Update To Instant Contact Card

We received a ton of great responses from the community regarding our contact card proposal, so we wanted to share with you a few additional contact card options based on your feedback. The initial contact card proposal was designed to optimize for the majority of users who do not have contact photos or high resolution contact photos. The secondary goal was to create a UX affordance that allows up to 5 options on the card while making those options easily reachable. After much discussion, we identified support for hi-res images as a third goal.


Due to the complexity of supporting multiple layouts, as well as consistency between low res and hi res cards, we would like to only support one layout for contact cards. We also want to preserve the original photo. We listened to your feedback and put together the additional options below.


Option 1: This is the originally proposed contact card. This is still our preferred option as it meets all of our goals mentioned above but does not support hi res photos well.


Option 2: The background photo is no longer blurred, which introduces contrast issues when text is applied on top of the photo. This is a good middle ground to show the high res photo.  This would be our second choice.


Option 3: The photo is sized to expand to the top of the screen. This will cause low res photos to appear pixelated. There is also excessive space when there is no photo, which will be the most common case.


Option 4: The photo does not inherit the contact color. The same issues from previous options apply to this option a well.



We would love to hear your thoughts, so feel free to contact the design team at [email protected]

  • LaLontra

    Option 1, the big image should be there when calling/being called.

  • mark

    I don’t much like the circle with initials in it. So without a photo I kind of prefer option 4 too, but there is too much wasted space, so can we have some kind of hybrid that uses as much space as option 1/2 but with the look of option 4.

    With a photo, option 4 is definitely my favourite.

  • http://www.Real-Instruments.de/ Michael Sasser

    Option 4

  • Александр Николаев

    option 4 !!!

  • eltonada

    I like Option 1

  • Flávio Wernik

    Option 4

  • Darwin J.

    Option 4.

  • yce

    Option 1.

  • disqus_I7XvbMPBKi

    Option 1. Readability and simplicity. I don’t have to see high-res photos at this stage – I can open the contact details to see that.

  • aluk4rd

    Opt 4.

    People should just add only high res pictures in their contacts.

  • b16a2smith

    Thank all of you for your comments and your input. This has been more helpful than I can type. From everyone here in the offices in Seattle and Palo Alto, thank you. We have read every single comment here and appreciate your involvement. A lot of you have provided clear and concise constructive feedback!


  • miladmaz12

    Is there any status on the File Manager and the Messaging app redesign?

  • ibrahim biten

    3 or 4 both ok

  • ibrahim biten

    I think cm wants option one 😀

  • http://www.brandonrankin.com Brandon Rankin

    Option 4, but when you scroll down, it should fade to option 2.

  • Aleks

    Option 1. Would be nice to be able to toucht the photo to enlarge it if its high res

  • Tim

    Option 4 and just put the text below the photo or use a heavy drop shadow.

  • i9

    Option 4

  • Neev Parikh

    option 1
    Much, much better

  • Ryan Johnson

    Is it too late to vote? I say Option 1 all the way because of the blur.

  • Snoop05

    What about implementing all 4 and user can choose which one he likes most in contacts/dialer app? And maybe in future allow per contact override.

  • gaurav dwivedi

    u guys have update galaxy sII int to 12.1 is there is any chance of s3 ???

  • stephendt0

    2, for the love of god, 2! Seriously, I swear CM don’t get it sometimes. Stability trumps features and minor UI tweaks anyday.

  • My name is John

    Option 1 without a doubt, the other ones look cluttered and too much. Design > Features, please.

  • Josh Campbell

    Option 1 is my preferred. I would go on Facebook or into my photos app if I wanted to see a high-res photo of my contact. When I view my contact card, I need a quick and easy option to contact that person, including easily readable text no matter what photo is there. I would not be opposed to the other options though, especially option 4.

  • Donarsson

    I’m sorry but I don’t like any of them, I’m perfectly fine with the minimalistic approach in AOSP.