Case Chase 2014


Your mission, should you decide to accept it…



Mission Brief

Ten days. Ten locations. Ten chances to be one of the first to own a OnePlus One.

We’ve positioned Agents across the world to secure high value targets. Your mission is to find and extract the packages. The Agency will provide live surveillance and intelligence via the following channels: @CyanogenMod, @CyanogenInc, @OnePlus – tune your communicators in accordingly. Satellites align April 1st, 2014 1100 PST.

This is no April fools.

To recover the package: decipher the surveillance, introduce yourself (handshake) to the Agent on the ground and state the code word. The first Recruit to complete the tasks will be heavily rewarded by the Agency. Consolations are available for the runners-up.

As always, should you be caught or questioned, CyanogenMod, Cyanogen Inc. & OnePlus will disavow any knowledge of your actions.


The pencil pushers in legal require us to provide a disclaimer.

This promotion is in no way sponsored, endorsed or administered by, or associated with, Twitter. We hereby release Twitter of any liability. On the date of entry in the “Cyanogen & OnePlus Case Chase” participant must be eighteen years of age or older.


Winner(s) will be contacted by email 48 hours after receipt of Release documentation. Winner must sign release or forfeit the prize. If you have any additional questions – feel free to send us an email –[email protected]!

  • tanknspank

    Please be Raleigh and not Charlotte. PLS D:

  • Brandon Jiang

    really no chicago, but a north carolina?

  • Jesse Conner

    I hate to complain, but “Canada” is kind of a big place

  • Felipe Gouliouras

    Wish I was from Portugal.

  • Jonathan Sosa

    please be charlotte and not Raleigh pls :D, ill see u on the hunt

  • Suman Gandham

    Haha, I was just about to complain that “North Carolina” was a bit vague, but you’ve got me beat there mate!! :)

  • Jonathan Sosa

    at least its not china, or Russia

  • jessnewcomb



  • Rhiney Maceachern

    i live in canada and ummm yea alot of ground to cover

  • Peter Barnett

    So, in other words, by little behind stuck here in Clemson, SC has no chance of getting one. Should have an online scavenger hunt for at least one device for those of us who can’t physically get to these places!

  • Th3D0ctor

    I’m genuinely surprised that Missouri is listed, because my state never gets included in anything…

  • OptimuS

    If only I was anywhere near those places T_T

  • Cory Zerkee

    I was thinking exactly the same thing. I wish it was Vancouver, but it’s most likely TO.

  • Andrew Jiang

    Canada’s bigger than China, just sayin. 😛

  • LunaticNeko

    Well, but a number of bags to search for in China is obviously much, much more. And if you gotta search for an “Agent in a Suit” in Japan, 1+ can go hang themselves (pretty much everyone wears suits on workdays)

  • Nurchi BECHED

    So at my work in the past, my boss was sent overseas for some training, he wore a t-shirt saying “I an Canadian” when someone approached him with “Do you know Joe blah that lives at blah…?”. To which my boss replied, “Yes, I know him, he lives across the street from me, it’s called Trans Canada Highway!”
    I don’t know which part of world’s 2nd largest country they don’t understand…

  • Lazaros Poumpouridis

    So help me understand please, only people from these places can enter?

  • Plumeex

    So few countries in Europe… D:
    But well, I guess it’d be hard to satisfy everyone. Great initiative!

  • Rui Nascimento

    I’m from Portugal 😛

  • Gregor Engel

    Where in germany will it be? I hope in Frankfurt am Main

  • Fakhruddin Darwis

    “This is no April fools.”
    Yeah right.

  • Jadephyre

    Probably Berlin or Munich, other cities aren’t interesting enough I guess :(

  • Felipe Gouliouras

    Sim, sou brasileiro. Sorte sua de ser em Portugal hehe

  • Imran Majeed

    When will be cm 11 released for Samsung galaxy note 3 sm- n900

  • Conspiranoid

    Sad that “Madrid, Spain” doesn’t get one…

  • Dutchy

    Jamaica!!!??? :(

  • KyleVPirate

    NC! At least Chicago should have been included for those of us stuck in the midwest

  • Andreas Adam

    Frankfurt FTW

  • Duarte Oliveira

    Now I feel awesome for being Portuguese. If i already think that Portugal is too big for just apearing Portgual I can’t imagine how you in Canada or Germany should feel. :)

  • Ulysses Grant

    I wish Toronto is on the list. What happened to Canada?

  • Anik Halder

    North Carolina?? How about Afghanistan?? 😀

  • Thom Parslow

    The UK one will be London no doubt…
    Come to bristol then Id have a chance.

  • ravin sharma

    Why no Australia??

  • PlayfulGod

    Are you really surprised??? lol

  • Brandon James Starcevic

    Oh wow, exciting!

  • Andril

    No South Florida????? Good Luck to all!

  • Leonard König

    nth sad about that, if i it only were Berlin 😛

  • Adam Turner

    Everything is London. For anyone from abroad UK = London.

  • Daniel Leal

    true :)

  • Jonathan Sosa

    u should be more shocked at Missouri