CM7.1 Alpha for the HP Touchpad released

The CM Touchpad team has decided that they feel an Alpha is in order. The following is what one of the members, dalingrin, sent me to post here on the main site. I hope you enjoy this build that countless hours have gone into. However, please realize this is not a final product nor does it indicate the performance of upcoming stable build.

The full source will be released when the 8×60 tree is merged in the upcoming weeks. In the mean time, enjoy this developer preview.

After many near-sleepless nights, we have an early sneak peak at the CyanogenMod 7.1 port for the HP TouchPad. This initial alpha release is, as they say, rough around the edges. There are still plenty of bugs and a few non-working features, but overall it should be in a state that you can at least play around with Android on your TouchPad.

Initial installation will be done with a custom installer called the Alpha CyanogenMod Experimental Installer, or “ACMEInstaller”. The installer will resize the WebOS media volume to make room for Android. It will then create three new volumes: cm-system, cm-cache, and cm-data. The /sdcard storage found in typical Android handsets will actually be the WebOS media volume. This way, you can easily share your media between WebOS and Android. ACMEInstaller will be used to install ClockworkMod Recovery, CyanogenMod 7, and the Moboot bootloader.

To easily boot between different operating systems, a new bootloader, called Moboot, featuring a boot menu was developed by jcsullins with help from tmzt. They have done a fantastic job in a very short period of time to get a functional and well-made boot menu solution.

This first alpha has plenty of bugs, but many things are working at least partially, such as but not limited to:
-GPU acceleration
-1080p video playback
-Wifi(with caveats)
-Bluetooth(no headset profile)
-Touchstone dock support

Known issues include, but are not limited to, the following:
-higher than normal battery drain, ~2%/hr while suspended
-only partially-working camera
-need to change the wifi sleep policy to “never sleep” in wifi settings
-some app compatibility issues
-too many issues to list here

Kernel source is available now at, and we welcome developers to submit patches for review at The rest of the device source will be released as soon as some changes to support the MSM8660 architecture can be merged into mainline CyanogenMod 7. This is expected to happen in fairly short order.

For more information, visit:

Thanks for your support, and I hope you enjoy this early look at CyanogenMod 7.1 support for the TouchPad!

  • Andrew Adams

    I see the Alpha 2 is available.  What is the timeline for the Beta?   I’d be willing to be a Beta-ite.  :)

  • Stevesim283

    Thank You.

    Looking forward to your next release.
    Keep up the good job !

  • crazzydud

    hi, i got cm alpha 2. it worked fine for a week, but once it shut down due to battery, since then this symbol   comes and arrow goes arround but does not boot at all, any thoughts. i tried back up and restore from clockwork no use. any suggestions please

  • Fayinwesternmass

    I am so grateful to you for all of your efforts.  I have 3 touchpads that thank you as well.  You have a loyal customer there for anything that you might put out to the public. 

  • Peter Bruni

    Can You please release something stable soon?!? i love your work & find it amazing as is, but something more stable also with the XRON patches would make it even better…….are we expecting anything in the short time? thanks alot!!!

  • Ethan_mcd

    Keep up the good work! Even alpha 2 is very stable. Can’t wait for a new release.

  • chrisv78

    Great job on the software.  I do have a question though.  I was trying to load ClockworkMod, and the Touchpad locked up at the boot selection screen.  I have held down the on/off button for several minutes to get a reboot, but it will not respond.  What do I do?

  • Sanjay Kulkarni

    You guys are awesome! I hope we get more updates soon!!

  • Gary Mullinax

    Apple fan here.  I picked up 16GB and 32GB firesale TouchPads recently.  Thank you for your efforts.  I installed and played around.  Android isn’t so bad.  It was great on the TouchPad hardware.  The experience is still not as polished as iOS, but has definite functionality.  In the end, thank you for making my TouchPad a functional tool! 

  • Compubyte0417

    DEFINALTY we all thank you guys for all your endless hours of work you put into this !!! AND ALL OF your projects !!! KUDO’s to you guys! and I know you will go far in this world !!!! keep it up guys!

  • Xbj_good

    请问一下 CM7.1   的ROM支持DATA2SD吗?

  • Ashton092295

    I was just wondering if we will eventually see a fully functional rom?

  • Angel

    Hi I’m a huge Android user. I have fought a battle against 10 full blooded Iphone power users and all have bowed down to the furious Android technology and its awesome capabilities. Curiously I bought a 32 GB HP TouchPad today. I bought it not knowing about your tremendous project. I just want to say that you guys are going down in history. This is going to be GRAND. We as the android community are extremely excited. lets keep on teaching the tech world the real power of the Android.

  • Ashton092295

    Hey Angel i just bought one today also and it only had 16GB instead of 32GB. I guess they goofed in HP. Check yours to be sure by looking at your storage drive once you connect it to your PC. If it says 12.7 you outa luck like me. I’m heading to the vender tomorrow morning to exchange, return or get some money back for the difference. I like it though!

  • Philip Guerra

    So excited about this release, I installed CM on my nook color and I loved it. I recently sold that nook after installing CM on a friends Touchpad so I could get one too. It should arrive this week and I cannot wait! Keep up the amazing work and the CM/Touchpad community is very thankful.

  • ApplesNAndroids

    yet webOS runs circles around cm7 currently  the ONLY good thing I’ve seen this far is the ability to have the android market place  webOS is truly a great os. I’m having high hopes for Cyanogenmod 9 on the touchpad !!

  • ridmont61

    I am keen to try this on my Touchpad, by putting this Alpha release on will it jeopardise the successful installation of future releases?   I can see how to go reboot from Android into WebOS, how do you go from WebOS to Android?   Thank you

  • Sparkeee277

    I just wanted to say thanks guys. I was pretty disappointed in the WebOS apps, and now my touchpad is totally worth having. There’s barely any hiccups that I can notice so you guys did good. I’ll always be grateful for your efforts!

  • Mardin01

    Great work on CM7.1 Alpha2.1 … Thanks to all devs. Any new version … Maybe a Beta … Maybe a roadmap for arelease :-)

  • Tom1850

    Thank you to the team for dedicating themselves to the touchpad project.  Been using CM7 on EVO 4g for a while now and it really rocks.  Great work.  You guys are great!

  • Advisor

    Anyway I can HELP?
    I really appreciate what you guys are doing but would like to contribute…

  • Touchpad Guest

    I think i figured out the issue with the wifi going on and off.
    At my work i saved wifi profiles of 3 different networks  and then i experienced lot of issues like connection dropout  / connection not available. Then I forgot all the 3 networks  and re added only 1 Wifi and it did the trick. Now I am not experiencing any Wifi issue. The same case at my home too.

    Mine is running on Alpha 2

  • Rayman

    Nice work Gentlemen.  Now I can watch Netflix on my touchpad.  You guys are awesome.  Keep up the strong work.

  • Roberto Renteria

    Hello, I have trouble with the Alpha 2 installation in my touchpad, what it happens is that it will get stuck sometimes when typing sometimes when diong nothing and it will just restart. After it crashes sometimes then it wont boot, and I have cleared WEBOS and start from scratch with WEBOS doctor and then installing Alpha 2 again but same things happen. THe workaround that I have when my Touchpad does not want to boot on Cyanogen mode anymore is to clear Cache completly and update permissions and that would work just fine I get a clean boot up but then again it will crash at some point and I cant fix this I don’t know why it crashes. What can I do? can you help me with this please? I really like your release and the fact that I can have Android in the TP, thanks for your hard work and I hope you can help me to find out what is going on.

  • BossDon

    I just got the touchpad to put android on it I have that alpha build 3 on here I love it. It seems like it needs some performance tweaks and that’s it. I can’t wait for a fast stable version. Thank you!

  • Delak Boosh

    thanks for all the hard work!!! you make my touchpad relevant again!

  • Tlmxcpmpp

    I missed out on the $99 and $149 deal, but i finally grabbed a TouchPad and got it running the latest Mod, You Guys are great, I’ll be expecting updates. Nice job.

  • Niterav

    Thank you… I type this from the touchpad

  • Johnr

    Guys, does anyone know when the stable version is coming?

  • Jeremy Robinson

    There aren’t any files showing up when I go to the HP touchpad device section…Where can I find the files needed to put the alpha on mine?

  • Mr.Cheap
  • ajalberts

    Thanks for your work. Where can I donate to your cause.

  • Mattshayodi

    Thank you for all your hard work this is awesome. I loaded it with out a problem on my touchpad. But when I did the same on my wifes touchpad it started to launch and then froze in double penguin mode. The last message was power off when ready. but it just sat there for like 20 minutes and now it wont go away or restart.

  • Ayush Gupta

    Please launch it for Samsung Galaxy Ace. 

  • Devilayushgupta

    Thanks for you help mate

  • Ayush Gupta

    Stop advertising 

  • Jason Mike Foley

    you guys rock, and we love the work your putting in…

  • Malcolm W1

    My CM7 was working fine in android, until I connected a bluetooth speaker; then the battery started draining. When I cut it off, I tried to boot up, and the startup screen just spins and never connects.Everything looks the same when it boots, but nothing ever happens. I have resorted to just booting up in WebOs. Can someone tell me how I can get back to Android? My touchpad already had dual boot, so I need good instructions. Thanks