CyanogenMod 10.0 Release

Last night we initiated the process of tagging and branching our source code for the CM 10 “stable” release.

Why is stable in quotes? Because that word does a disservice to the M-series and is misleading at worst. The word stable works great when discussing kernels, but calling this release ‘stable’ implies that the M-series builds were not ‘stable’, which is far from the truth. So think of this as stable, release, LTS, or M3; you pick. Regardless, we want your bug reports; we can’t fix what we don’t know is broken. (And yes, you do have to follow the template, or your issue will be ignored).

Builds have hit our download portal, with more queued on our Jenkins build manager, and we will be adding to their numbers as additional devices reach release quality. On deck for the near future are releases for the Nexus S, Sony Xperia devices and the Nook Color.

What’s Next?

Android 4.2 received the OTA treatment yesterday from the powers that be and today JBQ pushed the buttons for the source to hit the AOSP repos. We have begun the task of defining what is new, what has changed, and what CM features should stay (or go). We already anticipate removing the CM enhancements to the Clock app (Google made their own), and enhancing the Quick Settings (most likely not porting over the Notification Power Widgets). Other areas include our Profiles code, lockscreen weather and calendar events and the larger effects of the multi-user support. However, these assessments are preliminary, and we’ll learn more as the merge process continues.

Android 4.2 will become CyanogenMod 10.1 and we will provide an update on our Google+ when nightlies with the 4.2 code begin.


  • Saratsankar

    1. why is it not possible to transfer files using WIFI direct …?? it detects it pairs but not able to transfer files…
    2. Damn there is no task manager…..its a big hole in the system….a system task manager is always expected….

  • Saratsankar

    My mobile is samsung galaxy s3(at&t)

  • Raphael

    Can I ask you a question?? When will you build CM10 ROM for LG OPTIMUS L3 E400? I’m so Excited!! Please I want it. CM9 is always LOGGING on my PHONE, I want to try CM10. :(

  • Ariel Velasco

    we want CM official for xperia p pls!

  • Doug


  • Cedric

    i Have a samsung galaxy s2 on a South african network, i have not had my ringtone work since i did an early nightly update.
    How can i fix the problem?

  • Peter

    i am trying to updat from 9 to mod 10. help!

  • Sebastian Berliński

    what device do You have?
    If you use ClockWorkMod Recovery:
    1) Download CM10 stable release and Gapps for android 4.1.2
    2) Copy downloads to storage/sdcard0/anywhere here
    3) Turn off your device, then hold Vol up+Home+Power to open CWM Recovery
    4) wipe data/factory reset
    5) go to install zip->choose zip from /storage/sdcard0-> open CM10 update, after that open installation Gapps.
    6) reboot your device and that’s all 😉

  • Valaquenta

    Is this the best one for a xperia play?