CM Installer OTA: Issue Identified with d2 and jf

Users who took the most recent update for the CM Installer channel for d2 (Galaxy S3) and jf (Galaxy S4) devices may have seen their devices reboot into a broken state. We take full responsibility for this issue. Items such as non-boots are to be expected to occur in nightly or ‘experimental’ builds, not the stable channel of the installer – the issues were simply unacceptable.

What happened?

Last week, we made the preparations to generate new incremental over the air updates (OTAs) and full builds for the CM installer release channel. Test builds were generated early in the week and QA tested against all of the Nexus devices and a couple other devices. Builds were cleared for release and regenerated on Friday, for a roll-out on Saturday.

The failures seen arise from unaccounted for repercussions of the recent effort to unify the d2 and jf device trees. The unification process itself was a success, the need for variant builds has been eliminated on these devices. When we went to roll the builds for release on Friday, we took into account that the unification process was still new, only being tested against the nightlies for 3 days at that point; as such the CM Installer releases generated on Friday were on the non-unified type (ie, individual builds for each d2 and jf variant).

This all should have been perfectly fine and is representative of our previous installer rollouts. However, due to the unification process, the special system files that allow your phone to boot shifted locations in a way our Installer buildbot failed to account for – essentially making the d2 and jf builds that went out to users non-bootable.

On Monday, when user feedback of these issues came pouring in, we took immediate action to remove the affected builds and address the root cause in both our source (to prevent this in the future) and to enhance our QA and release processes.

No one wants to see this happen again and we are embarrassed that did in the first place.

I’m affected, what now?

Our support staff on the forums has jumped into action and provided manual and automated fixes for those affected. The simplest solution is to use the ‘adb sideload’ tool to flash a working build. As the installer itself is meant for non-technical users, we have created standalone executables (.exe) for each affected device. For those more keen on flashing the fix themselves, individual zips are also available.

Instructions and downloads for the fixes are available on our Forum support page for this issue.

Our deepest apologies for all the trouble that this has caused those affected, it won’t happen again.

  • derb2k2

    i’d suggest downloading the zip and going from there. Don’t install the OTA. I haven’t seen any clearance from the cyanogenmod team.

  • Howard Z

    It appears someone came up with this idea to unify S3 and S4 cyanogenmods – and the idea fixes nothing, is not needed, and continues to cause major issues (if you care to read XDA threads).

    Thanks for your hard work.

  • Jason Heller

    Cm rocks….you guys are awesome.
    Someone please help me updating to the new unified build….I’m on d2vzw cm11 217 want to update to the newest unified d2lte but every time I flash it I lose connectivity….no signal…no sms…no mms….I had mms issues when I first flashed cm11 d2vzw but I figured it out….can’t seem figure out why my service goes with the unified build..Any help would be much appreciated…I clean flash every time also no cminstaller….and I have the latest cwm….it boots and runs really nice but no data or service…I’ve gotten into mobile settings and put everything were it is supposed to be…I don’t know what to do….it’s driving me insane….I love cm…help :-)

  • Jason Heller

    Once you have a custom recovery installed and super user you can install any rom you want as long as it’s for your specific device

  • dnard

    No it didn’t. This is a specific issue with galaxy s 3 and 4. Not nexus.

  • Trill316

    Thanks well i had similar issue when i did the update.

  • leide

    How can I get updates to my samsung i9300? I’ve got cm10.2 with cyanogenmod installer, but I don’t have an option like “update system” in “about phone”.

  • Matthew Grochowalski

    Sounds like something that happened before for a d2vzw RC. In that case, TheMuppets updated the location of thermald configs, leaving then out of the RC. That repo should be baselines like the rest of CM for the stable releases.

  • Trill316

    i asked the same question and got a rude reply from one of the members.

  • Luigi Puno

    i just installed it i have the latest cwn recovery and now i am using cm 11 nightly on jflte i just asking if i can download other rom and installed is that possible? even i use cm installer to root my phone and install cwm recovery that way

  • armen71

    hi guys, i am new to the CM, just wanted to thank the CM team for their great effort developing the CM11, which dramatically changed how i use my phone, first of all i had this heavy battery draining when i was on Samsung 4.3, my battery was draining in 3 hours, now after installing CM11, my battery is lasting aroung 16 to 18 hours, including 3G usage and playing games.

  • Reid

    Thank you for spending the time to make your users whole again. I think a lot of people did end up getting it fixed one way or another because of the excellent user community that is the forums, but I’m sure some non-technical users didn’t. Thanks again.

  • Ryan Weber

    Is this the reason they haven’t had any nightlies for the S3 or S4 since Feb 17th?

  • The Big Eazy

    So is the installer mod okay now if I do my wifes international gs3?

  • Jason Heller

    just boot into your recovery and install it from there… can install any rom that way….I don’t get why you want to use cm installer to install other roms….are you having trouble booting into recovery or something

  • Luigi Puno

    no i am just asking because my phone was rooted and install cwn recovery and my 1st custom rom using cm installer . i am just asking if i can install other custom

  • Jason Heller

    Yes u can bro

  • derb2k2

    check the forums. I still haven’t seen that the OTA is reparied. After I got the loop, I unbricked and used the CM Installer to get back to cm11, then I downloaded the appropriate zip of M3 for my phone and manually went into recovery to install.

  • Luigi Puno

    tnx for the help sir!!!

  • Tech Hung

    Hi guys. Can some one advise if the exe files downloaded on the laptop need to be executed just by plugging in the device or we need some application / program on the computer to run these to install the correct updates one the device.

  • Luigi Puno

    sir can i ask a question is there a posibility of changing my clokcword recovery to TWRP on my s4 i installed cm11 and recovery via the cm 11 installer can i change the recovery to TWRP?