CyanogenMod 11.0 M11

Hot off the presses, the 11th M build of CM 11 is making its way to the download portal. With it comes the latest round of bug fixes, improvements and features to our Android 4.4.4 codebase. A high-level changelog is provided below – take a look!

For our nightly users, to avoid conflicts on taking this update please do not apply an M11 build on top of any nightly beyond September 30th, as that was when this code was branched for testing and verification prior to release.

M11 Changelog:

* New Devices: Galaxy S4 Active (jactivelte), Galaxy S4 SK I-9506 (ks01lte), Galaxy S5 GSM (klte), Galaxy Tab 10.1 (picassowifi), Galaxy Player 4.0 (ypg1)
* Re-introduce Samsung Galaxy Relay 4G (apexqtmo) support 
* Fix signal strength showing ‘2147483647’ on certain devices
* Frameworks & Core Apps: CAF and other upstream updates
* Lockscreen: Do not play sounds while a phone call is active & MSIM updates
* Frameworks: Add base & MSIM APIs for SEEK (Secure Element Evaluation Kit) support 
* Frameworks: Fix volume button changing two ‘steps’ per click
* Frameworks: Add ‘Screen Off’ action for double-tap/long-press configuration options
* Show devices connected to your WiFi (tethering) Hotspot
* Fix bug related to ‘switch to last app’ action while in Recents view
* Fix Navigation Bar arrow keys in RTL locales
* Translations updates from CyanogenMod CrowdIn team
* Adjustments to ‘Glove Mode’ (High Touch Sensitivity)
* APN Updates for various regions
* Camera: Add support for all available Slow Shutter speeds (hardware dependent); Improve shutter button
* Dialer/InCallUI: Fix smartcover always showing answer fragment
* LG G2: Address GPS and NFC issues
* Base support for HTC Desire 816 & HTC One Mini 2 (pending nightlies) 
* Various security updates
* General bug fixes


The Device Status page on the wiki be updated tomorrow to reflect all the devices that received a build, and any reasons why some devices may have been skipped.

Happy Flashing!

-The CyanogenMod Team

  • djdarkknight96

    You know the nighties are just as stable if not more stable then the M releases. In fact M releases are nightly builds. Just flash the nightly before or after the M build to see if it was just a bad build…happens sometimes.

  • Noak Sten, aka The Pimp

    If you weren’t you wouldn’t get so worked up over it. No offense, but I think you are lying and you are in fact from Xperia. But I won’t judge you! It’s okey!

  • dasarathy

    super stable on mu note 2 N7100

  • JMJ Xperia

    i m not a representative from sony .. i m just xperia sp user.. 😛

  • Z_a_p_p_y

    i18n breaks some sql.
    Dutch “Collega’s” contactsgroup produces a sql exception you cannot avoid so no contact app.

  • Lysergic_Acid

    M builds are branched differently than the nightlies man

  • Glaucio K

    For the Moto G ???

  • Noak Sten, aka The Pimp


  • djdarkknight96

    Believe me, if you compare the nightly that came out the same day as the M, they are identical in commits. So if it breaks, the next build has fixes…Just like a nightly would. :-)

  • dasarathy

    i cant understand you.

  • Amandeep Singh

    It is not that stable …
    it slows down after a few hours.. it asks for a reboot..
    rebooting automatically sometimes.
    camera is still not working that well
    apps crash
    needs improvement…
    definately not eating that much battery.. but yeah it needs improvement.

  • Антон

    Когда появиться М11 на nexus 7(2012)???

  • Антон

    И будет ли это обновление?

  • Антон

    Когда будет обновление М11 на Nexus 7 (2012)

  • Ammar Ennab

    add note 3 SM-N900

  • Has San

    I have Samsung galaxy s3 . sch-i535 and I need to setup in my phone please till me how to setup

  • Антон

    Спасибо, получил м12

  • mii

    Seriously guys, since you went corporate your community communication just sucks big time. Where is your “ongoing feature” “This Week in CyanogenMod”? Came out later and less regular every time, changed to “Last Week in CyanogenMod”, then just stopped.
    Regular builds 1st Saturday of the month were great! And it worked some time. Lately that changed as well, first only a few days then weeks.
    You guys forget where you’re coming from. There is contributors but also a community that made you big. WE are your capital, WE are the reason you can collect millions! We are impatient, always have been. So talk to us, what is going on? Will there be an 11M12? L came out and you don’t open your mouth on any channel!

    Don’t get me wrong, I’m sure you’re hard at work. But hell, SPEAK TO US! There is a lot of people that just want and don’t appreciate I get that. I ain’t one of those but I still feel like you owe us more words, more communication.

  • Lindi Halitaj

    wen u will make possible to move app to sd

  • Z_a_p_p_y

    On startup of the contacts app it tries to add “Collega’s” to some table resulting in an invalid sql statement error and dies.
    It seems that the ‘ is not escaped properly, causing the error.
    It was somewhat corrected in later nightlies by forgoing the translation.

  • thajack

    I had the same thing on my AT&T variant GS3. I had to revert back to M10 to get it to work again.

    I wonder if M12, which I think is rolling out now, will fix the issue…

  • pshock13

    I was pretty sure the creator of Apollo branched off and is doing his own thing now that CM has gone more corporate

  • Lysergic_Acid

    Well, you’re going against the CM words, but I never compared the commits, so I don’t know

  • djdarkknight96

    CM words where? I theme CM11 and keep up with commits very closely. No reason they would have special commits to M release that nightly the day after won’t have.

  • Davor Štefanko

    CM 11 don’t have INTERFACE on Settings for adjust column, rows icons… ???

  • dasarathy

    wll, reflash the rom in recovery by formatting cache and wiping factory data and alsodalvik cache. then install the rom. i havent got any issues u said. actually i havent turned my phone off since the installation of m11

  • Lysergic_Acid

    They always says that the M builds are branched off the nightlies on some day, then after that, they only fix things and don’t include new features, but that’s only what they say, I think the nightly of the day after the release of a M build has way more commits because of the release delay

  • jeroen

    when will the stable version for galaxy s2 be available

  • jay

    I downloaded it and it’s perfect with the exception of my Bluetooth both the earpiece and car Bluetooth plays fine but when someone calls you can’t hear anything have anyone else had this problem

  • djdarkknight96

    Now that’s 100% true, they might disable a few commits that are broken but you’ll never know. All in all if an CM11 M build is jacked…going back to CM10 is silly…Lol That’s why I mentioned this. :-)

  • Benjamin Valent

    I’ve got a problem with opening my contacts. It shuts down and keeps ahutting down. Error report has been send.
    Anyone else got that problem?

  • Putra

    I can not move apps to ext sd card, please fix this bugs!

  • Hyunki Yu

    Vibration power is way too weak. I barely feel it eventhough I set the strength over 75%. I use Galaxy S4 Active (jactivelte)

  • Alejandro Herrera

    Hey… I have a problem with the phone app… When i try to call someone the phone dosent ring and when they answer i dont hear nothing but static… In some calls the app create a sound like static but loud súper loud…. I have a samsung galaxy S4, im from Panamá… And i have Cyanogenmod M11 11-20141203-nightly… Ive been waiting to you guys fix this error since the 11-20141127-nightly version

  • Khuzairuazwan Crewz Unperit

    Im using tablet p1 as tablet 1… I got some problem from shutter camera come too slow, tethering hotspot not supported wep. Most problem right here, im using the facebook mobile and backgroud change to black surface.. Huhu tenkiu..
    #user cm 11 nightly latest update.

  • Khuzairuazwan Crewz Unperit

    Im using tablet p1 as tablet 1… I got some problem from shutter camera come too slow, tethering hotspot not supported wep. Most problem right here, im using the facebook mobile and backgroud change to black surface.. Huhu tenkiu..
    #user cm 11 nightly latest update.

  • toby

    I have a one plus one and my 3g does not work I’m on o2

  • Arjun Singh

    i cannot open whatsapp, facebook and the facebook messenger. facebook says android version not supported…….messenger ans whatsapp unfortunately stop working…
    Help me fix it plaese

  • Anup Ranta

    i am not able to use touch after cyanogen Mode update. Launcher is not responding, please help.

  • Arikaran Kathireshan

    Please make your support for galaxy s5 (sm-SM-G900H)..powered by exynos’s a exynos international variant..we are helpless without your support

  • Gustavo Alvarado

    my browser forces close and even reboot my phone on certain videos y

  • Gustavo Alvarado

    I love the fell of the ROM but my browser or my video player covers my phone to reboot

  • Gustavo Alvarado


  • Vincent Teh

    Is there any problem on Galaxy Note 2 with
    CyanogenMod 11.0 M11?

  • Steve Hernandez

    Alcatel one touch needs this

  • Nanda Hayuningmukti

    cant use in sony xperia miro ?