CyanogenMod N1 and Source now available

It is Christmas Eve, and the official launch of the first ever phone to ship with CyanogenMod! The device is available now via OppoStyle and select re-sellers.

The CM Edition Oppo N1 is a milestone for us, and this launch is no minor achievement – it is the culmination of over fours years of work by CM contributors and developers around the world.

We are going one step further. In addition to releasing the factory images – allowing N1 owners a safe return from their hacking hijinks – we are making available the accompanying source for not only the shipping 10.2 codebase, but the latest and greatest CM 11 code.

The 10.2 source code is split into two repositories, kernel and N1 device. To build against CM 11 code, you will also need the apq8064-common device. We are pushing up the code to make these trees complete – allowing any N1 user around the world to build for and customize their phone.

We are ecstatic to see this day come, and even more so to make the code available immediately.

Happy Holidays to you all, and we look forward to more great things in 2014!

  • Sumit Bhardwaj

    Love you guys! This is the best open source mobile computing can get :) Kudos!

  • Je

    yes, Yes, YES! Merry christmas everybody, this the best christmas present, well… and you know… also the N1 :)

  • Michael Richardson

    I definitely won’t buy a $600 phone. Can you come up with a $300 version?

  • Adnan Che

    This is phablet, I mean.

  • Jonathan

    Would love CM forever if they made a budget device similar to the Moto G

  • Martin Vollrathson

    How can I “upgrade” my 2 weeks old N1 from ColorOS to CyanogenMod?

  • zhifeng

    Nice step, But the price is very high. Why not bring us more low end devices? Less than 200$ may be good, other wise, why not choose Nexus 5?

  • Je

    very good question, i think there is a whole lot of people who want to get this answered aswell, hopefully there will be some pretty good tutorial on how to do it anytime soon

  • Anthony Tyson

    If only I had the money.

  • designgears

    No LTE and no Snapdragon 800… for $600… Nexus 5 is a far better deal, even with its flaws.

  • Eap123

    I think we’re mainly paying for the camera in the n1.

  • XSkullVenomX

    When is the galaxy note 3 ROM coming

  • AndroidUser00110001

    Did you try to flash the CM image? Just make sure you have ColorOS image or backup.

  • richard robinson

    Happy Christmas not holidays 😉

  • Joel Croteau

    I am having difficulty registering on the CM forums. Every username I enter in it tells me is already taken.

  • SContrerasMer

    When will you relase the CM 11 for the Galaxy SII?, i run 10.2 on it

  • Paulius Šileika

    Don’t ask for ETS I’m running it to with 10.2 and waiting for some good or bad news. I hope they’ll will make cm11 for i9100,but at least its really stable.

  • Martin Vollrathson

    Well, what I was looking for was some kind of step by step guide on how to actually do that, as I have rarely used anything but OTA or Samsung Kies to update firmware.

    What I eventually found is that I could take the file ending with “…”, copy it to my phone via USB and then boot into recovery (power + volume down) to wipe and install.

    Much Googling first led me to believe that I might have to first flash a custom recovery onto the phone but it appears that the stock recovery from Oppo worked just fine for flashing CyanogenMod.

    Step-by-step if anybody else with similar previous knowledge needs it:
    1. Download the image file (linked in this article) ending with “”.
    2. Copy it via USB storage to the root of your phone.
    3. Shut down your phone and start it up by holding power and volume down for a couple of seconds.
    4. Navigate the menus to first wipe (data + cache) and then to install a new image from storage.
    5. Select the zip from the list of files and confirm.
    6. If the phone asks you to reboot, just accept.
    7. Done. When the phone reboots, it should be running CyanogenMod.

    If it takes forever to reboot and seems to be stuck in a CyanogenMod animation then you might have forgotten to select wipe data and cache before flashing. Go back to recovery mode and wipe and flash again.

  • Bryan Hundven

    “factory images”. Long time in the making, but wow! Coming from CyanogenMod, the thought of “factory images” was such a dream just a few years ago. Good job CM team!

  • musoleK

    I think Holidays is correct, seeing as some are celebrating Kwanza or festivus.

  • richard robinson

    I’m not a religious person at all but I’m sure if it were a Muslim or Jewish event no one would dare tamper with the event.

  • Purtle

    You mean this, otherwise, great phone doesn’t support a marginal speed improvement that many carriers use against you. O.o Burn it

  • Martin

    What the hell is wrong with that promotional video for the N1? It’s incredibly stupid!
    I absolutely can’t comprehend how there was no one saying that all of the video looks and sounds absolutely hilarious in the process of shooting it.

  • Renan Carneiro

    Very good, CM is evolving increasingly!

  • tadeusz rutecki

    When will you relase the CM 11 for the Galaxy SII?, i run 10.2 on it

  • Kim Nikulski

    Jepp the Price is really high. Nexus 5 is a alternative.

  • Matthew Wilson

    No memory card slot? For shame. Is the battery removable? Why are no phone specs listed?

  • Tim Newis

    So I have CM 10.x running on my Samsung Note II, great OS no problems. We just bought my wife an N1 in Thailand (despite the fact i’d been hanker after one for some time already – long story), I have to say that I like the UI in Color OS and so although I was going to order a limited edition CM N1, I’m beginning to wonder what benefit since it’s only available in 16GB and I wouldn’t get the coolness of the Color OS tweaks in the UI. Maybe buy a 32GB stock and then later on install CM…. :-)

  • Eric Finkenbiner

    Anyone else know if apq8064-common device will be populated at some point soon?