Developer Spotlight: A Moment With Jorge Ruesga

Welcome to our second Developer Spotlight, a short Q & A with community staff. This is our way of taking a moment to recognize the many talented developers who contribute to one of the largest community driven open source projects around.

Jorge Ruesga is a contributor/feature developer, on the User Interface and User Experience team, for the CyanogenMod community. He has been a core contributor to the project since 2012 with hundreds of contributions, including dynamic live tiles. He currently works as a J2EE Architect in Spain.

You are one of the developers on the Asus TF700T and other Transformer devices, how do you find time to work on dynamic live tiles and maintain a device?

I just helped out dasunsrule32 and the others transformer guys with some UI/UX features for these devices, like dock battery or the custom keys handling of the dock keyboard. In my daily contributions, I work more closely with the frameworks/apps part of the code, but sometimes its also interesting to look at the code that governs the devices.

How would you explain dynamic live tiles to a new CyanogenMod user? A lot of people are excited for it.

A dynamic tile is a quick setting tile that is only displayed during an active system event (ex: an app with a root session or an active alarm). The concept of dynamic tiles comes from CM11, where they were implemented inside the SystemUI by listening to special events generated by the system. In CM12.1, we decided to go in a different direction. With the help of Custom Tiles API
(in the new CMSDK), we move the creation of the dynamic tiles to the source of the event. This allows more useful information than what we provided before.

What gave you the idea for dynamic live tiles?

At CyanogenMod, we run an instance of an issue tracker called Jira, which also serves as a feature tracker. At the beginning of the bring-up of CM12, the core team introduced all of the functionalities present in CM11 that we really would want to port to the next version. Every individual of the core project can take responsibility for a feature in the list. Dynamic tiles was one such feature that we decided to port.

What device is your daily driver for a device?

This is a little embarrassing. Currently, my daily driver is a stock Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge but I own other CM ready devices to test CM11 and CM12 bugs and to develop new features.

What advice do you have for new programmers or aspiring programmers?

Time to learn, as the internet is full of source code. They only need to have passion and perseverance, and a solid idea about what they want to build. After the initial learning curve, fun times will come.

What was the first big project you were involved in and how did it turn out?

It was some time ago. I’m still maintaining it.

Can you share which project that is?

Nope, it’s still a secret. 😉

Ahh, understood. Enough with the technical inquiries, what do you do in your free time? Any pastimes you enjoy outside of coding?

I usually code in my free time (in CM or in other personal projects), but I like to watch movies when coding fatigues or overwhelms me.

Fill in the blank. Bacon and ______?

Eggs? More bacon could be a bit unhealthy :)

I am huge on eggs, scrambled with cheese or right on top of a burger with bacon.
Who did you look up to when you started coding and hacking around?

There’s a lot of talented people in CyanogenMod (Steve, Ricardo, Danny & more).

There is a lot of talent around the community for sure, no lack of that here. 

It’s probably unfair to name only them because I’m leaving many out.

Is there anything you would like to say to the community before we end our chat?

I want to thank them for all the support they give to us. If you want to find me, I’ll be around working to fix bugs and adding new features (like bloatware of course… just kidding).

I had a great time chatting with Jorge about his contributions and the other awesome aspects of our community. You can follow Jorge on his personal social media:

github_social_64  64_google plus
  • Luis Armstrong Santana

    I really need cm 12.1 for d802!!! Im missing everything! And i am plaged with bugs T-T

  • TomoS

    Where the hell is the final snapshot for the GT-i9300?

  • Fabriziocip

    Lol this question keeps coming over and over. S3 was sold in 50 millions units, it would be so simpler if Cyanogenmod made clear if they dropped support for this device or they’re just delaying the release. These questions would be replied with the link to that comment and people would stop minding before or later.

  • TomoS

    But on SGS3 it is CM11 but not the final version appeared so what does this have to do with sales?

  • Fabriziocip

    I was talking about CM 12. I brought up the sales because I’m surprised that one of the top selling mobile phone in the world is receiving almost no official attention in cyanogenmod blogs and comments. Actually the same is true the CM11 final snapshot.

  • ibrahim biten

    Same for i9100… I want satbility on my phone but cm12.1 is not stable enough to use

  • mat

    WTF?Where is the final CM11 and CM12 for Galaxy S3 Intl.?Galaxy S2 and S1 gets both but not S3? Are you aware that S3 is one of the most sold phone in the world ?
    Or even a better question,do you guys from Cyanogen team ever read the comments?

  • Mike Gregory

    Veruca Salt….

  • Ark Yuco

    Devs plz release da cm12.1 update for i9100g…gosh…lucky users of i9100…

  • mat

    Oh wait,this is your attempt to insult me.Well,see,unlike you,I’m not gonna call you names or anything,I’m going to make it clear to you:
    Me as a Cyanogenmod user,I am displeased that my S3 gets very little attention where as the Galaxy S1 and S2 which are obviously older phones.Last CM11 Milestone (12) released for S3 has too many issues and I wish Cyanogen will finaly release M13 for my phone,that’s all I’m saying.

  • Mike Gregory

    Clearly this reference is lost on you. Never mind. If you were paying for a service and did not receive it, then this is one thing. We don’t pay for Cyanogen, so I can’t really see how you can complain. If there are no maintainers for a device, it won’t be developed for. Simples.

  • mat

    Not paying for Cyanogenmod is not an excuse for their problems with the rom and the mistreat of other phones.They should atleast say WHY S3 doesn’t get any releases lately, not leave everyone in a mist,it’s not long until Cyanogen will ask us for money to get the rom,it comes with Oneplus One already! Cyanogen turned corporate,they aren’t same people that they once were.
    Cyanogen wants to make the rom better than Google himself,pretty ballsy statement despite that the rom is filled with bugs and problems
    About the obscure reference,I’m not saying “I want it now” I’m saying “Why am I not getting it?”
    Also,you were calling me names,literally.

  • Mike Gregory

    Anyone would think you did not have an OS on your phone… If this is all you have to worry about in your life, you must be doing really well. Glad you got the earlier reference, I was starting to worry!

  • mat

    I’m not the only one complaining,mind you,just look at the comment section and see,it just proves my earlier statements true.
    And yes,it is right to worry about your OS,there are dozens of cases where a rom(in this case Cyanogenmod)can misbehave and brick your device,therefore making your data unusable.
    It isn’t something I have to worry in my life,I’m just asking a question,that’s all.

  • Mike Gregory

    Fair point. In which case, stick with your stock ROM and pester the phone manufacture for updates. I am lucky in that the don’t Z2 is well looked after by CM. In fact the only reason I found CM was that my Bluetooth performance was awful and decided to see what else was about.

  • Corwin1681

    What happened to CyanogenMod Account? I keep getting “Authentication Failure! The password you entered was invalid or your session has expired” when I try to locate my phone? And my phone keeps prompting me for cyanogenmod password all the time. How do I address this?

  • John Smith

    LOL, try to use credentials from your Microsoft account. It is all about it.

  • duckmanbill

    Even the devs don’t use CM.

  • colton wildcat

    hello am a nigerian and i updated my motorola Razr XT912 to CM12 successfully but i cant send text message and i cant send any USSD code (ie *556#) to check my network balance please how can i go about this

  • colton wildcat

    please if its a bug please an you rectify it in your next update? i cant get my MCN (message center number) in the message settings. so its not there please i really love your work and besides can you please but a ROM for mtk devices too??