CyanogenMod 10.2 RC1

It’s that time again! The bug reports on the 10.2 M1 have been greatly helpful, so a well earned ‘Thank You!’ to all of you that made your way over to our JIRA BugTracker and submitted your issues, ideas and logs!

The entire team has been plugging away at both 10.2 and 11.0 code branches – porting fixes and features back and forth to try and bring you the best CM 10.2 experience! Since the M1 we’ve also added a handful of new maintainers and devices to our merry roster.

Today we ship the initial wave of 10.2 RC1 builds. For those new to our build sequencing, these builds are release candidates. These allow for some final polish and fixes to take place before we release 10.2 for general usage.

To get ahead of the normal round of questions:

  1. You can safely flash this on top of CM 10.2 M1 (or earlier 10.2 nightly) without wiping data
  2. You can safely flash this on top of CM 10.1 (any version) without wiping data IF you also manually update your third party add-on zips (kernels, mods, packs, etc). If you skip this, don’t be surprised by ‘missing’ applications. Also, the phone app changed names, don’t forget to replace your shortcut for it!
  3. For all other previous releases, you should be able to update without losing your data provided you follow the third party item from #2.
  4. Always make a backup, regardless of 1, 2 or 3

A new added quirk to our releases, are those joining us from the new ‘CyanogenMod Installer‘ installation process. You exceptional folks exist on a slightly different release track, so without manual intervention, you won’t see these builds on your update mechanism. Fret not! Your release stream only receives ‘verified’ SNAPSHOT builds, which just means you’ll see a different set of builds as we approach 10.2’s general release. Of course, you can always update manually to the RC1, but we recommend against it. If you do go forward with it, be sure to make a backup (you can do it in recovery) as swapping between release streams currently may cause some issues with your user data.

  • نهج قطر

    i’ll answer my own question… i had to update gapps by sideloading install or installing from sd card

    also had to delete and reinstall some apps like snapchat and whatsapp

    a lot of my contacts have disappeared on whatsapp – the names, not the numbers

    as well as from my address book

  • Carlos

    Got it in i9300. It’s now working fine :)

  • daniel ng

    Today I upgraded to the nightly “”, and got the charging sound not working?

  • Marc LeBlanc

    Hoping someone can help. I installed this build on s3 i747 and now I’m in some sort of vicious boot loop. Updated to the correct gapps as well. Just looking for some general tips on what to check and try. FWIW , the device is encrypted, but I was able to to updated in the past by just copying the rom to the external sd first and installing from there.

  • Jason Park

    I installed the 10.2 on a i535 and now the play store has “no connection” and my location is “searching for GPS”

    Can you help me?

  • Ashok Kumar Suman

    Can you make custom rom for mmx a58? 4.2 to 4.4? Please