CyanogenMod 10 :: M1

Something we have learned over the past few months is that if you don’t release, someone else will do it for you. Since we are open-source, we absolutely encourage it! Unfortunately, the quality of unofficial builds can vary, and we are serious about quality. Of course nightlies are always available, but we realized that having something that is a bit more stable on a more frequent basis is important. Starting now, we are rolling out our M-Series releases. M-Series builds will be done at the beginning of every month. We did a soft freeze of the codebase for the last week, blocking new features in order to stabilize. Our plan is to continue this (assuming that the response is good) up until stable release, and onward.

We aren’t exactly sure what M stands for. “Monthly”, “milestone”, or perhaps “MINE ALL MINE!”. Whatever it is, I hope that we are meeting the needs of community.

M-Series builds will be available under the EXPERIMENTAL tag. The filename will include the date stamp as well as the M version. These builds should be stable enough for daily use, and we encourage feedback and bug reports.

Tonight’s M1 build is available for these devices:

  • Galaxy Nexus GSM (maguro)
  • Galaxy Nexus VZW (toro)
  • Galaxy Nexus Sprint (toroplus)
  • Galaxy S2 GT-I9100G (i9100g)
  • Galaxy S (galaxysmtd)
  • Galaxy S B (galaxysbmtd)
  • Captivate (captivatemtd)
  • Galaxy S3 Sprint (d2spr)
  • Galaxy S3 VZW (d2vzw)
  • Galaxy S3 AT&T (d2att)
  • Galaxy S3 TMO (d2tmo)
  • Galaxy S3 US Cellular (d2usc)
  • Nexus S (crespo)
  • Nexus S 4G (crespo4g)
  • Galaxy Note AT&T (quincyatt)
  • Google Nexus 7 (grouper)
  • Sony Xperia Acro S (hikari)
  • Sony Xperia S (nozomi)

In standard CM style, we will continue to add devices as time goes on up until our stable release.

Head over to Get.CM to grab the latest build for your device. Installation instructions and other documentation can always be found at the CM Wiki and help is always close at hand over on our official forums.

Happy flashing!

  • Matheussouzas65

    LG Optimus L5 please

  • Dylan

    Hi when post the rom of galaxy gio?

  • Dolly Kerr

    Ever since you started these monthlys the nightlys for the Galaxy Tab 2 7.0 GT-P3113 have stopped, last update was Nov 6th not real pleased with your new view on quality.

  • Spazmonic

    Status 7. Constantly. 4.1.1

  • Greatermisc

    Are they looking at the GT-I9305 soon?

  • Rhersom123

    Can I get this on my CoolPad Quattro 4G?

  • Jai Pritchett

    Hey all,
    I have been trying to keep up with ROMS and flashing your device and so forth. Just cant grasp the whole concept, but im trying ;pI have been looking at CM10 and have gained a big interest and want to give it a go. The instructions look a bit daunting but think I will have no problem.
    Now what I am wanting to know is just how stable CM10 is on Xperia S and how often would i have to update it with a updated ROM.Looks like it was months ago since rolling out releases, so does it work well now?Just hanging for Jellybean and Google Go ;p

  • nishantsirohi123

    galaxyR i9103
    with nvidia tegra2 chip
    please release a ROM for it

  • redrum41

    No samesung galaxius s2222 support

  • Junran

    I installed the cm.10.0.0 jb version. My StreetView Apps is not working. So I revert back to Gingerbread which is more reliable. I hope the new version cm-10.1-20121228-NIGHTLY-galaxysmtd had solved this problem.

  • moises

    galaxy 5? please

  • Karan1987bhatia

    Need CM10 for Micromax A90

  • nightwolf


    i have installed you nightly from January 03, 2012 and found that there was no Google play store app installed, just wondering what happened or if that was on purpose or perhaps it might be something i was doing wrong?

  • nightwolf


    Can you guys make a version of CM10 that works on the Samsung Galaxy S3 for Roger LTE Model SGH-I747?

  • Filippo Loria

    Ciao,puoi sviluppare rom per NGM Polaris??

  • Torr88

    para el s I9001 no vale alguno de estos?

  • Carlos Guevara

    Motorola Atrix 4g please!!!

  • Luke Fincher

    Will you be making support for the Galaxy S3 GT-I9305 AL15 or BLL3?

  • André

    what about LG optimus L7??? is it possible to install??

  • Zacharias

    nozomi is said to be expected on CM M, but theres nothing on nozomi’s but cm9 stable and nightly. any predictions on when to update this?

  • Peralta_USMC

    Whats the word on getting the camera app working on the t999?

  • Samthebest18

    is there cm10 fo xperia x10i???

  • Jesseleon182

    If I’m running a stable version of cm10.1 but want to try out the night lies will it apply it as an update or would it be like flashing a whole new ROM? Sorry if this is an obvious thing I’m still new to all the rooting and ROM stuff

  • Alexandre

    Hello all, i instaled 10.1 rom on my galaxy S3. but a lot of features from s3 not working. like fingers movment, etc… someone know how to fix it?

  • JoelTheJoel

    Please make this version for GT-I9100!

  • Mailthatisjunk97

    No support for the rock yet? tell me when that comes out man…

  • Ealza1994

    stable release for lg optimus l3

  • JellyBean 4.5.1 Released


  • Joseph Collins

    Do any S3 US versions work for the Australia Optus or Telstra S3’s?

  • Joseph Collins

    Telstra user here, love to know that as well!

  • hamid reza saheb jamei

    Not I9100 list support ?

  • calzones

    please do something for tab 7.7. powerful tab yet no one ever did good job for this tab…please

  • Jonh

    Great work. obviously you cant please everyone. you are doing great

  • Tinashe36

    It is running smooth on my i9000. 

  • Mohamadriswan9900

    please release for lenovo A60+ !!!

  • Orangew

    It’s march 2013 now and well M definitely doesn’t stands for monthly lol!
    I was wondering if this is posted elsewhere… might wanna see more s3 stuff like intl models. I’m interested in trying this out.

  • OrAnGeWorX

    Is Get.CM updated as well?

  • Fabio

    estimated date that include TV-OUT functionality? . is very useful in order to convey the image of the tablet on TV

  • KrOmS07

    I need a version that works with Telcel i747m galaxy, thanks.

  • Wolf May

    Galaxy S4 Active???

  • sagar kapasi

    plz sir i am duying to have cyanogenmod on my device micromax a90s superfone plxel phone i flashed many of your builds for other phones like nexus s etc etc plz help me sir i need it very badly bcause no other cm rom is working and i know it wouldnt work but still i will flash it until some cm works for my phone
    -wating for my dream thank you

  • sagar kapasi

    plz build cyanogenmod for micromax a90s it is same to blu vivo 4.3

  • vattenskada

    Interesting to see … thank you it’s well done :)

  • Yosbel Esperón

    Please, include the BLU Studio 5.0 S, thanks

  • Anonymous

    galaxy s 5 ?

  • Juan Chirinos

    please is there any cyanogenmod for BLU QUATTRO 4.5

  • Pankaj

    Please please arrange a ROM CM 12.1 stable version for my coolpad note 3 & tell me all the requirements to do that. Model number is 8676-I02. I am waiting for my ROM & I will be very thankful to you.

  • John Nikko

    Can you build a cyanogenmod for ngm you color E506. Thanks.