CyanogenMod Installer Release

Today we are exiting the ‘beta’ status phase and providing the CyanogenMod Installer for general release. The Play store application is now available, and the PC client component will be available shortly is now available.

A special “Thank You” to all of the beta testers, which at current count, is a community with over 7000 members. The reception and demand we’ve received for the installer shows the value in breaking down the barrier to entry that we sought to address. We will continue to work on supporting additional devices beyond the initial set, but we are proud to say that we are supporting the majority of flagship models currently on the market. For a list of currently supported models, please see our Installer wiki page.

After this release, we will also refresh the layout and design of our Download Portal, making it easier to find the builds for your devices. By visiting, you will be able to intuitively filter and search for your device, and select whether you would like the latest stable or nightly build. Gone are the days of having to memorize your device’s code-name. Keep an eye out for that update.

Update: A forum and JIRA project are now available as well. Check out the introduction post.


  • Пиратская морда

    HTC One is not supported =(

  • Trym Døssland Bjerkvik

    GT-I9105P is not supported :(

  • Prajal Patel

    When is the Galaxy S4 (Verizon) gonna be supported?!

  • mikeserv


  • andy lau

    Hope to support n7105 & zp900 thx!

  • Mohit Kumar

    any idea when the installer gets a compatibility for galaxy tab 2 P3100 variants ?

  • HeatPhoenix


  • Chamitha de Alwis

    Cheers!!! Thank you very much!!!

  • simone_brunozzi

    Any news on the installer for Nexus 5?

  • Dave

    I love Cyanogenmod 10.1.3. This new installer will make it so much easier to have it on your phone. Good job guys. :)

  • SammyEj

    CM designers… My tab keeps prompting me that my system update has stopped working. I use 1st gen Nexus 7… Pls fix this

  • Shiv

    Any idea on when the support will be extended for the HTC One X (Intl version)?

  • brett salzman

    can you guys make this work on the samsung gs2 d710 model

  • Abel Ghazinyan

    Hello.i am trying to install cyanogenmod on my nexus 4,but the installer says that my device is samsung galaxy s II .What is wrong?

  • gacl

    This requires a Windows PC!?! Aren’t custom ROM types more Linux users anyway?

  • Doug

    suport samsung exhibit sgh t599n???
    and when to take the version the mod on mac?

  • Constantine Crystal Sinetos

    Will the installer at some point let you install the nightlies?

  • Doug

    when taken out support for samsung exhibit t599n???

  • Kyle Mark Lambonao

    Hi Cyanonogenmod Team!please release Cyanogenmod for samsung galaxy win duos,I’ve been waiting this version of rom for a long time,,please release for samsung galaxy win asap!!

  • mariozhivago

    When you gonna be availiable on galaxy tab 3 please?

  • Mark Kevols Omegs

    What if my phone is local brand? Im using Cherry Mobile Razor (search on google if u want :P ) is the cyanogenmod works? Its stock on 4.2 jb.

  • Tej Contractor

    I have installed CM 10.1.3 (Stable) on my P-3100 Samsung Tab 2, Everything is working fine on the device however im unable to connect the same to my Windows 8 PC or Mac.
    I have tried reinstalling drivers, USB Switcher, Enabled Developer options, tried via MTP mode, however it doesnt work, when I go to clockwork recovery my device shows up in the Windows USB Devices.

    Can someone please assist, as I have tried whatever I could but am unable to proceed.

    I want to then install it on my N-7100… The P-3100 is the trial..

  • Marco Bassetto

    Please make the installer for xp :c

  • Doreen

    I tried to download app and reached as far as ‘Continue Installation in Windows and to proceed to website. However, I don’t see no further download options and my phone model (Samsung GT-I8160l). Can you please assist.

  • Clovis

    mac version is not working!

  • Richard

    oky then, so go live a caveman and enjoy it.

  • Matthew Grima

    I installed CM using the installer tool, I already had CM 10 on my i9300 and just wanted to test it. I got CM11 snapshot without actually asking for it. Is there a way I can install a stable version using the installer tool?

  • Matthew Grima

    Did you get kitkat? seems a bit unstable on mine, crashing a lot.

    I think I have a snapshot.

  • Chris Bidmead

    The link to The Play Store above gives me an error message: “Item not found”. Is there some kind of geo-restriction on the distribution?

  • OliverRC

    Don your pointy tinfoil hats all!

  • fluffy

    Look, there’s a middle ground between “not using something” and “having every bit of information you use about something being broadcast to everyone else in the world that you may or may not ever interact with.”

    I’m not a luddite or a conspiracy theorist, but I’m getting very frustrated with Google and the way that they take such a cavalier attitude towards both collecting and using data without thinking about the greater implications.

    The whole point to something like Cyanogen is having a CHOICE in things like that, except that now all that stuff is so permanently intertwined with Android as a whole that it’s getting very difficult to extricate.

    I really wish there were a middle ground. Just because I want to have a smartphone that does the things I like doesn’t mean I want to have everything I do broadcast to everyone I know and everyone THEY know, but that’s the direction that Google Plus is going in, and Google are doing their damndest to force everyone to accept it and take an active part in it.

    There has got to be a better way.

  • airtonix

    Perhaps English isn’t your native language, but my use of the word “weary” isn’t alluding to the situation that someone becomes tired from exhaustion towards the end of the day, but rather a gradual shift towards apathy and frustration of a situation that does not improve over the course of months.

    Thus you become weary of any attempt to initiate similar activities that seemingly appear to be heading towards similar disappointing a frustrating results.

    “Jane became weary of the postman obstinate behaviour, instead choosing to ignore his daily rants about letter box sizes.”

  • airtonix

    Right, so what is the android kernel called again?

  • airtonix

    I’m the person who is requesting for OSX! Please Please Pleaseee

    fixed that for you.

  • mikeserv

    Interesting… how many months of apathy (and frustration!?!) are required before one is no longer a new user?

  • Kyle Mark Lambonao

    guys when will u release for samsung galaxy win i8552

  • Satpal Singh Khalsa

    I have galaxy win , I was soo glad to know that my device is not supported . I requested to the cyanogenMod developers plz help me to get cyanogenMod for my galaxy win GT- 18552 . I love to have cyanogenMod plz help me

  • khiron

    Why there is no any SONY ( SE) phone on installer list ?

  • Anik Halder

    because they are not supported.

  • Allan An

    Hi, I was just wondering, which CM version does the installer install, since for mu Galaxy i9300 (international), the only stable version is CM 10 (which I can install via CWM recovery), and I´m running a sweet and stable CM 11 installed via installer, any help? my email.

  • Bryce Tangvald

    I know this is an aging thread, but I gotta put my two cents in.
    CM needs to do a Linux based installer too. Computer users aren’t just using windows or OSX.
    Ubuntu is what I use. It’s blatantly a Linux based is, but you don’t have to have any command line knowledge to use it. I am not new to Linux, but I’m out of the loop on most command line command. I get a little excited when I find a command on a forum or something, but I have no idea why the things I type work.
    That said, I’m completely spooked by the possibility that, in order to get a better user experience, I could brick one of the most valuable information tools I own (my phone) and have to shell out money I don’t have to replace it. The installer is a help for people like me. Enough knowledge to mess things up, not enough to know how to clean up the mess.
    BTW, osx and android both run on the Linux kernel. Both maintain Linux-like file systems. Both look, to all intents and purposes, like modern, up to date Linux operating systems with particularly unique features that set them apart from each other. But they’re still basically the same.
    So, saying that every Linux user is a super user with deep understanding of core kernel functions and knowledge of dark and mystical command-line spells completely undermines your comments. I’m a GUI user. Linux systems are still major players and need to be addressed for users who find themselves in situations like mine. I want Cyanogenmod. I use Ubuntu (Linux). I don’t have extensive knowledge of my OS. I don’t have access to a windows PC.
    Well done Hugo Roy for the initiative to opt to make an installer himself!

  • Josh van Asten

    I love CM and I think the Installer is a great idea but some Nexus models, a couple Galaxy Notes, Galaxy S II, III and 4s and the HTC One and you are proud to say “we are supporting the majority of flagship models currently on the market.” ??

  • Mögel

    always top …

  • tom katemi

    Im waiting cm11 for galaxy win i8552 aka grand quttro. Pleaseee. I love both cm rom nd my phone, so please please please make it

  • Daniel Underwood

    After using Cyanogenmod installer from your computer,can you unroot and remove Cyanogenmod and go back to stock on a Samsung Galaxy S4 GT-I9505?

  • Gus Lipkin

    The installer won’t work on my Galaxy S3 running KitKat. The installer says that the installation was a success, but it wasn’t. Help please.

  • Jay Hurlston

    Can I install CM 11 on my Verizon GS3 without bricking it?

  • Tomer Ben David

    please add support for ubuntu

  • Arsalan

    cm-11-20140930-NIGHTLY-e970 killed my phone…

  • asg749d

    Does anyone here know how can I install cyanogenmod on a Samsung Galaxy S4 from a Linux (Ubuntu 14.10) machine?
    Thanks in advance and please keep it civil.