CyanogenMod 10.2.0 Release

With the release of CM 10.2.0 we end our foray into Android 4.3-land and planned releases based on that code. We will of course continue to provide hot-fixes, security patches and similar as needed. The device roster for this initial run includes all devices that received an RC1.

Echoing the RC1 postmake sure you update your third party addon zips. As a cursory note, for those of you coming from 10.1 or earlier, if you notice your Phone app reports as ‘not installed': simply remove the shortcut and re-add it from your application drawer.

As we’ve done with similar ‘end of branch’ releases, this marks the point where the team will shift focus solely to CM 11 and Android 4.4 (KitKat) code. CM 10.2 nightlies will continue and as we ramp up CM 11 nightlies, device maintainers will signal which devices are ready to make that jump as well. Whether you prefer stable, almost stable or bleeding edge, all of you will have something to flash very soon!

Some additional administrative items. We’ll soon be retiring the ICS branches from the nightly rotation. There are less and less changes going into that branch, and with CM 11 nightlies on the horizon, it makes more sense to task the buildbots to actively changing branches instead (ie 10.0 and above).

We’ve also made a change to the release tagging process. For those of you who like to build for releases for yourself, note that all but the device repositories themselves are being built off of a new ‘stable/cm-10.2′ branch in our source. Think of ‘cm-10.2′ as the development branch and ‘stable/cm-10.2′ as the release branch. Just pass the relevant arguments on sync to decide which you prefer. This change has no impact to gerrit or any code contributions.

Happy Flashing

  • michael calvo

    Yes you can. I just did mine. Just make sure you have a compatible recovery mode like CWM (clockworkmod recovery) or see if you already have one on your phone. It will even say to have a compatible recovery mode after you download the update before you click install

  • Janne

    Do you have a link for The cwm app?

  • Chris

    Will CM 10.2 and or 11 be available for the Samsung SCH-1500?

  • Rapture

    Yes the problem is still there…
    Ok, CyanogenMod is free… But how could you call this version STABLE?? is unstable!!!

  • Freedomfighter

    Hello, since I updated to the new Version on my Galaxy S3 the google apps automaticly close, play store doesn’t get connection to google and facebook chat don’t works, also various apps just close when I start… Can anyone help me pls :)

  • troysjanda

    might there bean eta on the 10.2 final at some point?

  • Anthony

    I just updated to 10.2 stable from 10.1.3 and found a host of problems for example GPS not picking up location just keeps searching. I did a delvik clean and partition clean as well as a reset on 10.2 and it still didn’t work. Also NFC not working. What’s going on? I am going back to 10.1.3 for now. Also been having trouble sending and receiving photo messages can this be fix as well as not able to set photo to home screen without serious cropping of the photo which is really bad. I am on T Mobile Galaxy s3 android 4.2.2

  • michael calvo

    No I don’t but you can go on YouTube to see how to install it. Its a painless installation. Unless you can see if a recovery mode was installed when you did the CM installer.

  • Marios Bullari

    Please make a stable version for lg7 p700 !

  • Lorenzo Savona

    Will CM11 play nice with SPH-L710?

  • AlexaKur♂Nek♀! (Lvl. 4)

    And SAMSUNG S3 mini?

  • Carson Greene

    Awesome sauce!

  • changson

    How about the stable release for N7000? I don’t see the stable version.

  • Nikola

    Meny bags, forceclose, lagging, bad camera preview etc. 10.1.3 stable is better solution for i9300…

  • Mark Ronayne

    Hi, just flashed 10.2 to my HTC one and am pretty pleased except play store keeps messaging tht connection is timed out. Also snapchat wont launch! Anyone else have same problem or know a solution?

  • sergio

    does “juicedefender ultimate” really work?

  • IvanKautter

    Thank you for reminding me about Cyanogenmod Installer, but to my recollection it targets the same set of devices (Nexus X, Samsung Galaxy X, Note X, and HTC One) that continue to be well supported in Cyanogenmod and also well supported by their respective manufacturers and service providers.

    It would seem the devices most in need of Cyanogenmod are those which are no longer receiving timely and current updates from those responsible parties rather than a set of relatively well supported devices.

  • Sam

    Is anybody having problems with sms? I believe that the voice+ integrated into the rom is causing a delay, if I ever even get the message. It is inconsistent with rather a message sends or not. I have tried wiping data and come for all message apps, nothing seems to be working. I also even re installed 10.2 STABLE to see if the problem persisted, and it did. Anything would be appreciated.

  • Domino

    Try an LGOG, specs even with nexus4 but $100 cheaper and it doesn’t really matter if you run CM

  • Renan Carneiro

    So I can install CM 10.2 CM on my 10.1.3 (GT-i9300)?

  • Hung Le

    hi, do we have 10.2 stable for Nook HD+, ovation?

  • Janne

    Updated and everything seem to be working just fine!

  • sockie

    Curious if jewel is going to get any updates. I’ve wanted OTG + BT HID for SO long, and only 10.0 has it. If 10.2 fixes that, I’m going to have to hug someone.

  • Carlo

    Why is it taking so long to release a 10.2 stable version for Samsung Galaxy S4(intl) – jfltexx?
    We didn’t even have and RC1 version…..

  • michael calvo

    Right on!

  • Global Privacy Solutions

    WHen can we expect the first CM11nightly for mako ?

  • Black Edition

    CM 10.2 stable for P5100..??

  • Andy King

    Download Link from CM 10.2 stable Version for Samsung Note II (n7100) ?

    please !

  • Tyler MacDonald

    I’m on a Galaxy Nexus. Since the update, my phone and wifi signal always show up as grey (although they still work), 3G data no longer seems to work, and Rom Manager and Play Store both crash upon opening. Has anyone seen this / is there a known fix?

  • Aaron Sosnick

    I have a Nexus S 4G. It seems pretty much end of life after 10.1.3. A little sad since I haven’t even owned it three years yet.
    My 10 year old PC is running the latest Linux Mint just fine.

  • Mahendra

    Cant see stable release for Note 2 N7100.

  • murphyrandle

    Hi, thanks for making Cyanogenmod! It’s the mod I keep coming back to.

    You say to make sure and update my third party addon zips. How do I know if I have any? I just installed normal old CM 10.1 on my Spring Galaxy SIII. Is there anything I need to upgrade after upgrading to 10.2? I didn’t load anything else except for gapps when I installed.

    Thank you!

  • Jean-Manuel Vignau

    Hello falks, thanks for the hard word k !
    I installed 10.2 yesterday morning and almost everything is fine.
    I just lost some icones in the top bar and the play store app is out of work. There are no communications ! I believe that the play store version stayed the one from 10.1.3 and can’t wrk propoerly with 10.2. Can you confirm ? ANd let me know where I can found the 10.3 versions of the google Apps ?

  • Antoni

    Hi all,
    Is it planned to have the stable version for Galaxy Tab 2 (P5110) ?
    Thanks !

  • ARaafat90

    I cant find 10.2 stable version for my Xperia E dual C1605

  • Flavio Gilberti

    Hi! Thanks for the latest version (10.2.0) but I’m having some troubles after update, like Google play the doesn’t recognize internet connection and gesture typing who seems to work but after the end of swiping, nothing happens. What may I do to fix this important issues?

  • Lorenzo Savona

    Does Stable CM 10.2.0 fix 4G LTE issue with SPH-L710 GS3 variant? Or should I wait for CM 11?

  • nam luu

    Dear dev. team,

    thank you for the stable rom for the LG Optimus G (e975). It’s nice to have android 4.3 on this phone, while LG itself doesn’t update it (even to 4.2). I’ve updated and used the cm10.2 update for 2 days and i’d like to report some bugs:

    1. some time the kernel crashs

    2. the screen doesn’t wake up after hitting the power button. min. 2-3 times/day. Have to shut down the phone by long pressing the power button.

    There are some bugs i’ve encountered while using cm10.2 (stable) on the Optimus G (e975). So please fix this issues.

    Thank you guys in advance and i (maybe all e975 users) looking forward to hear from you soon!

    Best regards
    Nam Luu

  • Salman

    hey in a noob… im using a htc one x. the 10.2 update downloaded on phone. when i click on a window opens and it says change log. how do i install the new update? kindly advice

  • Stanley Chan

    Nice. Stable came for i9505 came out.

    Just for know, CM installer for my i9505 are stable aswell?

  • Nicolaj Rusbjerg

    I still can’t send or recieve MMS on my galaxy s2. This is currently the only thing i cannot get to work.

  • Dominik Josipović

    Hi…i have problem with downloading 10.2.0 i 10.2.0-rc1 for my gt-i9000 internacional…i’ve got 10.1.3-rc2 installed…i simply can’t download it every time i go to download wont start or just throw me out of update menu…idk whats the problem…should i manualy download and install afraid i’ll brick my phone or something…is there any solution if anyone experiencing similar problems pls fell free to help me…thx

  • Nolan Cangas

    please include xperia x8 on the list on supported device to get cm11…thanks

  • Hasan Sabuz

    is 10.2 is satable enough for d2tmo???

    should i flash it or wait for more stable..

  • Nikhil

    wat about tab 2

  • yafyaj

    My galaxy s i9000 mobile data not working. I did a lot of apn and still nothing happen. What should i do?

  • yafyaj

    Galaxy s2 i900?

  • yafyaj

    Please help me about my galaxy s i9000? Anyone can help me?

  • feuerbreak

    they said there is a security vulnerability in Android 4.3..
    so its also in cm 10.2???

  • yafyaj

    How about your mobile data? My i9000 mobile data not working