CM Updater 3.6 Available!

Get it from the market, or download from here!

New featurres added, check changelog for full info!

  • StarkRG

    Can the updater be used to switch from JF or do we have to switch manually first?

  • Mian Dong


  • McKay Christensen

    Is the word “here” supposed to be a link or something? I will admit I am not the smartest man…  but it seems like this page is missing something. Like a link to the CM Updater 3.6.

    Also, I can’t find anything in the Play Store that looks official. I just got a new Galaxy Nexus with the M release and am excited to try out this supposed Updater, but for the life of me I can’t find out how or where to get it. From what Google has told me, it is built into the nightlies (I have the M series and can’t find it there). Also it seems there was an updater a long time ago that Google frowned upon and therefore no longer exists. 

    Does anyone have any current link or way to get this updater?

  • Arnaud François

     system settings>About Phone>>CyanogenMod updates

  • pardeep

    Were is the link to download the same as nothing presnet in Google Play Store.