CyanogenMod 11.0 M1 – Nexus Edition

No, that’s not a typo – you read that correctly. Today we release CM 11.0 M1 for all actively AOSP-supported Nexus devices – all variants of the Nexus 7, the Nexus 4, Nexus 5 and Nexus 10.

Some background on this change of order. Normally, this would be the point in time where we turn on CM 11 nightlies. From there, we would spend the next few weeks (or longer) in the nightlies, all the while not allowing you guys (the users) to offer support in the form of bug reports. Taking reports against the constantly changing nightly codebase is too resource intensive, but at the same time, waiting another month to get them going is, in all honesty, wasted time. So, with this change, we are going for the best of both.

The AOSP-supported Nexus devices should have minimal to no device specific issues (as their hardware code comes mostly from Google). We’ve also done our due diligence and tested these devices, to make sure they behave properly. Any bugs that crop up on these builds should be centered around CM issues – items that we’ve introduced. By acknowledging them sooner, the entire CM 11 roster will benefit.

Speaking of the rest of the roster, we will be enabling CM 11 nightlies for the non-Nexus devices as well. As the device tree’s for these other devices (including the Galaxy Nexus) are brought up by our team, it stands to reason there may be other issues that are yet to be discovered. We will be monitoring nightly usage and issues, and use that info to move towards adding more devices to the M1/M2 list and the eventual 11.0 release.

A follow-up post will be made with the full nightly roster by the end of this week. We’re off to go pick at the new Android 4.4.1 code.

Happy Flashing!

Edit: If you receive issues on flashing, double check your download. We are also hearing reports of issues with TWRP recovery, so for now, suggestion is to use ClockworkMod recovery.

  • Tom

    If you’re updating/reverting on the same release (e.g. from Jan 1 CM11 nightly to Jan 2 CM11 nightly and vice versa) you should not have such problems – just use the OTA updater and let it do its thing.

    You only have to worry about wiping cache and updating recovery when switching to a different release of CM (e.g. going from 10.1 to 10.2, from 10.2 to 11, etc).

  • Marek Kołton

    I’ve installed TWRP, downloaded CM11 and Gapps one more time and… totaly nothing :( Still the same. Seems that I have to wait for first RC and make a full wipe.

  • Rishi Bhatia

    Does the Google Caller ID function working for anyone? It’s not working for me – Nexus 4, running CM11…

  • Andy

    Cm11 nexus 5 nightly (12/8/13) mms not working on Sprint

  • Gustavo Niederauer

    My wifi stop working after reboot. Samsung Galaxy S2 T989. Any idea?

  • Dromo

    I didnt understand anything you wrote but I’m still going to Flash my N5.

    (AOSP, nightlies, devicetree ??). TWRP Clockworkmod recovery ??

  • Chris

    yeah you need to do 3 wipes ( well at least I did) full wipe cache wipe and dalvid cache wipe !

  • Jaboop C.

    Soo Dont use TWRP? Will there be any updates to fix these “issues”??

  • Byron Daniel

    I don’t currently see an option to enable Quick Pin Unlock…

    Was it moved or not added yet?

  • Guilherme Moreira

    Settings>Personal>Security>Screen Lock>PIN
    Good luck brother.

  • Byron Daniel

    That sets the pin but I mean the quick pin unlock that automatically unlocks the phone when you enter the pin WITHOUT hitting enter.

  • Alastair Tye Samson

    Thanks! Updated from CWM 6.0.3 to 6.0.4 and it flashed fine :)

  • Alastair Tye Samson

    I had this problem – I updated from CWM recovery 6.0.3 to 6.0.4 and it flashed fine :)

  • Alastair Tye Samson

    Thanks! I updated from CWM recovery 6.0.3 to 6.0.4 and it flashed fine :)

  • Alastair Tye Samson

    Update your recovery to 6.0.4 and it will flash fine :)

  • Michael Cooley

    Should I wipe my data and cache if I’m coming from 10.2-20131114-SNAPSHOT-InstallerWPPQ46R-maguro to M1?

  • NeViNmUrRaY

    I just rebooted (I’m using cm from the installer) and its been taking an hour to boot up. Is this normal?


    Where is the Nexus 5 release?

  • Jesus Caraballo

    wifi no conecction”CM11″ on Atrix HD “MB886″,, how fix that

  • Ion Marica

    I am also looking for this option, did you have any luck in finding a solution until now?

  • rob

    Don’t have access to the play store for some reason…please advise

  • rob

    No play store access…please advise!!!

  • rob

    I’m sorry
    No play store access …please advise!!!

  • Robin Ehrenhöfer

    Hello, i’ve already tried flashing the last nightlys, i’m using a nexus 5 16GB, and cwm, but i don’t get a camera app
    Already thank you for any help

  • Finalnull

    The OP for cm 11 nightlies on xda says it has to be installed with the latest cwm/two.

  • Kaushal Niraula

    Any way to sync aosp browser bookmark with google? I don’t want to install chrome anymore(its hideous)

  • Frank

    I never thought i would try cm, but i did. Thank you cm – Team, it´s a great experience to use this rom. I had to use the mix of samsung and the Telekom branding and now i´m free!!!

  • Robin Betz

    You need to update your Clockwordmod

  • The EYE

    A newer Nightlie worked. Stuck in bootloop after one dirty flash, cleaned cache and flashed again – than it worked.
    Had a problem with the connection to the playstore and with gesture typing. Had to flash the newest gapps to solve this problems – now it looks good!

  • Peter Morrison

    Just to respond to the edit, I had no trouble installing with TWRP. Maybe it was a prior version that caused the issue.

  • Brian

    no cm 11 for galaxy nexus? :(

  • Gabriel Disla

    Nice! I’m downloading the ROM right now for the t769. Days ago I tried to intall it but it said “Instalation Aborted” same with gapps. Let’s see if the problem is solved. Thanks for these ROMS!

  • Daffa Romero

    Check your ClockworkMod Recovery version, if it’s not the latest version, update your CWM. That’ll work (i think).

  • Daffa Romero

    Yo mate, a question here. What is dalvik?

  • Guilherme Moreira

    (SGS3 – I9300) What is the forecast for the camera to function smoothly, with options and settings without freezing or not wanting to run? When?? Currently the camera is very important in a smartphone. At least for me it is. Thanks for everything so far.

  • Tom

    Look it up on wikipedia – explains much better than I possibly can. Also, Dalvik will soon be made obsolete as more apps use ART instead of Dalvik!

  • zr239

    Hi, for some reason I can’t get Google now to work. It has the hollow microphone and it doesn’t respond to “OK Google” does anyone know a fix for this?

  • Daniel Holt

    Hey it work’s for me on Sprint Nexus 5… Do you have any reports on how well this play’s with the new sprint spark LTE service?

  • Lavanoid Volcanic

    The No.1 thing I hate about CyanogenMod is the toggles on tablet devices such as the Nexus 7. I hate it when I have to hold the wifi icon (same applies to the bluetooth icon aswell as the other toggles) to open the wifi settings. I like things to be close to stock, so simply pressing the wifi icon instead of holding it to launch the settings would be great. This is the only thing that stops me from using CyanogenMod (a small but important thing). Would be nice to have a setting to change what happens then the toggle is pressed, since some users may like the current configuration (I HATE THE CURRENT CONFIGURATION – Sorry, but I do).

  • noonan

    The 20131208 didn’t work for me. Kept getting setup wizard failed or an endless loading screen.
    The [GAPPS][4.4.x/4.3.x] OFFICIAL 0-Day PA-GOOGLE APPS for 4.4 worked.

  • Nikhil Poddar

    Im a new Nexus 4 user.
    I haved flashed or rooted or unlocked my bootloader and all those shenanigans.
    Can someone please help me out and tell me whether I should flash this rom or install 10.2 using cyanogenmod installer? I hear the results for this are varying and you might get stuck on the bootloader. :
    Awaiting replies. Please do help out.

  • Nikhil Poddar

    Im on a nexus 4. Installer says firmware not supported. -_- dafuq?

  • phinn

    Looking forward to hearing if project svelte did anything noticeable (i.e. better on 512mb ram). Keep us posted.

  • Dennis Altermann

    It improved a lot my old Nexus S :) It really impressive.

  • AlucardleVash

    it’s it stable now ?

  • Dennis Altermann

    I’m not using it everyday on Nexus S, but I think it’s really stable.

  • Виталий Берестян

    cm 11-20140127-NIGHTLY-i9300

    i can make only
    one picture – help only reboot

  • Nicolás

    A ver de qué se trata…