The “L” is for Later

By now, Android fans and fanatics alike have seen the next version of Android previewed at Google IO, released as a developer preview for select Nexus devices, and now, the developer preview code is making its way to AOSP trees.

“So let’s get the flood-gates started on CM 12!” – right? No

A new wrinkle, but same old same old

Google’s early release and access is something they have never done before, and it is going to wildly help developer adoption of the new L platform; this is exciting to see happen. However, this doesn’t take away the fact that the code, being a preview, is non-final and likely going to change. No one outside of Google knows how much change this means – it could be minor, or it could be substantial. We could spend the next 3 weeks working on integrating CM features against this new platform, and then have it suddenly change dramatically and break in the final release of “L”. This would boil down to a waste of time.

It is much more prudent to wait for the final source drop and Google’s own development to stabilize. Those of you who ran the preview releases on the Nexus 5 and 7 can likely attest that there are not only bugs, but missing features as well, even something as simple as a ‘clear all’ button on notifications.

Being prudent doesn’t mean staying idle

Now, just because we aren’t switching gears to CM12 right away doesn’t mean we won’t be checking out the code release from today. This opportunity gives us the ability to cost out the level of effort for each CM feature, identify gaps in “L” and possible solutions for them, figure out what CM features can go, and run preliminary assessments on how badly device support will break.

This process will drastically increase our ability to release something full-featured once official, and final,  ”L” source is made available.

Our roadmap

CM11 M8 (Android 4.4.4) release is already tagged and branched and in preparation for release just after the July 4th weekend. Until we get a signal or indication of when “L” will be final, we will continue to treat it as a secondary to closing out bugs and improving features/support for CM 11 and continuing the ‘M-release’ cycle.

But I want it now!

Understandably, there will be a rapid influx of “L” ‘ports’ in the developer community, which will be the gateway for those of you who absolutely cannot wait. From the CM team, we kindly ask that you respect that this is a preview source drop, and not to be rude to (app) developers whose apps fail on the new code-base. And as always, make a back-up before you go off playing.

-The CM Team

  • Steve

    The Galaxy S3

  • Max Rinkana Zukatokime Banik

    Does anyone know if the fact that”L” supports Intel processors will make developers develop “L” to RAZR I (890). It would change my opinion about Motorola and even my phone ;) I hope so from the bottom of my heart

  • Ian Jackson

    Stable > Newest. Take your time, and make it the best and most stable L ROM you can.

  • Tariq Yusuf

    most or if not all devices that are running CM11 will get CM12 aslong as they have the drivers and the device can still support it and since nexus 4 will get android l officially from google CM will be able to make CM12 for it

  • Tariq Yusuf

    take your time with CM12 would rather wait then have it released and mess up my phone. keep doing what your doing bringing life back to dated phones and ensuring there are little bugs

  • Tariq Yusuf

    yh that way we have less chance of breaking our phones

  • GDias

    I have been using CM11 since the beginning to the m8 update.. on my galaxy grand i9082…Great Job CM…I’ll love test android l on this device.. Really Cyanogen mod > Samsung TW

  • Francesco Masso

    thanks to the work of the CyanogenMod have given new life to my Galaxy S2 still some time now thanks to CyanogenMod are great keep it up and I hope in a release the CM12 for the Galaxy SII.

  • WestJ

    Much want. Using OmniRom on GS2 mainly cos 4.4 wasn’t available via CM when I switched. Also, Android 5 is supposed to be lighter than 4.4, and KitKat already runs as fast as Gingerbread on my device…

  • MK

    Hi team,
    I am very much interested in Cyanogenmod but it still not support my device, Micromax Canvas A114. Please port it for my device.

    Regards…… MK.

  • Adolph Cabañas

    Any chance for CyanogenMod on the Huawei G610 phone? Give this phone a chance for there are a lot using it! Thanks in advance!

  • Aaditya

    I hope they do not abandon s2 i9100

  • Juan Sebastian Camargo Visbal

    You should at least start porting apps to Material Design and ART. Those are things that will not change and you can cut time by speeding that up.

  • Karolis Aleksiejus

    Want too, still rockin’ GS2 awesome device!!

  • Ryan Paolo Dumaguin

    CM12 for htc sensation xe please !!!

  • Aaesos

    I am happy with what you have given us, with all previous releases. You guys know you stuff, and if you think waiting is the right choice, then let us wait.

    KitKat is still great, and all up to date apps work wonderfully.

    Keep up the good work.

  • Andrey Nazarchuk

    Well, the animations are 60fps

  • Igor

    I wonder if there will be Cm12 for HTC ONE X international

  • Cyber Samurai

    Sounds great!…. But does it have GPS capability?…. Seems like the “other” Mods are out of reach…???

  • Dmitry

    Pretty much agree with the author

  • TheOneWhoLived

    i can wait, but I hope they give us a Cyanogenmod 12 (android L) when it offically comes out

  • TheOneWhoLived

    I do hope they make a android l when it comes out offically

  • Superrobot48

    Please give sgh-i897 Android L . as a beta please!!

  • Jelle Roggekamp

    I rather have the stable android versions instead of developer previews and for development sake of it I just run it all in an emulator for now. Also not a problem

  • Ronaldo Costa Filho

    Any word on M9? My i9000b is begging for a clean flash ;p

  • Spanti Nicola

    But a lot drivers are free/libre (that is why Replicant supports it), so they can be upgraded.

  • Ariano Ângelo

    Well i had to install the stock rom samsung on my gt i9300 because the camera on CM11 was always crashing when i tried to record videos with more than 1 minute on a concert.. :( shit samsung you suck even to help the others make good roms for you smartphone -.-

  • f2WiTteR

    Can’t wait for CM12! How can a freeware operation be better than a giant corporation like Samsung??

  • alejandro lopez

    Please don’t exclude p3110 as it clearly has the capability to use newer firmware
    You should be able to add new devices because kitkat only requires about 500mb ram?
    You should add a built-in power save feature
    Don’t exclude us power fanatics

  • Damodara das


  • Crystopr

    G3 anyone?

  • Lijoosh C

    just wait till Google release a stable version after getting feedbacks from all those geeks who are on preview now on their Nexus devices!

  • Volodymyr

    Please release the unstable version of Android L for xperia z1 6903.
    Just for try it how it goes.
    I can’t wait for CM12 :)

  • AxelWexel

    Pleease also release a stabile Version for the Galaxy nexus

  • Sawyer Bergeron

    Why is it that they are talking about it as if the source code has been released? I thought only the precompiled dev previews and emulators had been released

  • Jeeva Anandh

    hi guys i also waiting for mt6582(lenovo s860)

  • kosiara

    As much as I love the new release I want to see the final Android 4.4 (CM11) release as soon as possible. So that’s a good move guys! Just wait for the final Android 5.0 code from Google.

  • Thanh Vu

    First please cook rom CM 11 for my samsung galaxy s vibrantmtd. Thanks guy very much.

  • Cédian Oosting

    CM 12 for galaxy note?????? I got that phone on cm11 nightly. It rocks!

  • Varun Rampersad

    I can wait as well i just hope they make a stable release for the galaxy s2 i9100g model as thats a more difficult model to come across

  • Volodymyr

    I can´t wait for CM12 Honami :)

  • Digital Workshed

    I really agree with the author on this one. Can’t wait for CM12!!!!! :)

  • Ariano Ângelo

    And the ART that makes our device faster. But Google should add the feature of moving apps to SD card again because ART spends a lot of more memory

  • Nazo

    Google added that long ago. Not to mention even on older devices you can get third party apps to do this (though you probably need root to do so on those devices.) I don’t think ART makes things take significantly more STORAGE though (and if it affects memory usage it would definitely be lower.)

  • Dave Daniel Pador-Sundermeyer

    I totally agree with you CM-Team… a stable release is the most important aspect than having a half-cooked one, which is based on “L”. Pls don’t forget support for the OneX+. I know, nvidia is doing a great job in being unsupportive (yet again).

  • Akuma

    Please dont forget Xperia T (mint) when CM12 comes out…

  • Pablo

    Don’t forget the Transformer TF700T. I dream with my baby running the L. Thanks CyanogenMod, thanks for make my devices powerful <3