CyanogenMod 10.2 M1 Release

With all the Android 4.4 hype, we haven’t forgotten about CM 10.2. Tonight the buildbots will focus their efforts on building and shipping out CyanogenMod 10.2 M1. Builds are already hitting the servers (please be patient, this will take a while). We are targeting over 70 devices for this initial M-release.

As we mentioned yesterday, we will continue to work on the 10.2 code branch, in parallel to all of our Android 4.4 efforts. For those that will inevitably ask, we have not made any decisions with respect to what devices will make the leap to the KitKat code base and likely won’t have that information for a few weeks. In the meantime, enjoy some of the hard work our contributors have placed into bringing you Android 4.3 and look forward to additional functionality as we move towards M2 and the eventual ‘stable’ release.

Happy Flashing,

The CyanogenMod Team

  • sarthak

    I am using samsung galaxy s i9003 ever since i updated to CyanogenMod 10.2 my phone’s gps is not working no application which requires location access is working properly …
    Am not able to search even google maps,google search is also not working evrytime i click on it , it says google play services has stopped.
    Is there any fix to this problem?

  • Brienne Clifton

    I rooted my nook hd + with a 10.2 nightly from 11/20. Since then I have attempted updated to some newer nightly builds via the settings. Every time it downloads and when I choose to install it, I get the install failed screen. Am I missing a step in this process?

  • James LaBarre

    I have the impression CM 10.2 is incompatible with the B&N Nook Tablet. I have downloaded multiple builds over a period of weeks, and *ALL* of them fail to install. I found the same problem with the CM11 pre-releases.

  • Aurangzeb Agha

    I understand that Google Apps needs to be installed separately, but I’m finding on my Nook Color that even after doing so, Google Play Services seems to constantly stop.

    When trying to update (the first time it took me to the Play store, but not again and I can’t find it in the store any more), when I tried to update, I got a message saying that it was incompatible with my device.

    Any ideas?

  • Babifer

    Hello, is it possible to use my Xperia Arc S FM Tuner with Cyanogen 10.2 please ?