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The winner is: Greg Willard



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  • Do Do

    When something comes out, with M-Preview?

  • Jonathan Muirhead

    Seriously? Are you seriously asking about M already?

  • Do Do

    Sure, some experimental Version.

  • Jacob Visick

    The M Preview source code isn’t available yet, so it’s impossible (and also not worthwhile, even if it was) to do anything with it.

  • Igor S

    You would better develop cm-12 milestone. All your previous deadlines are over…

  • Victor Castillo

    When is cyanogenmod to be ready and at least have something stable? I have a Note 4 and still on nightly builds. Come on! At least a milestone or something

  • Jonathan Yeboah

    Hey guys nice to see you so invested with the community but just so you know we are really confused with the lack of a stable build despite hearing the murmurs about one coming soon. A lot of us just want to know what’s going on, like should we wait months from now? Has a 12 stable build been given up on? Are you guys giving maintainers a vacation?

    We just want a little info, being left in the dark is frustrating

  • Fredrik Blomqvist

    I agree with previous posters…I kinda wanna know if a stable build is a few weeks away or months, so I know whether to switch to another, stable, ROM or not.

  • John Smith

    ETA? It’s easy! Just count 1+1 … Since Microsoft investing into Cyanogen it is in control now, and since Win 10 is going to be released on July 29 and MS wants a full attention to this date you do not have to expect any releases from Cyanogenmod before this date.

    And yes, they are claiming that MS is just controlling Cyanogen and not Cyanogenmod … but do you believe?

  • Algus

    I’ll buy your t-shirt as soon as you guys release 12.1M, deal? :)

  • Glenn Hughson

    Awesome! The little unlock icon is a nice touch. Heh.

  • mymarvelblog

    First I think CyanogenMod had done a magnificent work with this mod. Always reading what is coming in the next build (updates). Reading you’re work in the log .make me want to be part of this. Wish best to yua all and hope the best. I be using you work and comment in bug and ideas.

  • Victor Castillo

    Yeah, right! M$ wants a piece of open source technology, too! As i see, I hope they don’t make cyanogenmod a piece of crap as they did with Nokia

  • Gustavo Hylander

    still waiting for official cm12.1 n my my mint device currently running unofficial cm12.1

  • Blubb Bla

    Communication is the key to success..

  • r3pwn

    Thanks. :)

  • Gerhard

    Stop blogging and finish your code please.. milestones missed all over the place, I think it’s time to find another ROM

  • Clemens Haffner

    I know, requests are bad, bad whats with d802? Are there no maintainers ATM?. CM12.1 just wont come out? If there will be no change, i am forced to switch to euphoria OS, even if i love CMs great translations and its rock stability

  • sparks

    Everything has got so boring at Cm. I have gone back to stock. To be truthful got fed up waiting for stable builds. Stock suits me fine, or can somebody tell me why I should load CM again, but it needs to be something exciting.

  • Erik

    Change the font to Roboto for the final design. #MaterialYOLO !