CyanogenMod 9 – Stable

ICS, we hardly knew ye.

Builds for CyanogenMod 9 stable will be rolling out to our servers tonight. As noted before, this will be the end of the line for the ICS branch of our code; only critical bug fixes will be merged moving forward.

As a note, the maguro build from this morning was not meant to be linked publicly. Maguro’s build this evening will be marked to be on par with the other 9.0.0 releases.

Tonight’s release is for the majority of our ICS supported devices, the stragglers will catch up, and  we will leave the door open for merging in additional devices from maintainers, external and internal. The team itself, will focus solely on Jelly Bean and maintenance of the CM 7 codebase.

Many have wondered why we bothered to finish CM 9 when we are already active in CM 10 development. To that, our answer is: we don’t like to leave things incomplete. There is no profit gained from what we do, so the satisfaction of completing a goal is our only reward. This release also serves as a release suitable for the masses, especially those who won’t have 100% functioning releases of CM 10 immediately or are averse to anything branded as ‘preview’, ‘alpha’, ‘beta’ or ‘nightly’.

On the topic of nightlies, this release also serves as an end to our CM 9 nightlies, to make way for nightlies chock full of Jelly Bean goodness. A follow-up post will be made when we enable those builds.

  • Aaa

    everybody know if cyanmod 9 is building for galaxy ace s5830??

  • Elconde

    I installed CM 9 on Defy and I have 2 issues: 1. When I reboot phone its star all over and 2. Low space, can t install nothing else.

  • Alex_negodrama52

    por favor equipe do cyanogenmod, facam um minimo esforco para tornar compativel o ICS com o lg c660, pq ele e um smartphone bom, mas o android 2.3 ja esta ficando fraquinho pra ele…!!!

  • Marcofelipelopes

    this cyanogen mod 9 have all features ok? 

  • Lucas Rocha

    the stable version of cmd 9 also caught in the galaxy?

  • niks

    is it there for galaxy y gt5360

  • Adrian061996

    When will galaxy ace for?

  • Ryan K

    Is it possible to remove CyanogenMod if i need to service my phone? Thanks

  • meneses

    quiero saber si ya esta el cyanogenmod 9 para el gl optimus hub lla que lo e instalado barias beses pero ninguno soporta la camara espero que solucionen eses problema y pueda tener mi cel al 100% gracias

  • Gcrew1

    I’ve just installed it on my SGT7, using your wiki. These were my first steps into the world of custom Android builds, and before trying to flash I was bit doubtful, but now I’m really delighted to use ICS instead of Gingerbread+Touchwiz. Many thanks, guys!

  • Feedback

    I have successfully installed the latest stable CM9.1 on Samsung Galaxy S GT-i9000 and it works great. I even found the installation relatively easy. Many thanks for this great software and wiki instructions.

  • Lozthero

    Thank you guys for everything… im using the cm9 on a atrix cant wait for stable on either cm9 (atrix) or cm10 (atrix)

  • Vernon Supangan

    cm9 is fine

  • Vernon Supangan

    cm9 is good.. but i have problems signing up w/ exchange accounts.. and i can’t turn my cp on without connecting my charger..

  • Gonzaracing69

    LG L3 Is not stablee =(

  • Ankursharma11066

    hey can i get cyanogenmod officially for htc one v??

  • Nader Ghaddar

    Is there a final version for cooper (Galaxy Ace) ? Because I’m on an unofficial version of CM9 RC2..

  • Pedro

    Lg Optimus L5?

  • Oniss

    BIG THX for CM 9 :D
    I got on my lg e400, and this is amaizing, speed, stable and power :)
    Great job friends :D   Greeting from Poland
    sorry for my english :)

  • Chrome_phoenix

    is this gonna work on the pantech burst?

  • thejavimen

    hola soy del peru y tengo una tablet pc allwinner a13 modelo mid-a13 instale cm9 funciono toodo muy bien menos el touch. me podrian ayudar porfavor ????

  • Angela Mccormack

    New cm user.want to know how to get the FM Radio I am supposed to have on my galaxy S!! the icon is missing altogether.

  • Ricardo P F

    Please make the room CyanogenMod 9 for HTC ThunderBolt (Verizon)

  • Noxon83

    I got a samsung galaxy ace with cyanogen 7 i want update that because the batery is getting alwats lown ,how is the last version? Thanks

  • Msk_mdq

    Hi my name is Sebastian i from argentina, I have a ZTE N720 with Movistar…cyanogenMod is compatible my android??? Please!!! someone help me!!!

    sorry my google traslate jeje! 

  • player


  • Bharath0096

    i have tried the one for galaxy y i found in xda…the work is truely amaizing its simly the best rom hoping for the one with network fix done…will it be released soon??

  • Elvis Santos

    CyanogenMod for motorola razr xt 910?

  • Twatts723

    i put the cyanogen mod 9 on my rooted galaxy s2 and its stuck on a screen with the little man with some lights around him. i cant get anything to work its just stuck on that screen. how do i get it off

  • Saket18g

    Is CyanogenMod available for xperia tipo?

  • Sdhssn21

    Will Motorola Atrix receive official cm9 or 10

  • Aman97gupta

    Plz make a stable for lg l3 fast !!! I’m waiting

  • imwa

    Why no CM9 for GT-I9070?

  • Piipe_rap

    cyanogenmod 9 es estable apra lg e510 optimus hub osea funciona todo??? 

  • Bruce Jones

    how can i keep cm from continious going in car mode??

  • Adamalzo66

    hey can i ask if you are gonna make a rom for the alcatel one touch 983 also known as the vodafone smart 2

  • moises

    galaxy 5?

  • GAST

    Comment removed

  • Jmedinaj

    thank you for turning our devices into a usable device with its features…I use mine constantly

  • James Finch

    I have an HTC Desire HD.  I am currently using CM 7,  I have looked for all of the supported versions, and it shows that CM 7 and CM 9 are supported for the Desire HD.  However, I cannot seem to find the link for the CM 9 download.  When I enter my ‘HTC Desire HD’, it takes me to the CM 7 download page.  Any help getting to the CM 9 download page would be much appreciated. Thanks.  [email protected]

  • Pabloi7

     Para el Zte skate llevo ya jodiendome todo el año con que la camara falla y siempre me falla todo cuando me hace falta quiero una version estable y definitiva

  • Gabriel Daudt

    o meu não sai de uma tela azul, o que eu faço?

  • Nahuel2711

    por que no se puede descargar?

  • Ravisikdel

    Hi, I have updated my galaxy ace gt s5830 with cm 9 and I do appreciate the interface. However there so many fixes that needs to be updated. To start with the major app of the phone like galary camera doesnt function and I mean doesnt at all. The Wi-FI bluetooth works but everytime to use it I’ve to reboot the phone or else it will not detect. and the camera feature has no menu on camera to fix the resolution or flash. even after taking the picture it will not save it. I loved the interface as i said earlier i can edit almost everything but then there are major fixes need to be done. there is no optimizer or task manager i no i can download from playstore but the phone interstorage is so less i cant include these app on top of it . I mean what happen to the inbuit apps. I hope there will be a n update soon or else i have to take it off and try somthig else. I am sorry but i dont mean to offend i no the developers are working tooo hard so please take this as just as a feedback.

  • Jahn
  • kiLLe512

    Where can I find this ROM for p4? Do I have to build it myself? I don’t see it on the page? :( 10.1 is dissapointing, does not support everything I wanted, UI is kludgy, too phone like…

  • Chinmi_dbz

    why i can not connect to kies since i use this ics?

  • Francisco Gamboa

    please make a rom for alcatel one touch 983.

  • Nexus sexy nexy

    downgrading just for fun:)

  • Luis Carlos

    Pueden hacer una para el alcatel one touch 918a porfavor la necesito