CM9 Nightly Builds Are Alive!

Our Jenkins instance is now creating CM9 nightly builds for a number of targets including the Nexus line, various Samsung devices, Asus Transformer, Galaxy Tab, and others. We’ll be bringing more targets online as they are ready.

CM7 nightlies are not currently being built due to the slow rate of patches going into this tree, but we plan to enable weekly builds for these targets.

If you find these builds useful, please consider dropping us a couple of bucks by donating. It does cost money to keep these systems online.

You can find all nightly builds at Get.CM.

  • Joseph A. Yager

    I love that you replied so outrageously to such an innocuous comment – well done!

  • phuc28

    I am a developer. I need helps to port this ROM to the device LG Optimus Net Dual (P698). Please tell me how may i contact you?

  • ciwrl

    #cyanogenmod-dev on Freenode IRC

  • Eduardo

    huawei ascend? plz

  • Arya Putra

    HTC One X on the list please!

  • Michael Power

    Just wondering where I can file a bug with cm 9 nightly 0611 as wifi tethering is broken for me on my Samsung galaxy nexus (maguro).
    I looked at, but it said not accepting bug reports for cm 9…

  • Arya Putra

    One more thing, I hope cm9 will support beats audio for htc one x..

  • Matthieu-Gabriel RAYEROUX

    it’s a very good rom, i’m using a galaxy s2 and it’s totally faster than it was, but i hope we we’ll have a nfc version

  • Syam

    I installed a nightly build in my Samsung Galaxy Ace. It was found that the Camera is not working. Kindly updated what i should do.
    Syam Sundar

  • Rakesh

    I am on CM version 9-20120609-NIGHTLY-galaxy S2 : Build cm_galaxys2_userdebug 4.0.4 IMM76L eng.jenkins.20120608.232238 test-keys : Kernel 3.0.32-CM-gb256552 [email protected]

    Here is my 2 cents on the rom. The pros are too large to list :) so sticking to the few cons i came across
    -The landscape rotation freezes very often
    -No built-in task manager
    -Poor battery optimization
    -Brightness on Auto doesn’t work – just gets the brightness to the lowest level
    -Launcher does not support folder creation

    And I love testing every nightly build :)

  • Jonathan Windham

    when there are builds for razr, i will consider donating.

  • zeyaan

    hello guys ‘m a great fan of cyanogenmod and ur work is lesw helpful to ppl like me.
    It would be great if u guys can build a cm9 ROM for t Indian market new entrant promising phones karbonn A9 and price 425 both rebranded Chinese phones of brand K-touch.
    plz build a ROM on ICS as these phones have great potential wit great specs!!!

    thanks in advance

  • Sukhdeep Singh

    After updating Vibrant with CM9. Speaker volume is too low. Don’t have the option to add widget by long pressing on home screen. Kies is not recognizing the device.

  • Mike ChopStix Kelly

    we have functional builds for the droid 3 working… only things that dont work, ffc, hardware acceleration, gfx

  • Deepak Sheoran

    Deepak Sheoran

    When u put CM9 stable for defy, i m waiting (or with ICS and JellyBean)

  • lauren

    Zte score??? I really want ics

  • mm2

    just wondering, why is this different from a stable build?

  • Svrk Raj14

    Isnt any support available for ARC S ( LT18i)???

  • pop24

    no flashlight app is working in the moment on the galxy tab 7 p1000. the cameralight is crashing the system

  • Toàn Đặng Quang

    Please, dont forget the LG devices, like E400

  • Hafeezshaikh2001

    Any help for Samsung gt-s6012 ?