Cyanogen Inc and CyanogenMod

I wanted to quickly address the circus of misinformation which has sprung up recently, particularly for everyone who uses CM or has been involved with the project.

tl;dr: CyanogenMod isn’t going anywhere, nor has Cyanogen Inc. discontinued it’s efforts towards the goal of bringing it to a larger audience.

It’s been seven years since I released the first version of CM, and so much has happened. The speed of the mobile space is only accelerating. I co-founded the company three years ago, knowing fully the kind of response it might invoke- an epic mix of love and hate. We had a few successes at the Inc, but also our share of stuff which just didn’t work at all. Anyone insane enough to do a startup will tell you that it will probably go wrong before it goes right, no matter how good your intentions are. All you can do is fix it, or it’s the end. You find out what works and what doesn’t work, and go towards the things which work.

CyanogenMod is something that works. Perhaps it doesn’t need to “go big” to work. I’m still wildly inspired by the idea of a platform which forces participation. Whether it’s the choice to hack your phone to bits and figure out how to install the damn thing to begin with, learning what’s possible afterwards, or just having the confidence of being in control, it still serves an important role which hasn’t been filled outside of the custom ROM community. Cyanogen Inc (including myself) will still be sponsoring the project and will continue to have an active role in it’s development. Contrary to popular belief, we are not “pivoting to apps” nor are we shelving CM :) We’ll have additional information on the Inc site soon.

Thanks for sticking with us and for all the awesomeness and support over the years.

  • devansh trivedi

    Because if not, what’s the point?
    Use what you love bro.. otherwise you’ll be analyzing reports for the rest of your life to counter the dilemma !!

  • Adarsh

    Well considering that very few cos running devices exist …its really sad to see only one plus one and the two wileyfox devices getting cos13 official ota! Bought a yu yuphoria like many others just because of cyanogen os! Really hope we get atleast one last android update from cyanogen! :/

  • Bruno Russo

    Hello i just want to thanks for the nice great work!
    I´m from portugal and i have bq m5 whit cyanogem13 and great work for you guys!
    Thanks and keep up the good work!
    Bruno Guerreiro

  • Kunwar Ashutosh Singh

    why cm13 do not support reliance jio 4g in india???

  • Eduardo Mazzuco

    Are you sure about that? Seems you don’t know the whole story. Sony claimed to be dev friendly, they tried at least. I had a Z3, do you know what happens when you unlock Z3 bootloader? DRM keys are erased and you will lost Camera, other features and improvements, even if you flash stock rom again.
    Sony hired the one of the most actives xperia dev (Alin Jerpelea from FreeXperiaTeam), but one guy isn’t enough to keep all device trees updated, which resulted in outdated sources, missing modules and usually not working sources. Just read official sony dev forum.
    Until Z3, the xperia line wasn’t overpriced, but now, users (principally devs) are less interested in sony devices.
    If FreeXperiaTeam, that have a “inside” man working at Sony, dind’t released a any rom based on Marshmallow yet, why would you start blaming Cyanogen Team? Which are also standalone devs.
    If you want a phone that keeps receiving updates, you need to get a widespread and have a manufacturer that not only claims to be opensource, but releases functional sources too.


    Cyanogenmod 13 for samsung galaxy j200???

  • bwDraco – Brian Wong

    All my Android devices run CyanogenMod and I can’t be happier. If anything, the mere fact that the OS has been commercialized means that the project has proven to be successful. Thank you for making the tools that let us make the most of our mobile devices.

  • winnebagocountynews

    You might want to cite that study. OS X does have some vulnerabilities, but it is still less vulnerable that Windows 7 (which is still popular) and Windows 8 and 8.1. Windows 10 has made great strides in security. Regarding iOS versus the entire population of Android installations, iOS is still more secure. You still have 22% of Android users running 4.3 or lower with no security updates, a good chuck on 4.4 which still has some holes and few security updates, and Lollipop at 30% of the population still has bugs that have never been patched, having been patched in v6.

  • Vineet Pandey

    i need cm 13 for my gionee elife e7mini

  • Thiago Almeida de Oliveira


  • ronniel portorreal

    I want to know if I can help in a ROM of a crystal sharp 306sh aquos sprint please is that I find the rom anywhere

  • Jim McNevin

    Any truth to the rumour that CM is working with ZTE to develop CM rom for the Axon 7?

  • RaHuL GoPiNaTh

    I love Cyanogenmod.I `m using Moto e 2015(otus).Since it is a low end device the company stopped supporting the device and you guys helped me to taste the sweetness of Marshmallow on my moto.Will you you guys provide us the Android N ?

  • Usman Ahmed

    Is Sony is the same company when you root Z3 you lose DRM and camera quality. Which force people not to root?

    Sony is the company which is making same style face phone with huge too bottom bezel phone, note 5 size but only smaller screen phone.

    Dude if you bought sony phone then be prepared for no support at many levels. Not just from CM.

    For CM if they make s software for us fine, if they don’t make, one can’t complain.

    If for CM you are beta tester, they haven’t beg you. It’s your choice and you installed it for your gain not got someone else.

  • feren CEO

    Please bring 14 to the Nexus 9 and I’ll be happy even if you kill it right afterwards…

  • Chris Wilby

    Just found Cyanogenmod 14 for my Moto G, installed and working, awesome.
    Its pretty obvious why the official Android software gets dropped or delayed.
    Consider the benefits of getting a new phone. Apart from more powerful processor its about the operating system being new and paying out cash.
    Now with this update my Moto G is brilliant, just doesn’t have NFC or fast charging.
    My recommendation to anyone is revitalize your old phone and save a load of money on contracts or new phone prices, or buy an older model.

  • George Wiltz

    Can anyone help me I can’t get on my phone it keeps giving me error message about my os is crashed and my settings are crashed and messages crashed won’t let me error report or go past the error reports also I can’t get into recovery mode either helllllllllllp my phone is cyanogen mod sprint galaxy 4 I’ve had nothing but problems with the phone

  • Droidfoxy

    I have a galaxy win 2 (SM-G360BT) and googled custom rom for him and found no rom for it, ask for the staff of CyanogenMod develop a please, I await your response;)