CyanogenMod-6 Progress

It’s been just under a week since Google released Froyo (Android 2.2) into the open-source world and we’ve made great progress on CyanogenMod-6 already. Approximately 20 of us on the CM team are working hard on merging all of the community-developed extras in, as well as porting to new devices. Google did a great job and really gave us the best foundation to start from this time around.

Here’s where we stand so far.. Most of the CyanogenMod extras have been merged. Some features are being reworked (like trackball settings), new device ports are well underway. The first devices to see CM6 experimental releases will most likely be the Nexus One and Droid simply because those are the devices that “just work”. The Dream/Sapphire port has everything working but one small issue remains. Wes Garner has the Slide port well underway. I don’t have a status report of the Desire, Incredible, and Evo versions at this time.

I’m expecting that we should have some experimental releases by the weekend, but please don’t spam us asking for ETAs.. We are just as excited to get this out as you are :)

You can follow our progress on Github or drop by in #cyanogenmod or #koush.

Regarding updates to CM5.. A small update will be coming this weekend to fix a few bugs but the focus will remain on CM6!

Thanks to everyone who has been supporting us with testing, bugfixing, code, new features, and of course donations. CM is what it is because of the community. Thank you!

  • nismo034

    Samsung Wave please port to this device.

  • http://- kritchakorn

    pls update cm6 progress

  • WaaaghNL

    can you edit the motorola droid version so it can work on the Milestone version thats sold in Europa 😀

  • Scott

    I cannot say thank you enough for your (collective) hard work. Wait… maybe I can say it:

    for (int i=0;i>0;i=0) {
    System.out.println(“Thank you”);


  • BinaryJay

    Scott, your code needs refactoring for simplicity.

    while(true) { System.out.println(“Thank you.”); }

  • Booopity Doo

    Actually, I don’t think Scott’s code will print anything. Since i is initialize with 0, how can it ever be > 0? 😛 Not that any of this is important…

  • Chris

    CM 6 Alpha 3 is amazing! Cant believe its already at alpha 7.. Im really excited for RC1

  • Hugo

    Booopity Doo: he’s just not thankful 😉 that’s all *hint* *hint*

  • artcarney

    I just left some bucks for beer! Hope others follow my lead! Thanks for 5.0.8-N1! Looking forward to CM6!

  • ghstridr

    Is there an update zip for Alpha 3 or better? Having trouble finding one. Please post where I can find it.

  • toogreen

    Are the speed improvements from Froyo significant enough to make it run FASTER than 1.6 on a G1? I’m really happy with my current cyanogenmod, because it is pretty fast, and really stable. Will Froyo be even faster than that?

  • rob

    Been with you since JF but am sad to say that from Japan, PAYPAL is crapola. It won’t let people from Japan transfer to privates and my account expired and the card connected won’t be released for a newer one.

    Alternate method of donations possible?

  • ken

    i know i’m stating the obvious, but it just amazes me how good a thing cyanogenmod is.

    i’m one of those still using a g1 (going on almost two years), and my options to continue with the things would be pretty bleak without you all. i was having behavioral problems with 1.6 – new email notifications were flaky at best, i had to choose between relatively few apps because of the absurd space limitations, yadda, yadda – and you all have put me in the opposite situation. everything basically works, i can install every one of the apps i need, i’m not stuck in crufty-old-os-version land, and overall my phone is *outrageously* useful. it’s certainly not as fast as the new generation (and i *wish* the launcher-locked-in-memory provision worked more of the time), but it’s fast enough for everything i need to do.

    upshot is, i would be more than comfortable with 5.0.8 for a good while, i think – and here we are, looking at froyo 2.2 on the near horizon! i’m looking forward to it, quite eagerly – but i actually am in a quite good situation, without it, thanks to you all.

    it’s not that i see a bunch of complaining or anything – just that the situation is so extraordinarily much better than it could be, for us g1 owners at least, that i thought it worth remarking. “thanks” doesn’t quite do it – maybe this could be seen as a toast to go along with the beers people are donating? yay!-)

  • John Patton

    io.format(“Thank You!~n”).

  • Andrew Vo

    I wanna thank you for all the great work you’ve done with 2.1

    Im sooo stoked to see this all come together with FroYo…

    Hit us up with an update on how CM6 is goin bro!

  • clervius

    Is there any kind of release ALPHA/BETA out yet? I’d like to try it… (N1)

  • Yopoleo

    Yes, there is! it’s in the wiki, latest version section.


  • Darwin

    ahhhhh i’m anxious for my froyo based CyanMod
    will make a donation asap

  • vivek

    Cynogen or anyone else can tell me how to fix audio not working on froyo build made bt leshak can u tell how to correct it

  • Todd

    I installed your rom on my g1 phone and its great. The only problem I have is I don’t have the market anymore. Is there a way to get that installed

  • web

    Remerciment, félicitation et respect.

  • Senthil

    Installed 6.0.0 on ADP1 Successfully. No Problems at all.

  • Senthil

    Thank you for bring this to us! :)

  • shawn

    Hey. If u have a MT3G and can flash roms flawlessly, can u please tell me which recovery and hboot u have. Thanks in advance

  • créer site

    Merci pour cette colonne, ce contenu m’a vraiment immensément interessé. Grace à cet écrit j’ai beaucoup appris des nouvelles choses que j’ignorais.

  • Crimzoneyed

    I want it for the Wildfire *drool*

  • MarkerB

    I wish someone would make a mod… *any* mod, for the Hero as delivered via Credo Mobile.

    I switched to Credo because I was tired of my monthly bill going to support the US Tea Party movement, and other unnerving corporate efforts (the AT&T/iPhone cabal being the worst).

    Alas, it seems that most hackers and programmers don’t really care about the politics beneath their gadget choices. So I wait for the tepid, non-Froyo official, upgrade to dribble down from HTC to my little carrier.


  • MarkerB

    Oops. Sorry!

    I was assuming that because I never found any posts claiming to have success with romming a Credo HTC Hero, that it couldn’t be done. I took a chance last night, and rooted and successfully rommed CM6. It took about 10% of the time as my research into seeing if it had been done before.

    My, god, this thing runs so much better. No sluggishness, and ability to force roaming when I’m in a fringe Sprint area.

    Thank you so much!

  • Lutraphobe

    I also rooted a Credo HTC Hero and installed cyanogen. It’s so so so much better. I was almost ready to get rid of this phone and go back to AT&T.

    Get the word out. Tell people who are considering Credo that the root can be done. This is imperative if Credo is going to sway iPhone users away from AT&T. If only they could announce it officially.

  • cam

    I installed cyanagen 6.0 but now I’m trying to use a kernel BC I heard it will make my phone run faster. So I downloaded ps3 something and also a few other ones but it freezes my phone up on start up. Any advise on what kernel I should use for driod moto1?

  • pungky

    hii all,

    i’m pugky from indonesia. currently i used nexian journey a.k.a Motorola Greco, Orange Boston, GigaByte G1305 Codfish, Apanda A60, WellcoM A88, Vibo A688, Cincinnati Bell Blaze f800, Commtiva Z71, Muchtel A1, Chinavision Excalibur.

    last night i already try to use as my froyo installer to root (or u call it flash?), i don’t know which the right one. basically i already get in to the froyo by used that firmware.

    At the beginning, it seem running smoothly, but when i want to run the g apps in my phone, i forget to active my 3G (hsdpa) network. meanwhile, on my phone already asked me to register my google account on it. but after i try to get back, it not allowed me to get out for active my hsdpa network. (btw, i use hsdpa network becoz in my friend’s house didn’t have wifi network

    back to the story, after that, i try continue to key in my account, but the device said i need to continue the registration via wifi network, did i don’t have a chance to register via hsdpa network?

    what should i do then?
    meanwhile, even i already try to set my APN network in froyo, the device still can’t detect my network source…

    based on what happen, so i try to reboot the older rom, it mean the official eclair network to my phone, but after that, i found some trouble in the ori rom, my wifi didn’t work at all….

    is there any solution for those trouble? please help me, bcoz i’m so newbie here but i’m so in love with android from the first time i saw and heard this OS…..

    thanks guys and so sorry if my comment disturbing your time….

  • kawai

    hi, everybody, i was flash cm6.1 stable, but i can’t using wifi, but when i flash the official rom(2.1). all ok ??