CyanogenMod 10.1.3 RC2

CyanogenMod 10.1.3 Release Candidate #2 are building on our servers now. This wave of RC’s also includes the Oppo Find 5, Nook HD (hummingbird) as well as Nook HD+ (ovation), which missed the first release candidate. We are targeting 90 devices for this RC2, so please be patient as our build machines crank them out. Maybe grab a candy-bar while you wait…

As a reminder, these are 10.1.3 builds, do not try to mix and match them with 10.2 nightlies.

We’d like to thank you all in advance for submitting your bugs and issues to our JIRA Bug Tracker (with logs).

Happy Flashing!

  • Quakerultra

    With ”Battery Calibration”

  • Andrew Todd

    Try turning off restrict background data. Check out this thread.

  • Guillaume

    Same here the system takes 55% of the battery. Galaxy S2 i9100

  • Piotr

    It’s a shame that battery life is shorter than in CM-9.1.0 for i9100 and it’s drained even faster at the very end of it. I guess it’s not a bug at all. Also, the screen usage stays at 46% with ~ 33% of screen brightness. Is it normal?

  • DexHR

    Thanks guys! It improves batt life on my O4x big time! Great!!!

  • Majkel Zięba

    Hey I ve installed this on my sgs2 and It works fine, but is there possibility to Flash another kernel like syiah or dream team? Ive tryed to Flash it, but phone is stoping the boot proccess before cyanogenmod animation.

  • Mark

    Since 10.1.3 RC2 my SGS3 i9300 is freezing completely very often. Only today already twice.

  • HaPeL

    This can be fixed by: (Took me 2 days of research to find it out xD)

    1. Download the app “Autostarts” (it isn’t free but I already had purchased it)
    2. Start app and find entry “After start” or similar (German: “Nach dem Start”)
    3. Find “Google services framework” or similar (German: “Google-Dienste-Framework”)
    4. Find the entry wich shows “$Receiver”
    5. Disable

    My SGS3 now uses 3% per 10 hours.

  • chris0101

    I seem to be getting the same problems with the CM 10.1.3 RC2 on the Galaxy Note 2 T-Mobile edition. I had to install another version of CM as well.

  • Vishal Yadav

    try switching kernels it should work,…worked for me always

  • Venkata Viswanadha

    Samsung Galaxy S3 – every time i unlock the screen with the slide, the default screen is Messages – please fix.

  • Venkata Viswanadha

    I installed this version 10.1.3RC2 on Galaxy S3 and each time i unlock the screen with the slide, the default screen that opens up is Messaging. Any ideas?

  • HaPeL

    Just some screenshots to show how great my battery life is…

  • Petr Miarko

    Any timeframe for 10.1.3 RC2 on gt n7100(GSM non-lte)? Looks like all other versions od Note 2 got it.

  • Lovingdesigns

    For me (10.1.3RC2), it was already disabled.

  • Ruben Schmitt-Fels

    on my asus tf700t and motorola XT910 same problem wehn i have wifi on. battery holds only 5-6 houres in stand by

  • Enrico Girardi

    Hello, I keep having some BlueTooth problems with headset: the connection isn’t stable during conversations, and I often lose it for several seconds.

    I tried with 3 different BT headsets (Nokia, Samsung, Plantronics); ROM installed in full-wipe on my SGS2 intl. i9100.


  • Rob Wilcox

    Is there any update with the issue relating to boot loop on SGS2?

  • Dragan Bojovic

    I am new on android and cyanogenmod. I just set up my s4 with rc2. Its soo much better then ios. Question: when the final 10.1.3 is released can i make a over the air update to it or do i have to setup everything again?

  • egret26

    Will Nook HD+ get CyanogenMod 10.1.3 RC2 ?

  • Marco

    At the moment I have the: 10.1-20130813, can I update it trouhg Cyanogen updater to the 10.1.3 rc2? Or do I have to install it trough recovery after a full wipe?

  • Mike Moss

    It says WiFi is connected but it is using mobile data for some reason can somebody help me fix this? Or phone wont let WiFi speeds succeed past mobile data speeds?
    I just know WiFi speed and

  • Andrew Coons

    Yes, I believe so. I’m loading them up on my wife’s right now – running stable 10.1.3 on Samsung Vibrant.

  • Majkel Zięba

    Hey, please help me. How to flash another kernel to this rom ? The recovery way is not working..

  • Valtair Junior

    Do I have to use the gapps 20130813 or I can use the 20130813 version?

  • Rob Wilcox

    By the way, I upgraded to 10.1.3 final release, and didn’t get a boot-loop on the SGS II.

  • Fernando Peralta

    hello… is it possible to install cyanogenmod in the inew v3???

  • Qukis

    Just flashed CM ROM. What is the difference between the update 10.1.3 and 10.1.3 RC2?

    Also, should I factory reset before updating my current CM version?