Call for response: Messaging Redesign

Thursday, bsxtn gave you an introduction to the Cyanogen Design team. Today, they would like to present their vision for a Messaging app redesign, and want your opinion on the direction.

We want to build a refresh of the Messaging app which will be included in the CyanogenMod project. The Messaging app will handle SMS, MMS, and Group messages, while providing integration to a relaunched WhisperPush Service. Optionally, Cyanogen OS users will be able to use the TrueCaller integration to view caller ID information and block spammers.

Background: In November, we conducted a survey of our users on Google+ and Facebook. Of our CyanogenMod users, 66% reported sending at least one SMS message per day. Moreover, SalesForce via a commissioned study, reported that 90% of users in the US sent at least one SMS message per day. In the same Cyanogen Messaging Survey, 32% of our users reported using either the stock messaging app …

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Thread Throwdown Winner Announcement

After a week of voting and after nearly a thousand votes, we bring to you the winner the Thread Throwdown contest!


The winner is: Greg Willard



Thank all of you for your entries. Keep your inboxes synced and watch for an email. To all contestants including the winner: we will be contacting you soon for some swag! A big thank you to everyone for submitting!

Developer Spotlight: The Cyanogen Design Team

In our second Developer Spotlight, we are introducing members of the Cyanogen design team. We’d like to give the CM community a chance to get to know the creative minds behind Cyanogen. These individuals are excellent resources to the community and should be utilized as such. We asked each of them to write a short introduction. Each individual brings unique experiences and expertise in fields such as mobile, web, gaming, and more. Some team members also have a long-standing history with CyanogenMod, which was ultimately part of the motivating factor in them coming to work full-time on a product they love.


Left to right: Dave Kover, Tyrone Samson, Hayden Schoen, Adrian Valencia Foulk, Asher Simonds, Nick Santos, Aaron James, Brett Pearce


Dave Kover|Product Designer

Hi! I’m Dave. In my role here at Cyanogen, I focus on our Themes product. This position really has 3 key …

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Developer Spotlight: A One On One With Invisiblek

Welcome to our first Developer Spotlight, a short Q & A with community staff. This is our way of taking a moment to recognize the many talented developers who contribute to one of the largest community driven open source projects around.

Dan Pasanen, also known as invisiblek, is a device maintainer inside of the CyanogenMod community. He has been a core contributor to the project since 2012 with nearly 1900 contributions. Dan is currently keeping himself busy maintaining multiple devices for CM, fixing device specific and CM-wide bugs. His current daily driver is a Verizon G3.

You are well known for your work on a wide array of LG, HTC and Samsung devices and even did some work for the HP Touchpad. Out of every device you have worked on, which device would you say was the most fun and the absolute worst to work on? 

I’m not sure I can pick one …

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CM Thread Throwdown Announcement

Many of you are likely familiar with the “I void warranties” shirt from 2014 – a popular item featuring hometown hero Cid that many proudly sport. Now we’re ready to come up with a fresh new design for 2015, and we want to see what crazy fun ideas the community has up their sleeves!

Introducing the CM Thread Throwdown!

The Thread Throwdown is simple – submit a design and if your design is voted tops by the community, your design will become the next CM community t-shirt! We will be printing up shirts and doing a free giveaway after the Thread Throwdown finishes and the top design is picked. The shirt will also be submitted to Teespring so that any one interested in purchasing one may do so as well. No profits will be made off of the shirts or designs. Please be aware that …

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Microsoft and CM12.1 Nightlies

Sorry for the clickbait title, but given today’s news cycle from most of the blogs, I couldn’t resist using their same tactic.

For those looking for a good read on Cyanogen Inc’s announcement, head over to AndroidCentral.

To highlight the one take away that matters to CyanogenMod users – We are not bundling or pre-installing Microsoft (or any Cyanogen OS exclusive partner apps) into CyanogenMod.

Edit: Those reading the AC article have asked about ‘ads’ showing up. No, those won’t be in CyanogenMod either.

And yes, that April fools joke is still a prank.

Your nightlies will not see a sudden influx of Microsoft applications – you can put the pitchforks down. CyanogenMod has historically stayed neutral on your services of choice, whether you use Google, Amazon or Fdroid; we leave that decision to you and we have no intention of changing that.

What you will see are new APIs available in …

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