CyanogenMod 10.1.3 RC1

With our focus shifting to CM 10.2 we mentioned that we would part ways with CM 10.1’s code branch via a final 10.1.3 release. The code in CM 10.1.2 was frozen in May, and since then we have included numerous bug fixes, features, and even devices. Today, we are starting the Release Candidate phase for CyanogenMod 10.1.3, based on Android 4.2.2.

This release includes the Privacy Guard functionality and SELinux (permissive mode) previously only available in 10.1 nightlies. Also of note, we are green-lighting some devices for their first general release, including the HTC One family (m7), Galaxy S4 family (jflte), the Note 2 family (t0lte) and some of the new devices merged as part of our Developer Relations efforts. Lastly, per Koush’s wishes the Voice+ integration will not be present in this release, details on his post.

As this is a Release Candidate, and possibly the last release before we shelve the 10.1 code, it is critical that if you find an issue, you report bugs to JIRA with a valid log and steps to replicate. We cannot fix what you don’t report or what we cannot reliably re-create.

Just to play it safe – this is CM 10.1 code, do not flash it on top of a 10.2 nightly or with 10.2 targeted add-ons. Bad things will happen.

  • Toon Vervoort

    Big love. Nothing else to say.

  • Ignacio Zippy

    “do not flash it on top of a 10.2 nightly” I came precisely to ask that, thanks :/

  • Nathan Alvarez

    Awesome! looking forward to flashing 10.1.3 on my d2att!

  • Tom

    Does CM10.1.3 stop the problem of the Google Services Framework eating up data on Galaxy Nexus and Nexus 4 devices?

    When those devices are on 4.2.2-based custom roms, it seems like the Google Services is repeatedly trying to download the 4.3 OTA without the user’s consent, and thus both data and wifi usage are very high. I can restrict background data for google services, but that screws up my gmail syncing.

  • ciwrl
  • Ismael Hadra

    The only bug is the low sound, in all AOSP 4.2.2 and this RC1 the sound is very low. (notifications-ringtones)

  • anywherehome

    saving us from NSA backdoors in Windows or other closed ecosystems (Apple), saving us from fascism. Thank you!

  • Omar

    Anyone know why on cm10.2 , for i9300 atleast, stops the data connection (suspended) while you are in a call ? How can this be fixed?

  • Tom

    Thanks a lot!

  • DARKKi

    Great news and i will report all the bugs i found as my bugtester background 😛 Keep up the good work!

  • quixada

    What about Account? Will this release have it?

  • duerang

    Is this cm10.1.3 RC1 is more stable than cm10.1.2 stable?

  • Squirrel

    I dont see where to download this. Get.CM is only showing the 10.2 nightlies for jflteatt

  • ciwrl
  • ciwrl

    If we did it right..



  • Tom

    Confirmed it has solved the problem – no unauthorized downloading on either wifi or mobile data.

  • duerang

    I think you did it well…
    Thanks for this cool room 😀
    So I can use my GT-I9000 more smarter!

  • Mark

    On my SGS3 (i9300) is CM10.1 20130711 (M Snapshot) running. In “CyanogenMod-Updates” it shows cm-10.1.3-RC1 as an available update. If I click the download button nothing happens. The download doesen’t start. What can I do?

  • Sebastian Berliński

    I have the same problem on galaxysmtd. Problem solved: lack of free space in the memory. Try to release it 😉
    But I must report some another problems with disappearing icons on the “home page” in this release (cm-10.1.3-RC1). This is very annoying and I was forced to change update to 10.1.2 because this issue makes it impossilbe to daily use :(

    I don’t use english every day, and it’s still “bad-sounding”… sorry 😛

  • Sebastian Berliński

    yeah, GT-I9000 works faster on this release 😀

  • Andrea Zarbano

    But now Google Service Framework keeps the phone always awake, and I have to force close it every time…

  • A. J.

    Actually, your English (at least in the post above) is very good.

  • pindleton

    The problem I experience quite regularly is the app window manager button failing to work upon a boot (third button on the bottom of the screen). Usually after a fresh boot, this button won’t function. Itfixes itself after I go to ‘Settings’ -> ‘System’ -> ‘Buttons and Layout.’. I’m assuming that some system process isn’t booting properly, or there is a problem with Trebuchet?

    Running CM 10.1.3-RC1 rom and KTManta kernel on my Nexus10.

  • Guest

    Anyone know why on cm10.2 , for i9300 atleast, stops the data connection (suspended) while you are in a call ? How can this be fixed?
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    anywherehome • 2 days ago −
    saving us from NSA backdoors in Windows or other closed ecosystems (Apple),

  • gatrick

    Will I need to make a backup when updating from 10.1 to 10.1.3?

  • ciwrl

    Already patched for RC2/stable (whichever comes first). It was holding a wakelock from not being shutdown cleanly.

  • Andrea Zarbano

    Sorry, i didn’t say i have galaxy s2…and seems not fixed yet

  • Zodac

    Awesome job. Contrats, guys.

  • Ryan

    so im a bit of a noob at this so can someone please link me directions to install this when i have 10.2-20130824-nightly-i9100 installed?

  • Raghav

    I have been having this problem after installing 10.1.3 on HTC One S (Ville, Europe) where wi-fi doesn’t really work. Every time I have to restart, I have to make sure that boot.img is flashed. Else I cannot turn on my wi-fi. This apparently needs to be fixed.

  • Raghav

    Generally mobile data is always stopped while on a call. Wifi will work though.

  • Nino Kotur

    2G stops in call no matter what system you are using. 3G and LTE shouldnt be disrupted

  • Omar

    It happens with 3G on the i9300 on cm10.2

  • Raghav

    Okay, seems like the final flash of boot.img worked somehow and I don’t have the problems anymore.

  • ebab

    Am I dreaming?

    Last news I had was that the Note II (t0lte) was never to be released as a stable build because of MALI library issues that could only be resolved with access to critical source code.

    Now I see it’s heading to a stable release!

    Anybody know what happenned? Were the issues resolved?

  • Jared

    It’s android keeping a wakelock while trying to download the 4.3 update. This should be fixed in RC2.

  • Pedro Salas

    the cm updater doesnt do anything when i try to download de RC2. it just stays there with an empty progess bar.

  • Alessandro Angotzi

    I’m on the list of those experiencing 3G mobile data disconnect while on call. is this a known bug? how can i help solving?

  • Chris Roeszler

    Need to? no. Should you? Yes, always. If you’re update goes bad, you can put your backup back onto your phone and be up and running again.

  • Marco

    Can I update from a 10.1 nightly to the 10.1.3 RC2 directly from the updater, or do I have to push it trough recovery performing a full wipe?

  • rationality

    What version of gapps is needed with cm10.1.3 on a Samsung Galaxy s3 SPH-L710 ?

  • Jason

    Photos I take with the camera show up black when I try and upload them to instagam. If I take a screen shot of the pic it uploads just fine but I would like to be able to just upload from the normal gallery with out having to do that every time. On 10.1.3 RC2
    Thank you…

  • aagebmyr

    You can “go back easily” by wiping completely and installing any CM version you want followed by gapps.

  • Saurabh Kubadia

    Call conference doesn’t work in any of the CM device. Aslo if I want call recording feature where can I get it

  • egnilk66

    Good call. I got a crap download, upgraded and lost everything… I make a backup after I make any changes…

  • Eric

    i unknowingly flashed 10.1 on the 10.2 nightly and it has been spinning on the lowding screen for a very long time… What do i do?

  • SammyEj

    This is very good. But why does my tab keep prompting me ‘unfortunately update has stopped’?

  • rajeev

    I installed CM10.1.3 stable ROM on my gt-i9100g galaxy s2 phone and i’m facing issue with 3G data. I’m not able to access the internet on my phone at all.

    any workaround would be of great help. Thanks in Advance!!