Introducing the Cyanogen Apps Package

Many CM community users may be familiar with Cyanogen OS, the certified commercial version that comes preloaded on retail smartphones such as the OnePlus One, WileyFox, ZUK Z1, Andromax Q, and YU branded devices.

Cyanogen OS includes a variety of apps and services that leverage CyanogenMod’s open platform. As CM users, these apps were previously unavailable to you unless you bought a Cyanogen OS powered retail phone. Starting today, we’re announcing the release of the Cyanogen Apps Package (C-Apps).

C-Apps is being offered as an optional download and will not be preinstalled on CyanogenMod releases. This package will allow you to take your existing devices running CM 12.1, and make them more like the Cyanogen OS experience. The latest version of CM 12.1 is required for C-Apps to run properly.

Download and wiki instructions are located at the bottom of this post. The following features are included in the initial C-Apps Package:

  • Theme Chooser with per-app theming
  • Theme Store
  • AudioFX
  • Cyanogen Accounts
  • Gallery
  • Dialer with TrueCaller integration
  • Email powered by Boxer

Audio FX

AudioFX_Rock AudioFX_Classical AudioFX_Custom

Audio FX is our answer to the need of great audio tweaks and controls. With an intuitive and simple design, Audio FX can be used to switch between audio presets and custom settings created by the user.

AudioFX gives you unmatched customization and quality for your music. AudioFX delivers 24-bit High-Res Lossless Audio with bass boost, surround, reverb, and 13 preset configurations.

Theme Chooser

themes_chooser themes_chooser_customize

Theme Chooser is designed for you and how you want your device to look. We are making this available to help enhance how you live your mobile life.

You can use the Theme Chooser to mix and match all the different parts of any theme—so you can create a theme that’s truly your own.

Theme Store

themes_store_detail themes_store (1)

The Cyanogen Theme Store is the place to browse and download any number of themes. Choose from more than 200 themes, with more themes added regularly.


Gallery-(1) gallery_Drawer (1)

Our Integrated Gallery brings together all your photos from multiple different services, automatically sorting them and removing duplicates.

Cyanogen Dialer with Integrated Truecaller

dialer_TrueCaller - First Time User Dialog Opt Out dialer_TrueCaller - Incomiing Call - Spam Caller - Block Caller (1)

With more than 1.7 billion contacts worldwide, the robust caller ID included in Truecaller Integrated Dialer allows you to identify and block incoming spam right from your heads up notification. (A Cyanogen Account is required to enable.)

Email powered by Boxer

email_Boxer - Email - Drawer email_Boxer - Email - Bulk Actions email_Boxer - Email - OOBE

Email, powered by Boxer, helps you stay organized and connected by syncing multiple email accounts into one.

Cyanogen Account

Creating a Cyanogen Account gives you access to the Theme Store, the ability to locate your device, remote lock and remote wipe it, and enable the TrueCaller functionality. After signing up for your Cyanogen account online, you can manage your account and device at

For download, please visit the Cyanogen Inc. page for Cyanogen apps. For detailed installation instructions, please visit our wiki located on the CyanogenMod C-Apps page.

  • sammiller

    Much appreciated! Are all the c-apps open-source, hence transparent?

  • Gabriel Almeida N

    also found errors in the dialer cm13 (serranoltexx) with cyanogen Apps package

  • moralesnery

    I hope OneNote and Office gets added to this pack.

  • Ferry

    When I install through recovery I get E:failed to verify whole file signature and the E: signature verification failed .. Whats up with that?

  • samhith srivatsa

    where is the package for cm13??????????

  • Vinita Baheti

    when would be these apps ported to work on cm 13 capable devices

  • samhith srivatsa

    what is with you????you released cm13 and even after a ton of nightlies you only support this for cm12.1 ,,,,, wierd

  • Hanevit March

    You have to remove it from the updater script too

  • Jase Whipp

    Same…totally nukes the dialer and you can’t make or recieve phone calls.

  • Akshay Maldhure

    Installing the C-Apps package on my Mi3 running CM13.1 build removed my existing Phone app and did not install any other Dialer app. As a result, there was no such app in my phone and the phone kept on rebooting every time I got a phone call. 😀 lol

  • samhith srivatsa


  • BassVix

    Eu também, Gabriel.

    Destruiu a instalação do meu CM 13 no S4 mini (como o seu), entra num loop infinito que já era.

    Voltei para o CM 12.1, pior é que a última versão, do dia 21, não está mais disponível e o snapshot é do dia 17.
    Mas foi bom, vou esperar o root funcionar no CM13.

  • MotoDev

    Dialer is not working Keep crashing if we make call “True Dialer need to be fixed now”

  • U_SAF

    There was huge issue with phone dialer, the smooth sailing LG G2 got so many troubles to make or receive calls. I tried replacing the dialer but couldn’t so had to hard reset and install everything again.
    There must be option to install individual apps like Themes etc. I just need the Themes and may be Cyanogen account.

  • iiku

    can we use these on cm13?

  • Giacomo

    This zip is updated now for cm13??

  • Luca

    How can I update these apps?

  • Chun Wang Ho

    Everything is perfect except the dialer. How can I go back to Google dialer? Flash Gapps again?

  • Vaibhav Shah

    True caller is utter crap! Other than that, the other apps are pretty decent. It is possible to live with Gapps except for things like voice dictation and features like Google now which I find to be gimmicky anyway.

  • Jade Carl Patrick Rivera

    Please respond to my problem. After I installed Cyanogen 12.1 my Menu and Back button touchpad wont interact anymore but it produce lights everytime I open my phone anyway my phone is from Qatar please send me link for proper ROM to install to my phone. Thanks for the ROM. And I cant install Minecraft Pocket Edition 0.14.0 does it support Minecraft apk it always says “app not installed” on some apk and some playstore games.

  • Rohit Roy

    Hi. I just bought an YU Yuphoria, with manufacturing date of november 2015. How can i install the Cyanogen mod app package? i tried downloading the package from my computer as per instructions, but whenever i try to tarnsfer it from the computer to my phone, it says that the phone will not allow sucha file to be transferred and gets cancelled automatically. i have created a cyanogen account from my computer. I really want to try out the apps package. Can anyone help?

  • Fernando Arroyo Jr

    Does anyone know if these apps will work with the latest release of the Oxygen OS?

  • ronnie12888

    May i have c apps for cm 10???

  • Simonation 7

    theme store dosent work on cm13

  • Utsav Dhar

    Any chances of the Capps package getting passed on cm 13 ROMs… A huge fan of this and desperately waiting for this….

  • Dhruva Darshan

    When will you release c-apps for CM 13?

  • Umberto Saiani

    Hey I have a Samsung galaxy s5… I flashed CM13 nightly some days ago and it was all ok until today when I decided to flash this package! It completely ruined my phone! Constant crashes on theme store and…. believe it or not…. DIALER! Is there a way to revert to the factory cm13 beta c-apps?

  • Andika Yudianto

    Im using cm 12.1 rendang for my andromax Q.
    I have problem, if i send picture and take foto from whatsapp application.
    My problem is camera take picture is bad, picture blur, noise in my picture.

    Someone can help me please….

    Sorry my bad english.


  • Roberto Carlos Beltran Delgado

    hi guys,have a Fx0 with Os firefox,can put cyanogen in this phone?

  • Karthik Sandeep Vempati

    Are we ever going to get C-Apps for CyanogenMod 13?

  • Shivam Miglani

    I flashed the zip and that truecaller dialer is force closing what should I do to get stock dialer back?

  • Willy Torres

    Phone App stop i cant make or receive calls
    whit cm 13, how can i uninstall or make it work?

  • ѦՊԻ

    I wish I could have read your comment before trying to flash that ZIP file :(
    Now I’m stuck . I can’t make any calls :(

  • gonzalo

    Hola …. como hago para pedir una room para un equipo nuevo?
    Me compre hace poco un EXO Spanky a58
    Viene con android 4.4.4 y es pesima la room. :'(
    Bueno desde ya gracias.

  • Amir Soyel

    I have installed c apps then my start reporting error all the time…I have installed cm13…please include cm package in your next update of cm 13 nightly version

  • Apoorv Pandey

    True dialer. Get stopped if i clear all call history !!!

  • DeadWolfQc

    idk why people complain i have none of these problem whith cm13, well idk if its the same as everyone or cm13 just came out, anyway i have no problem with it, it work perfecly fine exept that they still didn’t find a way to make Google Play Services work proprely…

  • Rohit

    Theme app is not working correctly. Fix ASAP.

  • igorescu04 @XDA

    Hi there,
    I have a question , does the C-Apps remail after flashing a new nigtly? If not is there any possibility to include it?

  • Kaotte2

    Doesn’t work for cm13 nightly

  • GioAlphaDev

    Cyanogen OS 13.1 Apps

  • Samuel Antony

    c apps not working in cm 13 when i flashed it

  • Sarat Rajan

    It is supported from last week I guess. Works fine for me with 10-Jul nightly for cancro!!

  • Sarat Rajan

    It is supported from last week I guess. Works fine for me with 10-Jul nightly for cancro!! On which build are u on?

  • Kaotte2

    Im on nightly from 09.07. Device: ham(Zuk Z1)

  • Vijay Roy Thykuttathil

    Hi there!
    I am using a Oneplus One and it runs sultanxda cm13 rom.

    I flashed this package and also did the verification with truecaller in the dialler.

    But whenever i call an unknown number and true caller is unable to locate it and says true caller is unable to be reached.

    If someone knows how to fix this, please let me know.


  • dequan carr

    So I instaled the CM 12.1 and the sound was working fine, the next day it just would not play anything and youtube,vidios,or music won’t play. Do anyone knows how to fix this?

  • Gokul Raj

    Will it work on non cm based custom ROMs?

  • kinglur

    i agree with you