Release extravaganza: CM 11.0 and 12.0 Final

AKA “The Phantom Release”

As we look forward to Android M’s release later this year and continue work to integrate the latest from Android 5.1.1_r5 (released yesterday), we are finalizing the branches of CM11.0 and CM12.0. They have seen improved stability and security fixes over the past few months, but little in the way of further development as the focus shifted to CM12.1.

Tonight, the final snapshot releases of both 11.0 and 12.0 are going live – available in sequence as they are built out by our Jenkins instance.

Why another CM11 build? Rather surprisingly, many users have been slow to upgrade to L – whether due to the lack of a snapshot release or adverse reaction to the Material design, we don’t know. The meager stats that we have show that there is a rather large contingency of users who are sticking to CM11 as their release channel of choice, so we felt compelled to give a release showcasing all the work that went into that branch to make it ship ready.

There shouldn’t be any ‘gotchas’ with regards to flashing these builds for CM11 or CM12 users (minus the obligatory warning to make sure your gapps and etc match the Android version you are using). Upgrades should go through without issues, though many 11.0 users updating to 12.0 are advised to update their recoveries as well to ensure that SELinux support doesn’t give you a headache.

12.1 nightly users should not be compelled to downgrade to these releases.

Nightlies and weeklies for 11 and 12.0 branches will be slowly phased out, most likely shut off come M’s entry to nightlies. CM12.1 nightlies will continue as we prepare a release build for 5.1.1 as well (no ETA, sorry).

As always, bug reports can be submitted via our JIRA instance – though in all honesty CM11 issues are unlikely to see massive work, unless they prove to be ultra critical. CM12.0 bugs are fair game, as the code base between 12.0 and 12.1 are similar enough, and the bug likely impacts both branches if present.

Happy Flashing,

The CyanogenMod Team

  • g6701345

    Why another CM11 build?

    course till now, course most device ain’t getting CM12 snapshot….

    and really, nexus 4/5/6 aint the first getting CM12 snapshot, but LG G2?

  • Dat Dude

    Please, someone, help me understand something. I am running CM11.0 on my HTC M7. I have went to my settings 100s of times to check for the latest update to anything above CM11.0. Not once has there been an update. But many releases have been released. How do I get the latest CM release as easy as I got the CM11.0 via the CM website download program/whatever its called?

  • Revit York

    I’m the same, I can’t find a CM12 milestone for the galaxy s4 either. I would have long since updated too.

  • James

    I’m glad I’m not the only one confused by this. I wonder what platform and release are they considering stable? The device list on the wiki seems to be a mess. I search for cm12 releases and click on a device and then the stable release branch is empty or only contains cm10, maybe outdated cm11 downloads.

    I’ve started to wonder if CyanogenMod has died since going commercial.

  • Dainis Abols

    I don’t get this. My Nexus 5 is still running 4.4.4 for almoust a
    year now and is not upgrading. Am I missing something big here?

  • Rafael

    I’d like to know too…

  • Brady Dowling


  • Destroid

    Most people prefer it.

  • Jose Ant Aranda

    Pretty please?

  • Joseph

    When Cm12 come to i9500 , still Cm11 . Please, I want to use cm12 .

  • cifrado

    Same here. Still waiting for Moto X snapshot.

  • Radek Němec

    I am using S4 mini (I9192), dual sim.

  • Destroid

    You won’t be able to. The only way to get CM 12.1 is to manual flash.

  • Destroid

    It won’t be getting it.

  • Destroid

    You will have to manually update your Nexus to a newer version through a custom recovery.

  • Destroid

    There will be no CM 12 snapshot, flash the latest CM 12.1 nightly.

  • Dat Dude

    That’s retarted. Then what the hell is the purpose of CyanogenMod Installer if u can’t update to the next build.

  • Destroid

    They haven’t been working on or updating CM updater since it came out really. Must not be a big priority on their end.

  • Dat Dude

    Thanks bro for the info. Think I’ll find a way to go back to the latest stock HTC.

  • Destroid

    I’d look on XDA developer forums and find a custom ROM to put on your phone, there are good developers on XDA with good ROMs that you can try. Much better than stock HTC.

  • Dat Dude

    Think I’ll do that instead. Again…thanks bro.

  • Destroid

    Always glad to help.

  • Revit York

    Fair enough, thanks. I’ll update my device at the end of the next contract. Thanks.

  • Dainis Abols

    Won’t I loose all my data that way?

  • Destroid

    Yes you will need to do a clean flash.

  • fcjzdaDZ1x

    I have Samsung Galaxy S4 LTE. Only CM11 is available. I’ve been checking it for months, nothing else is available, even nightly builds are not there.

    So what’s the point of this “release extravaganza”?

  • Tim

    “many users have been slow to upgrade to L” because it’s really hard for 90% of the devices. Like for the I747 the information on cyanogenmod was hopelessly outdated, the installer did not work with any of the many tricks, and I had read way to much xda to piece the bits together. I did get get it working but it’s not an adventure I would expect any non computer nerd to be able to pull off.

  • Kirjolohi

    Alerdy got it. there is even cm 12.1 nigthlys for it.

  • Kirjolohi

    There is. and even newer one, cm 12.1 nigthly builds. using it even now.

  • Kirjolohi

    im using i9100 cm12.1 nigtlys and dont really see any problems.

  • Kirjolohi

    what? i have lastest version of nigthlys on cm 12.1 and dont see that happening anymore. yes it is a bug, fixed alerdy

  • Jas

    CM 12.1 nightly is there but not 12.0!

  • Anyi Rivera

    Please , it is not too much to ask a ROM for Sony Xperia M2 Aqua Lollipop android . Thank You

  • Jonathan Near

    HTC m7 snapshot would be nice…..

  • Saman Azizkhani

    I have android system battery drain on oneplus one even without gapps or any apps with cyanogenmod or cyanogen os :(( fix it please!!!!!!!! :(((((

  • Mathias Wittig


    I’m using Cyanogen OS 12.1 on my OnePlus One.
    The battery-safe-mode, which turns on at a low battery level annoys me.
    The function itsself works fine, but the style of the notificationbar, which changes from black to red/orange doesn’t look not very pretty.
    To be honest, it’s rather ugly and deters me from safing battery life.

    I attached a style i’d prefer.
    I appreciate to see it (or something similar) in an future OTA Update 😉

    Mathias Wittig

  • ratheesh chandra

    Is there any news for Note3 N900 users ?

  • James

    You might have better luck checking what is available on xda. I went there and found a rom based on cyanogenmod 12.1 that seemed pretty popular for my phone, and it has been stable for me using for a couple weeks now.

  • Luiz Bolsonaro Lopes

    When have version of CM 12 for SM-G530BT (Samsung grand prime duos)

  • Rahil Bhathara

    So wen ll we get Android m update for Nexus 5 ??

  • Liviu Turcanu

    Cyanogenmod for samsung galaxy core 2 sm g355hn please

  • Murks

    Ok… looks like a CM11 Final Build for Sony Z1 Compact (amami) will never happen. :(

  • Murks

    NOPE. Not all are getting CM11 final Build. Sony Z1 Compact for example is not getting too.

  • andrybak

    What is the FINAL version of CM11?

  • Herculano Pinto

    Can I use the version 12.1 on my moto G(2013)?

  • Orlando Abreu

    hello my name is orlando cm 12 for SM-T230NU [ Samsung Galaxy TAB 4 ]

  • Akash Kumar

    Want cynogenmod 5.0 for HP slate 6 please help..

  • ikaros02

    Lel, it gets CM13

  • Řṽ Choudhary

    please cyanogenmod for htc 802d dual sim upload….please send link plz

  • LuiAndroid

    I have a kazam tornado 350 and this phone runs stock android 4.4.2. The manufactures wont make a upgrade to lolipop anymore, so is there anything avilable for my device? It has a mediatek mt 6592m. Is it possible to run cyanogenmod that is actualy developed for another device with the same processor?

    Sorry for my bad english, im from the Netherlands…