Cyanogen Inc’s New Identity

Cyanogen Inc., the company founded to help support and expand CyanogenMod, is growing. As a company grows, its brand must evolve to meet that need. The brand should continue to embody the spirit of the company origins, but also speak to the future. The company’s new logo is the vehicle to showcase that brand.



The concept of choice has been the core of CyanogenMod and the founding of Cyanogen Inc. Choice means personalizing your device to your use cases and tastes. Choice means exercising control over your data and security. Choice means the freedom to select your OS on your mobile devices, and modify it as you see fit. These are the hallmarks of CyanogenMod, and they will be ever present in the company’s mission.


A Deeper Meaning

The center displays the importance of the user – the focus of the brand. The ‘C’ brings together the company and the community – users, developers, contributors and fans. Working together we have provided a safe and secure environment for the user; one free of walls of restrictions. The arrow points forward – driving all things forward to bigger and better things.

The overall brand invokes the concept of tools and building; the tightening of screws as you put together a project. The screws also signal a project in motion – the settings you are presented – the choices you make in using your phone probably differ from the choice of your nearest neighbor.



“What about Cid?”. Cid lives on stronger than ever. He brings a playful, and sometimes mischievous, nature to the open source project and isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. Cid belongs to the community, he is yours, not the company’s.


Without the support of our users, this company would not be where it is today. We have you to thank for that, and we will not lose sight of that.

Together, through company and community, open source and innovation, we will build something unique.

  • WsfWarlord

    Ooooh i want that as a boot logo!

  • obzilo

    Cool ! Where can I get the vector of this, to start working on a customized boot logo ? :)

  • TeutonJon78

    Looks excellent, but the breakdown of the logo could be so much better.

    There is a big “C” — why is that not customization?
    Plus, the center portion would be security.
    What is the central core of CM — is it going to be customizations with partial security around it, or complete security with a large amount of open, ended customization available. You even use the central portion with a padlock in it in the 2nd graphic to mean security.

    If you switch them, together you’d get “large customization build around a core of security”.

    And you could use the whole outside ring for “open source”.

  • Andy Price

    Looks super cool, clean and simple IMHO

  • Daniel

    Love the logo, but seems like the text font is too rounded by comparison and should be more angular or have some breaks in it to match better.

  • Martin Pollard

    If they did, it’s money better spent than whatever they paid for someone to come up with the art school reject known as Cid.

  • Piotr “Piter432″ Żółtowski

    Maybe it was an inspiration? 😉

  • warcaster

    Does that mean RedPhone integration soon?

  • Fabrice Dubois
  • Tâm Huỳnh

    so when appear CM11.5 ? :3

  • Carlos Solís

    So, now that you have your own trademarked logo, will you switch the license of Cid to drop the NC restriction?

  • DJ Subterrain

    Wow! Rip off OCP much? So is the new CyanogenMod going to power Robocop?

  • Richard Sequeira

    T-Shirts please!

  • Jomari Sevilleja

    Im gonna try making some boot animation out of this. bored at home

  • Douglas Drumond

    Gradle logo?

  • Lukas Fülling

    Dispaying white stresses OLED-Displays (which are in many phones today) much more than displaying black. So a black theme would be nice.

  • Lukas Fülling

    But the Gamecube’s logo is in 3D, while Cyanogen’s is in 2D.

  • Lukas Fülling

    It reminds me of the node.js logo.

  • Lukas Fülling

    Yes. Open Source is more important (And customization relies on it.)

  • Lukas Fülling

    Yes, this is a really good idea.

  • Lukas Fülling

    Too bright. And it consumes more energy.

  • Lukas Fülling

    Shirts and Hoodies would be awesome!

  • Lukas Fülling

    But in Black.

  • Lukas Fülling

    I don’t think the logo’s font fits to the logo itself.

  • Lukas Fülling

    Yes, there should be a choice. A black theme and a white theme.

  • Lukas Fülling


  • Lukas Fülling

    Do you mean Cid from CM7?

  • Lukas Fülling

    And the logo should move.

  • John Davids

    No, I mean skateboarding Andy. Cid is a brand new name that the Cyanogenmod team invented when they made the 1st change off skateboarding Andy. In fact, its not even really a name. CID stands for “Cyanogenmod ID”


  • Sylvesterovich

    Wow! Wisest human on the planet goes to…

  • Sylvesterovich

    I like Google Keep. 😛

  • grungemann

    link to boot screen pls :)

  • obzilo

    Working on it

  • Lukas Fülling

    Thank you so much, it was always a dream of me to get this. :3

  • Sylvesterovich

    Proud to fulfil your dream. :)


    New boot animation?

  • Jason Armstrong

    I have been a fan since the g1 and thrilled to see the community, brand and team succeed! You rock CyanogenMod!

  • Tom

    I can’t help but laugh xD

  • Lance Rose

    +1 CM is always awesome

  • fuktskada

    Interesting to see … thank you it’s well done :)

  • Brian Hennemuth

    Way to go CM, thumbs up!

  • Jack Silsan


  • Romeo K

    Well it seems that for me is time to quit using Cyanogenmod or Cyanogen. We have different understing about open software/open thinking. New investor seems to be also MS. And fact that this is not mentioned in news shows exactly how different view of open thinking you have! Commercial (indrustry cyanogen) is not any better than Android. In fact im starting to like Android again. They respect developers – in good will we trust. I see no point from cyanogen to use android in middle anymore. Cyanogen, compile your own linux kernel and put trough all hard work to make “open OS for mobile” and then ask investors to come in. Now that would be nice/honest open minded approach. Thank you and bye!

  • Romeo K

    I think we have different understing about free or open source software. So called new way is not open when you dont mention all investors in your news. They can be seen in internet anyways. So why not? You see – thats where problem comes in. Not to mention that my previous comment was deleted (nothing wrong or bad words used).