Samsung Galaxy S series support

Support for three of the Samsung Galaxy S devices has arrived from Cyanogenmod. Now supported are the Samsung i9000, T-Mobile Vibrant, and AT&T Captivate. It was a long and interesting road, however, it has been completed. All Most of the hardware of the devices should be in proper working order and you can expect the official nightlies to roll out soon (GPS broken on Vibrant). We’re happy to include you in our family and hope you enjoy both Cyanogenmod 7 and Android 2.3.4.

To see the maintainers for the three devices, look here:

  • rabogado

    Hi everyone!

    I have a Samsung Galaxy S SGH-T959 Vibrant.

    Please, I need your help!!

    How do I can update in “Mode Download” using ODIN?

    I say this because the files are from now on. ZIP (

    Greetings and thanks in advance,

    [email protected]

  • larrisa12002

    Flash the file using clockworkmod recovery. Google clockworkmod. Odin is used for .pit and .tar files, not for .zip files.

  • devilman539

    Will we possibly see 2.3.4 on Droid Charge? I ran CM 7 on my HTC Hero before upgrading it and miss it dearly. Keep up the amazing work guys!

  • msdark

    I hear about you need tester to give official support for Galaxy S GT-i9000B (Latinoamerican version) ..

    I see the CM stats:
    galaxysb 105
    galaxysbmtd 56

    I think this is a good number of users, using CM (i don’t know if all use versión 7 or 7.1) ..
    This users are the testers or you need someone more official ??

  • lele1980

    Hi! With thriller build #29 for galaxy s gmail and market app don’t work

  • 282496034

    can you develop the Cyanogenmod for m110s(I9000 of Korea).
    Many people need it.Thanks..

  • Ploppy

    What is going on with support for Galaxy S? This model disappeared from Devices menu. Will there be any stable release for this phone?

  • Ks
  • Ploppy

    Repository may be temporarily down, OK, but if you go to Devices page you will not see Galaxy S there. This is related to repository hack?

  • Tander_08

    how about for shw-m110s

  • Guest

    just 2.3.4?

  • Mjbri13

    can you do this for galaxy SL i9003 pls..

  • Kawalkamboj91

    don’t forget samsung galaxy sl i9003 ……. it is best fone in every aspects  …..galaxy s and galaxy sl are LIKE mario and liugi..

  • Guest

    Please make one for Samsung Galaxy SL (I9003).

  • Rwandersen

    Cyanogenmod for SGS4G would be nice

  • Kwek_lawson

    Please make one for Samsung Galaxy SL too D:

  • Guest

    Please make for Galaxy SL I9003 :)

  • Lokeycmos

    Please, please, please  SGS4G!!!!!!

  • As

    Please make for Galaxy SL I9003 :)
    Guys there are many owners of Galaxy SL, please make it for us coz its a very popular phone

  • Rwandersen

    CM for SGS4G.  I’m begging you.

  • Mcihome

    Cyanogenmod for SGS4G PLS!!!

  • GMJ

    Does Cyanogenmod support the Samsung Galaxy S T959 Vibrant

  • Himmelskrieger Blackbox

    I want Cyangenmod for the Galaxy I9003 

  • Munee0

    do u have any plan for Korean Samsung Galaxy S (SHW-M110S)?

  • Nik

    please do for galaxy sl(i9003)..waiting patiently for that

  • Kohner Bruntjen

    Well if the SGH-T959D variant of the Galaxy S Fascinate is so similar to the Verizon SGH-T959 please make a CM 7 build for it, getting the phone is easy obviously, and it would more then likely be kinda easyish to take the newest version of the cm7 build for the verizon fascinate and work with that to make a build for it

  • Maribela21

    Hi will you get support for the sgs4g??

  • Hasnain Munawar

    Currently using SGHi9000 on 10.1.2 — GPS is not working; cant use phone as satnav :Z
    Did clean the eps folder using terminal didn’t help.

  • james terwase

    I have a sumsung i997, after upgrading to d cyanogen mod, can’t download app anymore, pls help me.

  • Sebastian Berliński

    Do you have downloaded and installed the latest version of GAPPS?

  • Thanh Vu

    please re-support Samsung Vibrant T959