CM-4.1 ExperiMENTAL is out!

This version is based on v4.0.4 with Global Search added and lots of bugs fixed. Turn on “Experimental Updates” and get it with CM Updater.

  • Johnathan

    I had to roll back to 4.0.4 stable because the search button my MyTouch stopped doing anything and the search widget went all wonky on me and wouldn’t let me type in it after I tapped it.

    The keyboard improvements were AWESOME, though. Definitely noticed some improvement.

  • darthlukan

    Just flashed the build and I’m liking things so far. I am getting some strange zoom behavior out of betterbrowser, but that is most likely the app not the rom. Other than that it’s zooming right along. Anything that you were hoping for specific feedback on for Dream?

  • charvaka

    Need some help to build your branch. What is the git url to check out 4.0.4 (or the latest) branch? Thanks.