CyanogenMod 11.0 M3 Release

Happy February everyone! Another month brings us another CM 11 ‘M’ build.

M3 includes the return of Trebuchet, now based on Kitkat’s Launcher3 code base, and has been completely rewritten by its maintainer Nebojša Cvetković (nebkat). Additional work has been included to provide universal icon pack support by Danesh M (devatwork). If you are coming from 10.2 or on a previous 11-M build, the new version of Trebuchet will preserve your home-screen data (assuming you were using Trebuchet or Launcher3 and don’t wipe when flashing), allowing an easy transition. We have a lot of cool things planned for Trebuchet, including icon mask support, better themes integration, even experimenting with Google Now-like experiences. Look for that in the next few months.

Back to the topic of this post however, M3 begins our focus on user experience and feature integration within CM11 code. You can see the beginnings of this with the new Privacy Guard feature to control apps from auto-starting, elevating Privacy related features to a new top level category, and even simple items like adding a ‘+’ to the QuickSettings panel to more easily allow customizing those otions. There are additional features in the pipeline for the next release as well, including left-handed navigation bar support (for all you lefties out there), additional transparency in the SystemUI (looking at you volume indicator panel) and many more.; plenty of work  to do.

Builds are available for download now. Code has been merged to ‘stable/cm-11.0′ branches on our Github for you home builders.

One last final note, if you receive a message in recovery reading along the lines of “set_metadata_recursive: some changes failed” when attempting to flash CM11 builds, it means your recovery is out of date. Flash a newer recovery via your tool of choice and you should be all set.

Happy Flashing!

  • abhinav911

    Having trouble updating my galaxy s3 to m3 from 10.2.0. Can someone help me because my reboot after installing m3 took forever so i recovered 10.2.0 and brought my data back. also, can we expect a rc or a stable format for the s3 soon?

  • Hasan Shahzad

    So how is the performance of these CM11 M3 release on Samsung Galaxy S3?

  • Hasan Shahzad

    Looking forward to try out CM11 M3 on my Galaxy S 3.

  • Drugus Vasile

    mine its galaxy s2 :)

  • youda

    more details please. have the same problem. simply zip and not the google apps? and not wipe data? or other things. just install zip and reboot?

  • Devin

    Is this update good for the Samsung s3. Does the new M3 build have any bugs?

  • Gabs

    How to enable grid lines on câmera on CM os?

  • Halim Xmind

    well, this never happens on the stock ROM

  • lolo8144

    LG Optimus LTE II anyone?

  • Simon B

    I got mine working on i747M by updating baseband to MK5

  • Hasan Shahzad

    Tried CM11 M3 on my Galaxy S3, it was great, but I am more inclined towards using Samsung’s TouchWiz & Samsung’s customized apps, so my experience with Cynogenmod was a bit limited, though it had great features.

  • John Mark Datingaling

    try wickedrom. you can choose different packages of TW features. Google it. :)

  • Hasan Shahzad

    Thanks for your valuable recommendation, I might give it a try… :)

  • John Mark Datingaling

    no problem. Glad I could help.

  • egor 12112

    i flashed a new recovery but still got “set_metadata_recursive: some changes failed”

  • cmzizi

    When is CM11 stable for i9500 likely to come out. I only see Nightlies and experiments only/.. Please help

  • Kershak

    I need a cm for Avvio 775 O.o

  • Kershak

    I need a CM11 for my Avvio 775 O.o

  • Farid

    Working Or Not In Smartfren Andromax C