CM Dev Summit

Cyanogen Inc is hosting the 2nd annual CyanogenMod Developer Summit on October 23 2016.

Hosted in Hurst Texas this year, following the largely popular Big Android BBQ, the 2016 CM Dev Summit will build on the success of last year’s inaugural summit. This year, we’re excited to open the event up to the larger CM community, offering up an opportunity for anyone with an interest to participate. Whether you’re a user or a contributor to CyanogenMod, the project relies on our community to bring this event to life.

Come learn, discuss, and share your thoughts on CM and where it goes next. A number of CM contributors will be on hand. We look forward to meeting you.

Register (limited availability due to venue capacity) for the event here.

CM 13.0 Release – ZNH5Y

DEF CON 24 is officially in the books, so what better time to release a new CM snapshot, full of new features and security updates? These releases were branched on August 1st, 2016 (branch stable/cm-13.0-ZNH5Y) and bring our snapshot releases up from Android 6.0.1 r17 to Android 6.0.1 r61.

The first thing you should notice is our new custom boot & dexopt screen, getting rid of that bright white for something a bit prettier and informative to look at while your phone upgrades; AMOLED users rejoice! Shoutout to Asher, Joey and Alexander M. for the awesome work!

On the features front, the full change log is linked off below, but we’ll call out some of the big ticket items:

Wi-Fi Tethering – automatically turn off hotspot after X minutes of inactivity Profiles – add notification light controls Do Not Disturb/Priority Mode – add notification light controls Privacy Guard/App data usage – Restrict apps to Wi-Fi or …

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Cyanogen Inc and CyanogenMod

I wanted to quickly address the circus of misinformation which has sprung up recently, particularly for everyone who uses CM or has been involved with the project.

tl;dr: CyanogenMod isn’t going anywhere, nor has Cyanogen Inc. discontinued it’s efforts towards the goal of bringing it to a larger audience.

It’s been seven years since I released the first version of CM, and so much has happened. The speed of the mobile space is only accelerating. I co-founded the company three years ago, knowing fully the kind of response it might invoke- an epic mix of love and hate. We had a few successes at the Inc, but also our share of stuff which just didn’t work at all. Anyone insane enough to do a startup will tell you that it will probably go wrong before it goes right, no matter how good your intentions are. All you can do is fix it, or it’s …

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Cyanogen Apps Package for Marshmallow

A couple of updates back, we made mention that we were actively testing the Cyanogen Apps package for CM 13.0. Today, we’re glad to announce that the testing has been positive, and all parties involved are ready to move forward with release.

As a reminder, C-Apps is being offered as an optional download and will not be pre-installed on CyanogenMod releases. This package will allow you to take your existing devices running CM 13.0, and make them more like the Cyanogen OS experience. Any CM 13.0 build since May 9th, 2016 and forward is compatible. Notably, this means that users on our last 13.0 Snapshot ZNH0E releases are not yet eligible – but fret not, we’ll resolve this later this month/early next month when we release the next wave of Snapshots.

For download, please visit the Cyanogen Inc. page for Cyanogen apps. For detailed installation/uninstall instructions, please visit our wiki located on the CyanogenMod C-Apps

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Developer Spotlight: A Few Words With Chris ‘Raymanfx’ Hesse

Our last Developer Spotlight with Roman Birg. This time around we are moving the spotlight over to Christopher N. Hesse. He is responsible for several devices including the controversial Exynos devices like the Galaxy Note 4 and the Galaxy Tab S2. Developer Spotlights are a public nudge of appreciation to the developers that tirelessly work and contribute to a greater cause for a better OS.

Hi Chris, how is your day today? Welcome to your first Developer Spotlight! Can you give us an introduction to yourself?

CNH: Hi Steve, my day has been great so far, thanks! My name is Christopher Noel Hesse, I’m 20 years old and live in Germany, where I’m studying at University at the moment.

I’m working in the automotive industry on my non-University days and enjoy working on the Android platform there as well.

It does not surprise me one bit that you tinker with cars as well as smartphones. …

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Developer Spotlight: Reminiscing with Roman Birg

It’s been a couple weeks since our last Developer Spotlight with Mike Bestas two weeks ago. This time around we are moving the spotlight over to Roman Birg. He is responsible for several repositories today at Cyanogen Inc., but is ultimately known for his work on AOKP (Android Open Kang Project). Developer Spotlights are a public nudge of appreciation to the developers that tirelessly work and contribute to a greater cause for a better OS.

Roman, nice to have you on here. How is life and the dream?

R. Birg: Life is great! I’ve been living in Seattle with my girlfriend Dani for over two years now, and it has been amazing. We even got a chocolate lab who’s growing into a quite a fine doge (he had a lot of teenager energy). I can’t see myself leaving the PNW (Pacific North West), I love this place.

Tell us a bit about yourself, where do …

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