CM9 Progress Update

We’ve been hard at work on CM9 since Google released Android 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich) into the wild last month, and things are slowly starting to come together. Google did a great job with ICS and added some really awesome features which in some cases replace or deprecate functionality that we had in CM7, so we are reevaluating all of our customizations. A number of devices are already up and running with CM9, and the focus is currently on getting as many devices ready as we can. The first devices (besides the Nexus S, which you can already get from Koush’s section on ROM Manager) that we’ll have ready will mostly likely be devices based on OMAP4, MSM8660/7X30, and Exynos. We also have some Tegra2 tablets in the pipeline such as the Galaxy Tab 10.1 and Asus Transformer. Our goal is to provide continued support to all CM7 devices back to the QSD8250 series of devices such as the Nexus One. I don’t want to make any promises at this time, but that is the plan. And sorry Droid1 owners, we’re dropping support for you. Time to upgrade :)

There are a number of challenges that we are up against. Google has made some pretty major changes to the Android framework that break compatibility with older proprietary camera and graphics drivers in order to achieve some pretty insane performance, but I am confident that the team will be able to overcome these issues like we have in the past.

For those of you who like to build CM from source yourself, you probably know that the spin-up time when starting a CM7 build is absurdly long due to the high number of devices in our repository. Koush and Arcee have put together a solution to this problem that adds new devices on-demand to your local repository, saving on both bandwidth and the long startup time. Some other great enhancements are coming too, like a completely overhauled music app, a new file manager, and a new launcher based on stock 4.0.

If you have a Nexus S, you can check out the code and build for yourself today. More devices are on the way, and I’ll send out these status updates as we make more progress.

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  • Guest

    I Got a build of CM9 for my IDEOS, best CM yet

  • Jose Sandoval

    will cyanogenmod 9 work on motorola droid 1

  • Phillip Dash

    Just reading, up is there any hope for the scroll extreme, new to this so any help would be great. As the extreme is alittle slow for web browsing

  • Davidchai79

    when htc incredible s will get cm 9

  • Riaan Potas

    Running cm9 on my samsung 10.1 v. I’m soooo happy that somewhere there is support for this tab. Awesome mod guys!!!

  • afiqr

    how about CM9 on Galaxy Mini S5570, and how about CM10 for Galaxy Mini S5570?
    thank you

  • aaaa

    how about CM9 on Galaxy Mini S5570, and how about CM10 for Galaxy Mini S5570?thank you

  • Eckers88

    Any news when a fully working Galaxy Ace will be released. Tested Beta 9 and still camera issues takes picture but can’t access. Also some 3rd party apps won’t load.

  • Nk950357

    Do you have x8 cm9 with Hong Kong languange pack?

  • Amitoz Verma

    how to fix camera bug in cyanogenmod 9 beta 7 on galaxy mini gts5570

  • Bophster

    Thank you for all your hard work. ICS works great on my touch pad.

  • Ax_gan

    I wonder when is the CM9’ll be available for the galaxy ace

  • Faustito77

    Where can I give you a bugs report about CM9 RC2 for Galaxy S?! Splendid ROM, it works smooth, no bugs and no oags for one weel, but then died….Touchscreen stopped working and the nand backup was invalid, so that I had to come back to CM7 stable…thank you!!

  • Georgegpzx

    Thank you for your efforts. I have a moto Defy with CM7  a few months now. Works 90% ok ,sometimes not but not your fault. I would like to try CM9 to it if its ready. Thank you again….. George.

  • Ivan Gonzalez

    CM9 For Optimus Black?

  • Hak_2

    are you going to port cm9 to samsung galaxy mini ??

  • Nopphon

    Will CM9 available for galaxy tab 7.0 plus?

  • Dragan_gluki

    I have one question.
    Please can enyone include letters ( ž, đ ) in t9 dialer search in Contacts.apk. I have a friend which name is Đorđe or Žika…and menu more, and without this letter in T9 serch in Contacts.apk I dont find it.
    Please if you can post me Contacts.apk with include this letters in t9 serch I be very gratefull.
    Contacts.apk  dont have support for this two letters (ž , đ ) like you can see in res/values/strings.xml in next line:



     Any idea what is need to do that!

    Thanks again

  • Igor Souza

    Hi, When is coming for LG OPTIMUS 2X ?

  • Vishal

    i have recently loaded CM9 in my galaxy ace mobile…. but the audio player and camera are not working….. how to fix?

  • jorfacha


  • Marcos_vini92

    What about LG OPTIMUS L7?

  • Richardw2002

    My microphone is mute

  • Paco de la rosa

    habra cm9 para el motorola droid 

  • Franco carvallo

    Help please, but seriously nesesito help install CM9 recently and when I turn on the phone, in the presentation where it appears that blue avatar gets stuck and does not go away for 30 minutes, not to do, not desapraece ever, please help me .

  • Julius Edward Asuncion

    good evening iam julius from philippines i install cm9 on my lg e400 but there`s several error .. and the graphics is poor what should i do ? please help me 

  • Georgegpzx

    On my Moto Defy ,CM9 works fine and it is fast enough for my needs. CM10 also works fine but in a online war game I play cannot “attack” several times at once ,only one at every press, like CM7 , so I reinstall CM9 and waiting for this issue to be fixed. Thank you again…