
Dialer – Open Source forward/backward/incoming look-up

M5 builds are actively generating at the time of this post.

D2lte and Jflte

Normally, we wouldn’t comment on specific device families in release posts – under the basic pretense that if the devices aren’t ready, they simply shouldn’t go out. D2 and JF present an interesting issue for us. As we unified GSM and CDMA variants into ‘one build to rule them all’ we’ve been making necessary modifications over the past 2 months or so to address all the feedback we’ve received. However, now that all the variants are served by one build, it would lead to confusion to release a build under the ‘M’ banner that worked great on 90% of the supported variants, but not the remaining 10%. Users of the CDMA nightlies for these devices would likely agree that there are still some niggling issues. It is our plan to address these items prior to green-lighting an M build for these families.

Understand that this decision stings. Our device maintainers have done an amazing job with planning, executing and handling all the complexity the unification process involves – and now we’ve held these devices from 2 M releases in a row. However we stand by the fact that release decisions should be based on the actual quality of the release; even if it means making an unpopular decision. If you are in desperate need of a D2/JF ‘flash’, then the nightly channel builds are available for that purpose. Else, trust that we make these decisions based on the responsibilities you place on this team. /tangent

Happy flashing!

  • mas618

    See my response to Jason below, Which was meant for you 😉

  • exzrael

    Samsung Galaxy S4 (int) works perfectly well with CyanogenMod 11 – except for one very irritating thing. When a call is made or recieved the screen goes black in an instant and stays that way until the call somehow is cancelled.

    It’s very likely that the proximitysensor is to blame, but I wonder if it is fixed in M5 or if it is even possible to resolve the problem somehow?

  • Dumitru Si Vera Toderici

    Thanks to cyanogen team for their great work! Using already dtlte since it appeared, there is every day a new update wich is good! But experiencing an issue since m2 i think! Now is more often! If i watch videos on youtube for more than 5-10 minutes, the phone starts to lag like hell and its not more possible to watch the video! I have to go to home everything its stil laggy, have to wait about some 30 sec then everything goes normal and can watch video again, but after se 5 min again the same thing, and allways the same! I.m i doing something wrong?! Also happens in some other programs if i use them much! Browsing happens too but not so often!

  • web

    Server says :

    “502 Bad Gateway”


  • Gee Funk

    I know it’s an older phone now, but is there any guess on when CM 11 stable might be available for the Samsung Skyrocket?

  • Paco Inurreta

    As I said before, you dont have to pay anything to be ripped off and just so you know, if we share the ROM with friends CM gets more publicity which in the end makes it more popular and by being more popular you get more investors, so in a way we contributed making CM a company and doing this, even thought we didnt invest our money but our time, its a way of getting ripped off.

  • Paco Inurreta

    I’m not asking for deadlines, I know the rules. i dont ought to be grateful at all, I might not have invested real money but because I shared with others I contributed to make CM popular which then by its popularity got investors and because of the investors investing millions CM became a company, in which case, they are failing to support a certain group of users.

  • DRayX

    Any chance there will be an M5 build for the vs980?

  • Galileo

    Hey, call me crazy,but I actually prefer a stable rom over some features, if i wanted more features out of the box i would use stock.

  • ShaunOfTheLive

    If your S3 uses GSM, then the latest nightly is stable.

  • ShaunOfTheLive

    Working devices can just use a recent nightly. There are no major benefits to M5; the nightly is stable enough on GSM phones right now. I don’t understand how a minor issue like this is driving you insane. In fact, the upcoming nightly (2014-04-10) is going to include a nice feature that’s missing from M5 builds: the ability to set a custom lockscreen wallpaper (independent of homescreen wallpaper).

  • ShaunOfTheLive

    I guess some people just need an outlet to vent their general rage.

  • ChronicLogic

    I think all those people who gripe about being “ripped off”, are the same
    individuals who are incessantly checking the coin slots on arcade games,
    telephones, and novelty machines.

  • Paco Inurreta

    Hmm I have been using a custom lockscreen wallpaper in the 10.2.1 o.O. I’ll give tomorrows nightlies a try then.

  • Renan Carneiro

    First installation submitted a bug “CM has stopped …” and takes me back to home screen to choose the language. Already in the implementation of the ROM I noticed a good system stability, the camera with good resolution and running heavy games. Greatly improved with respect to M4, congratulations and continue evolving this ROM by the way, is great. Thanks!

  • D.Castro

    CM-11 M5 many mistakes google search bar stops working all the time and does not restart until not fly to work, touch screen keypad buttons alone are added to rotate the screen from landscape to portrait gives glimpse, the browser going very slow. motorola moto G Kit Kat 4.4.2

  • Hydruid

    Ty for the explanation, makes sense to me. I think it would be easier for the community to force carriers to FINALLY STOP USING CMDA lol

  • KyleVPirate

    Battery life on hammerhead is just atrocious using the stock kernel. I would recommend ElementalX kernel for the battery life. I would have gave expected it to have better battery life than stock. Cyanogen needs its own super battery power saver mode.

  • Jonathan Tsai

    Just wondering… when can we expect the m7att (HTC One ATT) to get an update? It’s already missed M3, M4, and now M5. I usually just wait and assume that the device maintainer is not building it for a good reason, but at this point I’m wondering if the device is still even being maintained by someone at all (if not, I could volunteer?) Would love to see perhaps more developer-friendly docs and contributing how-tos.

    A feature I’d like to see on the website is a field that explicitly marks a device’s state and latest builds, etc.; e.g. did m7att get skipped intentionally? And for older devices (which I keep around for testing), some kind of message on that device’s page that it will no longer be supported for newer builds, e.g. the Nexus One.

  • zenius

    I installed the M5 build in my Galaxy SIII and the camera stopped working ;/

  • Konstantinos Pap

    Which devices support QuickBoot?

  • VladTheImpala

    I believe so

  • AniZaeger

    If they don’t, I know I’m moving to a different ROM. I’m tired of being pushed off to the back burner because the developers insist on maintaining support CDMA, a technology that telcos have already announced they are DROPPING SUPPORT FOR in the next year! At the very least, the developers could have unified all of the non-CDMA devices into one branch, and the CDMA devices into another, allowing stable milestone releases for both. As it is, they have not only screwed over the users of some of the most advanced devices in the world at the moment, but for themselves as well when they have to go through all of the code in the next year or so to pull out the useless bits. In trying to cut corners (because that’s what this all comes down to), TPTB really dropped the ball on this one.

  • derb2k2

    So, D2 misses out again. F*** ***t

  • Levente

    After updating to M5, my phone became unusable, processes are stopping constantly. I updated to the newest nightly, but now screen lock doesn’t work, and i don’t get any visual notifications… I hear the sound of it, but the notification area is empty… :/ I tried an older snapshot, but it didn’t help.

  • Levente

    I reinstalled the latest nightly after formatting all but /media/sdcard0 partitions, and now it works, but Camera stops after starting it…

  • Mitchell Theobald

    fixes from google, why else? heres a changelog from google. some are for the N5

    Frequent data connection dropout fix

    Camera focus fix

    Power Manager display wakelock fix

    Multiple Bluetooth fixes

    Random reboot fix

    USB debugging security fix

    Wi-Fi auto-connect fix

    Stuck in activation screen fix

    Missed call LED fix

    VPN Fix

  • Levente

    Updating Google Apps solved the problem.

  • Robert Borg

    By withholding the release which was known to not work properly on all of its target devices you continue to show that CM is ready for use by non-hackers. Great work guys.

  • Gavriel Ostrow

    why not just unify into two separate categories? those with gsm and those with cdma? that way there isn’t a conflict of interest. and also the unnecessary menu options. plus i miss the robust selction for network mode on gsm. hope you will bring that back.

  • Abhi

    I am using E970 (AT&T), until M4 things were fine, after M5 update, back Camera is no more working, Torch has also stopped. there is no option to swap the camera.
    I tried to go back to M4, M3, M2, M1 and even 10.2 Stable, but no luck.

    With the above updates either the back camera is not working or both are not working with Camera app missing.

    I tried to do a fresh install every time but it’s not working anymore. Can anyone guide as what is going wrong?

  • Abhi

    I am using E970 (AT&T), until M4 things were fine, after M5 update,
    back Camera is no more working, Torch has also stopped. there is no
    option to swap the camera.
    I tried to go back to M4, M3, M2 and even 10.2 Stable, but no luck.

    With the above updates either the back camera is not working or both are not working with Camera app missing.

    I tried to do a fresh install every time but it’s not working anymore. Can anyone guide as what is going wrong?

  • Joe Fso

    gosh so by the time cyanogenmod will reach 4.4.2 stable google will have released their next version ( higher than 4.4.3 )

  • Ben Whitman

    Any word on an M5 release for toro? I have no problem with continuing to run nightlies, but I usually take the time to do a full wipe/clean install with the snapshots, so I’m just wondering if there’s some particular issue holding back the snapshot this month or if we’re even going to get M5 at all…

  • IDir Aj

    Okey let’s keep things short : CyanogenMod ROCKS !!

  • Jesse

    What is the best version for my galaxy s3 GT-I9300. Snapshot m5/m4/m3/m2 or the latest nightlies.

  • bradavon

    Any idea when M5 for the LG G Pad 8.3 will be out? The last Milestone was M4 on 8th of March. Thanks

  • Molly House

    So open source friendly? 6 months and no stable for N5. I fart in your general direction.

  • Jerry Tan

    anyone facing same problem? happens 3-4 times daily. but most of the time it freeze & back to lock screen….Maguro on CM11 nightlies

  • Byron Will-Noel

    I am loving CM10 for my S2, but I’m waiting for the stable CM11 release!

  • Michael Vleeshouwers

    When is the next ota planned?

  • Michael Vleeshouwers

    When will there be a new ota update for those who used the installer?

  • Syed Ahmed

    Hey guys!
    I am dying to get CM11. I just can’t wait!
    Should I get the M3 or nightlies? Or wait for the CM11 stable?

    (Only M3 is available on my device currently)

  • BuckNaked78

    Anyone having issues with not being able to get images sent via text message?

    Using the default text messenger for 11-20140405-SNAPSHOT-M5-spyder, Android v4.4.2

  • Bavarin Fleetfoot

    To be “ripped off” you have to be losing something. CyanogenMod devs are taking nothing from you and indeed to the contrary freely giving the fruits of their hard labor while asking nothing in return.

  • Bavarin Fleetfoot

    As I said before (look at the last time you said this for my reply there), you may not have to pay anything to be “ripped off” but you DO have to lose something. If anything, you’re trying to “rip off” the CyanogenMod team by taking from them their well deserved respect with your claims of “rip off”.

  • Paco Inurreta

    And that “well deserved respect” is provided by us, without us, the team wouldnt be nowhere. And WTF you coming here after 2 months, like living in the past?

  • Trulsern

    Did you ever find a solution to this problem?

  • Bavarin Fleetfoot

    Actually, I like living in the present. That’s why I really don’t have time to check all this old bullshit very often. Sunshine and fresh air use up considerably more of my time than my computer does, leaving some of these discussions untouched for weeks or months at a time. Sorry if that bothers you, but it’s unlikely to change any time in the forseeable future.

  • exzrael

    Actually I did, a quick search on Google gave me a pretty straight forward answer. With the latest version of Cyanogenmod it’s not needed though because the bug has been fixed.