CyanogenMod 11.0 M4 Release

It’s that time again – time for another M-release to make its way to our servers.

This release sees the following updates:

Immersive Mode – prevent accidental clicks on swipe gesture (EdgeGesture service)
Bluetooth LE – Wipower SDK apis, various fixes
System NavBar – Left Hand mode (landscape only – not available on tablets)
Motion Accelerometer support (device dependant)
Volume Panel – transparency support
Translations – new language additions, localization and long-string fixes
MediaPlayer – new apis for Suspend/Resume
CM Easter Egg
QuickSettings – volume Tile sync fix, Quick Config, Alarm tile shows alarms, User Profile fix
Recent Apps Panel – low-end device tweaks
Theme Engine – Fix crashes
Performance – Speed up booting on multi-core devices, add option to force high-end graphics option on low-end devices
Trebuchet – decouple icon mask and background (should fix some icon packs)
Settings – multiple hands-free device support
Privacy Guard – confirm on permission reset
Profiles – add expanded desktop support

CyanogenMod 11 M4 builds will continue through the night and be available on our download portal.

Happy Flashing!


    I don’t see it for d2att or any other variant ._.

  • Vaughan McShane

    I’m running it on my i9300 int. at the moment.

  • Micro Spick

    Will the M4 release also come for the Galaxy S4 International jfltexx??? Any schedule???

  • aenews

    Yeah there’s no build out for the d2lte devices yet =(

  • aenews

    That’s odd that the Exynos S3 has the build and the Snapdragon doesn’t…

  • oran

    Ever since the update it keeps crashing on snapchat and random vibrating!

  • Yotam Michael

    this update cause boot loop on galaxy s2

  • Kevin M. Gallagher

    Same problem on Droid 4 (maserati). The phone doesn’t work at all with and android.process.acore repetitively crashing. This snapshot is bugged.

    (Dalvik and cache wipe and fix permissions also didn’t fix anything)

  • Luke

    is there an m4 update for the nexus 7 16gb (2013) flo device?

  • jdhorner

    Has the bug with “Link ringtone & notifications volumes” been fixed? I haven’t been able to find much information on it.

  • abhinav911

    my s3 int is not booting up after install. its on the cy boot screen for over 30 minutes. Anyone got any advice regarding this?

  • liko2k

    i’m not flashing this snapshot until someone from CM officially confirms that it wont screw my phone and I wont be forced to flash-wipe data my phone :/

  • adrian

    Did thd sinal issue get fixed

  • jefferson

    G Pad Boot Loop. poop.

  • Francisco Dominguez

    ¡Enhorabuena! Great improvement versus standard TouchWiz version that came with Orange mobile (Spain). Now with Cyanogenmod 11.0 my Samsung Galaxy S3 it’s great: much faster, configurable and nice. Congratulations!

  • David

    Please start building for Sony Xperia SP :) awesome device that’s ruined by Sonys shit software… I would love to see a stable build for my beloved device. I would even donate something because i trust in CyanogendMod cause it’s awesome!!!!11 :’D

  • David

    Please start building for Sony Xperia SP! It’s a wonderful device that’s ruined by Sonys damn software. I would even donate if i could get a stable CyanogenMod for my beloved sp 😀 CM is awesome!!!11 // peace over and out

  • Kevin

    When will M4 be released for jfltetmo (Samsung Galaxy S4 T-Mobile)?

  • derb2k2

    No word on the s3 lte devices M4?? :/

  • Omer Ávila

    When it’s going to be available for OTA?

  • Ga0khan

    No M4 for the Samsung Galaxy S4 (Intl) – jfltexx ? That’s surprising

  • Steven Jennings

    I have rooted my gtp5110 (gtab2) and loaded rom mgr Can load 4.2.2 (JB) and all runs fine. I try and load any version of CM11 (nightly) ROM to upgrade to 4.4.2 (kitkat) using Rom mgr and get failure to load /sdisc error 7 on all ROM zip files. They are all downloaded from cyanmod site directly. Any ideas what’s going on. A disc is good I have loaded others files onto it and all is good.

  • Raugmor

    Thanks for killing my GT-i9100 with this M4…

  • Daniel

    The camera frame rate dropped to 15fps in my i9300 after switching to cyanogenmod 11. Does anyone else has this problem?

  • André Guerreiro

    Hey Ive got a Samsung S3 and cyanogenmod keeps crashing can you please help me?