Android Security Bulletin – October 5th update

Google’s monthly security release just hit AOSP code this morning, and as of this post has been merged into CM 12.1 source (Android 5.1.1._r24). Nightlies from today forwards will contain the security fixes identified on the release document.

For our stable release users, we’ll be rolling out an update to the stable CMUpdater channel with this set of fixes this week as well.

-The CyanogenMod Team

PS: Marshmallow source just released, we are syncing and will begin evaluating it. When we have more to share on this, we will publish a separate post.

  • code_dave

    CRITICAL TREBUCHET ISSUE after last November Update!!!

    Unfortunatelly in the last update the Cyanogenmod Team has integrated the google search app by hard into all Launcher Pages (R U kiddn me ?)
    It was not possible to remove this bar i a standard way (push, hold, move to trash) – so I have decided to deinstall Google App manually – unfortunatelly the Trebuched is now not working anymore throwing Null Pointer Exception because GoogleSearch App is not available anymore – GREAT WORK !!! Is Google now working on CyanogenMod? If yes please make it official so I can quickly switch to another Custom Android OS !

  • Philippe Verdy

    Today, Google published a required update for Google Play Services, Once installed, the telephone rebooted, and PHYSICALY deleted ALL the content of the SD card and almost all applications.

    During this boot, the SD card was also no longer recognized.

    In addition, at boot time now, Google Play Services crashes and sends a report. Most builtin applications now crash, including the AOSP keyboard when composing an SMS with the basic SMS application.

    There just remains a couple of small apps. The internal flash memory is almost completely full, and all updates are failing and I cannot remove any app, and there remains no applicatrion that can be moved to the SD card.

    I was using Cyanogenmod stable release for “a5″ (HTC Desire 816) of CM11 since several months. I see no way to recover or advance. Visibly this stable release (which was published and installed on 11 october, now breaks with the new version of Google Play services.

    In addition I lost all past associations with external sites. Lost all stored passwords, and almost all functionalities. My phone is unusable since today, because of Google Play services !

    Worse: the phone now crashes when receiviung a call (I cannot hangup, the phone freezes, then the phone app crashes !) I can send or receive a few SMS/MMS, but the keyboard crashes when typing more than two lines of text. The dictionary corrector also freezes on the screen, below the AOSP keyboard panel (in this case I need to reboot the phone, all buttons stop responding.

    F****ing Google, that did not test correctly its required services update that breaks everything.

  • Rahil Zulji

    and for S3 GT-I9300!!!

  • Chqz


  • Sam Shakusky

    Will be a estable cm12.1 for moto g falcon in
    a nearby future? I’m still waiting….

  • kolAflash

    What about an CM-11 release for the October 5th update?
    “For our stable release users…” sounded like you’d be planning to release such an update, like you did in the beginning of September.

    Especially a fixed release for the Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini (Intl) / serranoltexx would help me a lot.

  • Jackson

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  • Chitransh Saxena

    Any news for CM13 update for Yu Yureka?

  • vijer

    Turns out CM updated to Marshmallow quickly for SOME devices (G855). And no it is not a major upgrade, if anything Google just messed up some stuff.

    – Camera is back to having some connection issues.

    – Can’t write to external SD cards, AGAIN, and the new format as internal doesn’t work.

    – Reworked Quick Settings tiles?! Really, this is what Google spent their time on? The new format is terrible in my opinion.

    – Rearranged Settings for no apparent reason.

    – Can’t separate notification and ring volume.

    – Connecting a USB cable to transfer files is now a two step process; you have to tell the OS you want to transfer files EVERY TIME.

    – Bluetooth is sketchy. I have to forget and re-pair my car stereo pairing every time.

    – Battery drain is maybe a little higher.

    All my App Store apps work fine. Except you can’t use SuperSU any longer.

    I can’t comment on the things I never use; all Google apps, phone, contacts, calendar, messaging, etc. I like my third party apps better so I don’t know if the improved these or broke them.

    Overall, it seems a little faster. Over time, I’m sure CM will fix some of these shortcomings.

  • vijer

    CM 11 and 12 not being finished is a good thing. If you have an older device that can’t upgrade to 13 it is nice to know CM is still maintaining KK and LP. Not everyone can afford to upgrade phones every year.

  • vijer

    Oh careful, I did that and the moderator tried to send me elsewhere to report the bug. Plus the moderator said I should expect bugs. Ya, no kidding, but that doesn’t mean I shouldn’t report them.

  • Arturo Hernandez

    My device is a sm- g360m that CyanogenMod version I install ?