CMStats – What it is, and why you should opt-in.

CMStats has been included with CyanogenMod for quite some time.  Unfortunately, it has been hosted on Google App Engine and unable to keep up with the large number of requests it receives.   I recently reimplemented this in Pyramid and set it up to run on a server provided by TDRevolution.

So, what is CMStats?  On a fresh install of CyanogenMod you will get a notification asking you to opt-in to “CyanogenMod Statistics”.  A lot of people put a great deal of work into CyanogenMod, and with any project it is fulfilling to see the reach of your product.  CMStats enables us to do this by submitting some non-invasive information about each device that installs CyanogenMod (provided that you opt-in, of course).  While we could just track downloads, this does not give us an accurate number of the total number of unique devices on which CyanogenMod is actively installed.

When you opt-in, each time your phone boots a “checkin” is sent to our servers. On a side note, Google does the same thing, however theirs is mandatory. The data sent includes an non-reversible encrypted hash of your IMEI or MEID, allowing us to track unique devices without compromising privacy. In addition to this, we also track the device model (Nexus One, MT4G, Nexus S, etc), cellular carrier, country (reported via cellular carrier), as well as the version of CyanogenMod that is installed.

The most recent versions of the nightly builds have a new (and working) version of CMStats included. If you would like to help us test this functionality out, head over to the Mirror Network and download the latest nightly build for your device (build #28 and above include this). If you previously opted out, you can opt-in again by going to Settings -> CyanogenMod Settings -> System -> Anonymous statistics and checking the “Enable Reporting” checkbox.

Currently there isn’t a public interface to the actual statistics we collect, but I will be working on that over the next few days. As always, the code for these packages is opensource. On Github, CMStats is the application that runs on your device and CMStatsServer is the server side application. As always, contributions are welcome.

If you have any suggestions, feel free to send me a tweet @ChrisSoyars.

  • None

    Hi, i am not eric, but fully support this project!
    Cheers android wizards

  • Nflramirey

    LG optimus black re tettem fel a cm10 est és az idő beálítással van problémám az alap időzona beálításakor 2 órával több van a telefonon mint kellene amugy nagyon köszönöm a fejlesztőknek nagyon tetszik a rendszer remélem ez a kis hiba orvosolható még1x köszi a rendszerért

  • Santjef

    Good day! Just installed it last night. So far so good. Thanks to all who make it possible. God bless!

  • Ivanuel10

    How can i add a google account???

  • Angel Fox

    Absolutly perfekt and very fast your flash…

  • Wizcomputerchris

    Android.process.acore keeps popping up along with contacts

  • Lucianoniballo17

    Cianogen mod a mi me trae problemas con el internet WiFi
    Y yo e echo todos los wipes antes de instalados la rom D :

  • __McOne__

    It doesnt realized my sim -.-

  • Plona199007

    Samsung galaxy s3 cm9.1 sound is shitt original play match better

  • Budkiperz

    samsung s plus some time hang go to logo boot cyanogen mod after im trying to open anoying me when to send via bluetooh..pls improve bluetooh on off..

  • Eternalmobster

    I’m having problems dialing a call it says unfortunately contacts is not working…please help

  • Wlafroes

    After trying anothers 10 different Rom including: Miui, Hd revolution
    aospx, André always had bugs And not video camera working . Now i use Cm 7 on. my. htc inspire and run perfect
    and it is best of all! I expect a rom ICS 4 CM ok? thanks!!

  • Lilkatchiring

    Não consigo instalar o Android dizem que ñ estou autorizado

  • Lilkatchiring

    Não consigo adicionar a conta exchanghe no meu calendario

  • tipualam


    Thank to advise

  • mak

    My mobile .Galax 3 .without .lmel…….can’t. Using any sugesstion

  • Aaron

    AOSP keyboard keeps crashing. CM 10.2 M1 SNAPSHOT

  • carlos

    con la red de datos no puedo ver videos de youtube

  • dil

    Flashplayer not support.what can i do for that?

  • Sl4gathor

    Been using CM since I first got my Photon, two years ago, now running CM 11 on my HTC One, I love it, keep up the great work and know it is muchly appreciated…….

  • dave

    Cm10.2 S3 Sprint ….. Taking picture with flash will freeze phone. After phone calls will freeze phone

  • sunny parmar

    How to get offline FM in cm11 samsung galaxy s2

  • Joseph Slater

    I have a HP tablet but when running cyanogenmod it won’t let me use the camera and all I get is the message cannot connect, why is this? I’m wanting to use Skpe but can’t as I have no visuals.

  • Bruno reis

    Hey there cyanogenmod. Got your oneplus Fone today. Just like brown Lee on YouTube he did say something about the OK google voice search is not responsive enough. Takes a long time to work and bbefre it works I’ve forgotten my trail of thought… Plus when I’m playing music with my headphones on. When I decide to take a picture the music started guttering and losing quality like its rendering. Please sir sort it out

  • Jiří Bláha

    My phone is Huawei P1 and every photo app (taking and editing pictures) is alway crashing since Im using CM :( Any idea?
    Thank you.

  • harrison dzansi

    Hello I just flash my phone. With ur software. But my network. Is always bad going of on airplanemode. Why is it so post help me

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