Domain situation has been resolved

(ciwrl wrote this, I’m just posting on his behalf so this is resolved)

So earlier today we put up a post on what prompted us to transition to our new domain. We refrained from identifying the ex-member out of respect for his privacy and career outside of CM. Suffice it to say you guys aren’t slouches, and figured it out on your own.

With that said, the ex-member in question contacted us and has agreed to hand over control of the domain. This was done as amicably as these things can be, and CM did not pay the fee he requested.

We will still be using as our primary domain, and the .com address will simply redirect to this new domain. Ironically enough, ‘.org’ is better than ‘.com’ as we are not a commercial entity, and is far more in line with how CyanogenMod is structured.

We received a …

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CyanogenMod 10 :: M2

Continuing with this month’s M-Series release, M2 is burning up CPU time on the build servers right now!

The M-Series is our monthly release series. The devices we build M for are essentially stable, and ready to be your daily driver.

We are building M2 for these devices:

Galaxy Nexus GSM (maguro) Galaxy Nexus VZW (toro) Galaxy Nexus Sprint (toroplus) Galaxy S2 GT-I9100G (i9100g) Galaxy S2 AT&T LTE (skyrocket) Galaxy S2 T-Mobile (hercules) Galaxy S (galaxysmtd) Galaxy S B (galaxysbmtd) Captivate (captivatemtd) Galaxy S3 Sprint (d2spr) Galaxy S3 VZW (d2vzw) Galaxy S3 AT&T (d2att) Galaxy S3 TMO (d2tmo) Galaxy S3 US Cellular (d2usc) Motorola Xoom (wingray/stingray) Nexus S (crespo) Nexus S 4G (crespo4g) Galaxy Note AT&T (quincyatt) Galaxy Note T-Mobile (quincytmo) Google Nexus 7 (grouper) LG Nitro HD (p930) LG Optimus Black (p970) LG Optimus LTE SKT (su640) Sony Xperia Acro S (hikari) Sony Xperia S (nozomi)

More devices are on the way! Many other …

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CyanogenMod 10 :: M1

Something we have learned over the past few months is that if you don’t release, someone else will do it for you. Since we are open-source, we absolutely encourage it! Unfortunately, the quality of unofficial builds can vary, and we are serious about quality. Of course nightlies are always available, but we realized that having something that is a bit more stable on a more frequent basis is important. Starting now, we are rolling out our M-Series releases. M-Series builds will be done at the beginning of every month. We did a soft freeze of the codebase for the last week, blocking new features in order to stabilize. Our plan is to continue this (assuming that the response is good) up until stable release, and onward.

We aren’t exactly sure what M stands for. “Monthly”, “milestone”, or perhaps “MINE ALL MINE!”. Whatever it is, I hope that we are meeting the needs of community.

M-Series …

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CyanogenMod 9 RC2

Our build servers are currently cranking out the latest release of CM9!

This release serves to stabilize CM9 as a product that you’d let your mom use, as well as add support for the following devices:

* Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 10.1 (all variants) * Samsung Galaxy SII on AT&T – Skyrocket * Samsung Galaxy SII on T-Mobile – Hercules * Samsung Galaxy Note on AT&T * Samsung Galaxy SIII – i9300 (International GSM model)

README – This GS3 release is ONLY for the international Exynos-based model! Attempting to flash this to one of the USA models will not work!

RC2 includes bugfixes and updated translations and continues our path to a final release of CyanogenMod 9, which should be just around the corner.

As always, if you enjoy our work, please consider dropping a couple of bucks our way using the link at the bottom of the page. While we are on a mission …

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CM9 Code Freeze Has Started

Today we branched our mainline repositories to start the code freeze which will lead us up to the CM9 release. While there are still a number of technical and organizational issues that need to be resolved very quickly, the plan is to quickly iterate through a series of release candidates over the next few weeks. We are still accepting contributions to the main branches, but from here until release day we will only be accepting bugfixes, device support, and translations into the release branch.

It’s taken a long time, but the move to ICS was huge. The initial release will cover a subset of devices (still to be fully determined). We’ve put many new internal processes into place which should guarantee quicker updates to the CM Core, and also make it easier for new devices be added.

Nightly builds will still be done against the main branch, so those of you who like to live …

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CM9 Nightly Builds Are Alive!

Our Jenkins instance is now creating CM9 nightly builds for a number of targets including the Nexus line, various Samsung devices, Asus Transformer, Galaxy Tab, and others. We’ll be bringing more targets online as they are ready.

CM7 nightlies are not currently being built due to the slow rate of patches going into this tree, but we plan to enable weekly builds for these targets.

If you find these builds useful, please consider dropping us a couple of bucks by donating. It does cost money to keep these systems online.

You can find all nightly builds at Get.CM.