CyanogenMod 11.0 M10 arrives

A little late due to the US holiday at the start of the month and some higher than average patches for review and acceptance, but none worse for the wear the M10 release of CM11 is upon us. The M10 code was branched on September 9th, with additional patches merged over the course of the last 6 days to fix identified gaps. A changelog is provided towards the end of this post.

As always, we are not infallible, and there may be items that we have not yet resolved (or know about). To help combat this issue and make things easier for you and us, we’ve introduced a new tool into the CM arsenal, the CM Bug Tracker application. Whenever you crash a system application, you will be prompted with an option to upload a snippet of a log to us – namely the actual crash reported by the system and the stacktrace that accompanies it – similar to what you are already used to by the various app stores you may use.

In addition to the above, we’ve added a field to the ‘take a bug report’ option found in Developer Settings. Upon generation of a bug report through that mechanism, you may optionally send us a scrubbed copy of that bug report via the send action you are presented with. Please note that while we have taken precautions to scrub all the standard identifier data provided in these logs, some third party apps may erroneously dump that info into the logs and may not be caught by our filters. The data you provide via this bug report option will only be used by CM developers to fix the crashes reported, will comply with the Privacy Policy CM operates under, and going one step further, can only be seen by CM team members (ie not publicly visible outside of the examples here) and deleted monthly.

I’m going to harp on this a bit further because this sort of item can always be misconstrued. Here is an example ticket generated by a CM user while I was drafting this blog post:

Bug Reporter Example

And here is a snippet of the content we receive:

From this information, we can tell what device, build, kernel, and Android runtime the user was using at the time of submission, and the message the user wished to convey (in this case “Dunno” & “nothing”). If this were a true report (versus what appears to be testing), we would use the corresponding log to assist in triaging the bug, and hopefully fixing it. This process, as trialed in the nightlies, has already allowed us to provide patches specifically to address these semi-automated reports.

For the sake of clarity, this scrubbed report is only generated on user action and upload via the ‘take a bug report option’, the crash log stacktrace mentioned above does not have any info beyond the crash itself, and therefore is already a scrubbed copy. For the curious, this is what one of those automated tickets looks like:

Bug Reporter Example2

M10 Changelog:

* New Devices: Galaxy S5 Sprint (kltespr)
* Split out Note 3 into GSM (hlte), Sprint (hltespr) and Verizon (hltevzw)
* Refactor moto_msm8960dt as ‘ghost’ for Moto X 2013
* Drop support for obake, toro, toroplus
* Theme Engine: Themes support for additional UI elements
* Frameworks & Core Apps: CAF and other upstream updates
* Settings: Add scramble pin feature
* Frameworks: Long press recent apps to switch to last used app
* Settings: Add soft reboot option
* Add smart cover support
* Add glove mode support
* Add bug reporter and crash log uploader
* Multisim updates
* General bug fixes (many many)
* ANT+ Support for various hardware
* Privacy Guard: Control NFC permissions

 -The CyanogenMod Team

  • Shrikant

    I have still facing the problem after updating the CM 11 M10 on my S3 (I9300) device–

    #**MAJOR ISSUE– My device shows the black screen (instead of background wallpaper) for while after quitting the any game or heavy applications.

    Also the It takes an so much time to load the all device icons in similar above condition.

    **NOTE — I don’t understand philosophy behind CM team still remain that kind of major issue. I hope CM team will resolve this kind of issues in next update.

  • bozoid

    Does this release fix anything related to suspend_backoff wake locks?
    Been getting it on maserati CM10 & CM11 till latest version so far although I don’t have many apps.
    100% will show up after doing some terminal commands.

  • Mihael babic

    my galaxy s3 doesnt have 2g/3g automatic internet mode… Internet is verry slow..Help

  • Mihael babic

    please fix this

  • Валерий Кабак

    I want that the panel of the Android settings was white color.

  • jimmy singh

    When is coming new m10 for my galaxy grand duos i9082???

  • mahler76

    Why no mod for xperia J? Please someone make one!

  • Weatherwatcher

    Wish my lg volt was supported…

  • Claudio

    Guys, the Snapshot M11 will be released in the first week of the month as it is always output or second week as the snapshot M10?

    PS: I hope that this new snapshot fixes the many bugs that are present in the latest snapshots / nightly for i9300 Galaxy S3 … too many bugs!

  • marcio Saraiva

    Hi there can someone answer me one question? Can i install cm11 or the s5 sensation rom for s3 9300 version on my s3 i9301i?
    It’s already rooted but i can’t find any custom rom! I want to instal an s5 custom to my s3 but i only find for s3 9300.

  • Math

    Sound is still distorting when recording on galaxy s3.
    It does also distort on omnirom.
    But it doesn’t distort on samsung’s roms…

  • Jathin M Jaishur

    i wud like to knw whether light effects work in my xperia sp after installing album and walkman app

  • Zalan

    I guess they won’t hurry too much after the late previous snapshot, which is better than a fast release. Personally I prefer more stable releases than the perfectly timed ones. 😛

  • Mewmew

    Once more in English please?

  • Andrew Kender


  • fausto412

    Waiting for M11 to switch from Nightlies…I want to see what the M builds brings to the table.

  • Gaetano Gaeta

    when you insert the RIL for the modem?

  • Gaetano Gaeta

    Next update of the M10?

  • Zalan

    A very little less features and a little more stability :-)

  • Steel

    All users are waiting for your version of Android L, and we expect great improvements in both the stability , compatibility, security

  • Thanh Vu

    Please re-support Samsung Vibrant ( vibrantmtd)

  • Abdul Ahad Hashmi

    Got my S2 i9100G screwed up with the new update….now i am getting the ( and android.process.acore errors)… tried reinstalling the previous update that i was using earlier…and now i am getting the same issue on the older updates also :(

    what do I do now??!

  • Andrew Kender

    Sounds like you gotta wipe and install fresh.

  • Abdul Ahad Hashmi

    wipe what exactly….factory reset / all data….or some specific files?

  • Andrew Kender

    Wipe system, data, cache, dalvik. Basically a factory reset, yeah.

  • Stas Stas

    засунь свой огрызок недоделанный В ЖОПУ!!!!

  • حسن عبد الجبار

    Please please please issuing rom cyanogen to note 3 version 3g

  • Alan Victor Argollo

    When will it be available for note 4?

  • Asparukh Akanayev

    Пиздец добряк

  • Michael Kelly

    Were there technical reasons to drop the support for toro? Or was there just a lack of manpower? If it’s the latter, I may try to find the time to step up…

  • Jathin M Jaishur

    Xperia sp has a speciality of illuminating light effects with the help of xperia album and walkman app.Since sony stopped providing updates, some users like my are forced to install your firmware to get latest os .But cyanogenmod team have missed out the functioning of light effects in your firmware.

  • CM11_SGS3_d2lte

    How do you enable smart cover?

  • Lindi Halitaj

    how to move app to sd witth cyanogenmod 11 m9 plz help this makes me to install another rom only this reason no other

  • Eltice Kiki

    u guys are stupid its rom u flash it on to ur phone

  • Levi Brito

    Please make a ROM for LG F line (F3 F5 F6 F7)

  • Cynthia Phillips

    can I install this on a galaxy s3 triband model SPH-L710T NF4 4.4.2