CyanogenMod 11.0 M9 Released

Another month, another release to mark the occasion – today we fire off the builds for CM11 M9. The M9 build incorporates changes from June 31st through its branch date on Sunday July 27th.

This release marks the first ever (non-nightly) release for the Xperia Z2 ‘sirius’, Xperia Z2 Tablets ‘castor’ and the HTC One ‘m8′ – kudos to their maintainers and all the other maintainers that bring you these releases every month! As a reminder, the best way to help them continue to provide solid releases is to report bugs to our JIRA instance.

* Themes support for additional UI elements
* Heads Up Notifications – Bug Fixes
* Lockscreen – Allow doubletap to sleep when using secure keyguard
* Torch – Improve performance
* Safe Headset Volume – prompt when interfering with 3rd party device (Jawbone, Square, etc)
* Center clock support
* Quick Settings – respect locale changes on additional tiles
* Proximity Wake-Up support – prevent accidental wake-up of device by checking to see if proximity sensor is blocked (eg. Device is in a bag or pocket).
* Spam notification filtering – Set notifications to auto-ignore based on content (perfect for those pesky games that want you to ‘Save 20% on our new game’). Long-press offending notification to set as ignored; manage in Privacy settings.
* Settings Search – Additional improvements and highlighting
* Data Usage Info – Add support for CDMA devices without sim cards
* Bluetooth – Add additional A2DP profiles
* Bluetooth – Disable AVRCP 1.5 by default (fixes various car unit compatibility)
* Email – Fix saving attachments to storage for POP3 accounts
* Translations (Thanks CM Crowdin Team!)
* Account for Play Services induced wake-locks
* Fix encryption on some LG Devices
* Dialer – add support for Korean and Chinese to smart-dialer

Happy Flashing
The CM Team

  • Jason Heller

    Try Windows media player for android

  • Jason Heller

    I had sone issues with the m9 also and I’m on s3,
    Make a backup, do factory wipe, install m9 or above….reboot let it set for a few mins….power down, go to restore then advanced restore then restore just your data folder….pretty much just doing a clean install then restoring your data folder so nothing is lost… worked for me…..the m9 I think did have a big bug go with anything after the m9…hoe thus helps if you didn’t already fix the issue

  • AR

    Thank you my Jason friend, but in the past, I haven’t had any problems with updates, until now. I’m not seeing the solution in me erasing everything and then putting it back.
    I’m waiting for CM to resolve their given problem.

  • Jason Heller

    Just a suggestion….a lot of times doing a clean install solves a lot of issues

  • Mohammad Hawari

    will the problem that got me annoyed is in every release nightlies or stable the apolo player or another players always freezing when i connect it with a AUX to listen to music on car or on any another device can you please fix it i got my stock JB back because this issue :(

    The Device is I9100

    Note: i made a lot of bugs reports.

  • Maximiliano Scali

    Hi i have s3 i9300 with 10.2 but in options update i dont have this version to upgrade to 11m9. I see 3 nigthly versions 19 20 and 21 august
    I see that i have to download the zip paste it in my cell and install from recovey but i lost all data?


  • Shrikant

    15 days before I have updated my SG3 (i9300) with CM 11 m9 snapshot . there are some serious issues –

    1) Yahoomails sync. Is very late (install the yahoo mail app)

    2) My phone gets stuck & wallpapers appeats to black colored in background after playing the “Trial Frontier(ubisoft)” game & many more heavy games … (Need to restart eveytime)

    3) Battery draining is too fast

    I hope .. CM team will fix that kind of issues next snapshot version ..

  • dasarathy

    no u can update it only via playstore. but still you can use a card reader or use a otg cable by copying it in the pendrive

  • Christyan Baten

    Hola podriana ayuudarme es que tengo un huawei p6 y quiero instalarle cm11 m9 y veo que no hay nada en la página para huawei podrían ayudarme dándome una ROM aunque fuera de otro dispositivo pero que fuera compatible con el p6 y que rubiera arquitectura cm11 m9 o si pueden sacar una cm11 m9 para mi terminal. Agradezco de antemano el apoyo.

  • nate

    Completely off the grid…..can some one please do cyan mod for metro lg l70 or at least ahotspot fix……….pleease

  • nate

    My concern,unlock aphpp phone,or buy an unlocked phone from at&t metro pcs t mobile, and their apps and programs dont function….whats uip with that. Please help me!!!!!!!!!!

  • nate

    did i mention im new @ this

  • FaserF

    Does anybody know if they have fixed the bug now?

  • José Martins Neto

    Anyone facing problems with the camera in Galaxy S2 (i9100)?
    It happens to crash almost everytime!

  • AR

    I’ve been trying to nightly ever since m8 came out. No luck.
    If m10 won’t install, in going nexus 6.

  • Mohammad Asif ul Haq

    That’s one feature that’s very important to me as well. I use Rocket Player for that. try it out.

  • E. Escobar

    Can you please fix the compass issues? That’s
    the reason I switched back to stock from CM11 M9. I depend allot on navigation apps
    because my work (travel) and Sky apps for my hobby (Astronomy) to control my

    I had CM11-M9, installed on my Sprint
    Samsung Galaxy S4. Since the M9 update and kitkat 4.4.4, the SGS4 seems determined to be 180 degrees off all the
    time in all directions. For example, if I’m facing North, it will show South,
    if I’m facing east it will show West, if you facing West it shows East, South will
    show North. My telescopes and Navigations apps will act crazy sending you 180
    deg. off. Thank you in advance, please advice.

  • Christyan Baten

    Please cm11 m9 for huawei p6 u06 please

  • Christyan Baten

    Jaume podrías apoyarme en una cm11 m9 para huawei p6

  • Christyan Baten

    Porfavor alguien que sea amable en apoyarme con una CM11 M9 para mi huawei P6 porfía se los agradecería mucho es que busque y no hay para este modelo yya sacaron Roma para modelos mas viejos de otras cpañias menos para este.

  • Chandu Naidu

    App Circle Sidebar Please….

  • Gio ANdrey

    I’m having problem on my microphone, people can’t hear me on the other end. Please help. :(

  • Akuma

    Performing Remarkably on my Sony Xperia T (mint) love this ROM…its super fast…great job team CyanogenMod

  • Mathias Junior

    WiFi and USB tethering are not functioning on my i9195. On 3uk and have the unlimited tethering plan so shouldn’t have an issue. Do I need a 3rd party app? Not found one that works yet :-(

  • Sagar

    I just installed M9 on my galaxy S3 (i9300)
    My google play service keeps crashing… I have tried clearing the cache etc but no success
    Please help me :(

  • McLuvin

    For some reason on cm11, chromecast doesn’t have the “cast screen” option.

  • Gio ANdrey

    My mic’s not working. I’m on a Galaxy s3 International, When I record my voice all I hear is static. but I can record my voice and sound when I use video recorder. Is there already a fix for this?

  • martin

    anyone know why my recordered sound, sounds so horrible???
    very very saturated

  • David Ferreira

    When is coming M10 or something more stable? M8 was ok, but M9 in nexus 4 is having problems in WiFi connections, updates of networks take too long, I get weaker values of signal and I cant make hotspot anymore, it gives me error.

  • Địpạk Pặrmậr

    Sound recorder not work with wav in nexus 4

  • Địpạk Pặrmậr

    Also add icon size setting… And net speed monitor… Hope next blind have this

  • Jaume Sala

    Completely agree.

  • FaserF

    It doesn’t even work after one month to flash M9 to my Galaxy s3 (with CM 11 M8) common CM. I hope the M10 and CM 12 will work!

  • SeanKurth

    Sorry, still hate the release schedule. Just about every CM11 changelog I see is half full of stability improvements and feature tweaks, all of which, in the rock solid CM10.3, would never have made it past M, and it’s gotten to the point where your “M” builds are looking more and more like the old nightlies. Its so bad now that (yes, I’ve actually tested this) unoffical, BETA Carbon and PACrom ports are more stable and less app crash=system crash-y than what is supposedly a “stable” Cyanogen! After 9 damn months, I’m done. My latest flash is an unoffical Pac rom from XDA, and I couldn’t be happier. I’ve stopped bothering with bug reports, because every “feature” you guys add creates 10 more glitches that you also tout as “features” and refuse to fix. Corporate Cyanogenmod now cares more about getting as much media coverage and device exposure as possible than stability or usability. CM11 will never be a daily driver on any device, ever. Goodbye forever, the only way I’ll ever come back is if Android L get a RC/Stable. You don’t build a new stable tree in a month, you just don’t.

  • SeanKurth

    It wasn’t that bad, until M5 or so, when you started focusing more on flashy new features across every device as soon as possible over bug fixes and compatibility.

  • ahsanh

    I might be asking a stupid question but I am stuck therefore writing here. All seems perfectly fine on my Galaxy S2 (CM-11 M9) except I am not able to see the WhatsApp in Share Via option in any of the file browsers.
    Is that only me or anyone else also facing this issue.

  • ahsanh

    I might be asking a stupid question but I am stuck therefore writing here. All seems perfectly fine on my Galaxy S2 (CM-11 M9) except I am not able to see the WhatsApp in Share Via option in any of the file browsers.
    Is that only me or anyone else also facing this issue.

  • FaserF

    Does anyone now when m10 will be released? I thought it will be released today, but I was not right. :(

  • David Johnston

    Music Folder Player Free is the one that I use.

  • ahsanh

    I have recently installed CM-11 M9 on my Samsung Galaxy S2 (i9100). All is good except one thing. There is no option available to Share via Whatsapp in any of the file explorer. I am currently using ES File Explorer.

    Can anyone please help in solving this issue.

  • SheldonCooper666

    How about tagging? I helped me a lot to sort the music and playlists.

  • Vitaly Gurevich

    Where is M10?

  • Kirk Amvrosidis

    It should be out in a few days (could be hours)

  • John Mark Datingaling

    HDR isn’t working on my GS4 T-Mobile. It’s a blank image when take a shot. It crashes when I use a 3rd parry app. Is anyone else having this bug?

  • Sophie Loe

    Địpạk Pặrmậr wrote> Also add icon size setting…

    Didn’t home screen grid custom sizing help with this?

  • Barend von Schroeder

    also another bug I noticed was that my SMS setting is set to PROMPT and I want to send SMS using SIM2, but every time I send an SMS it does not prompt and it automatically use SIM1 so I have no way of using SIM2 to send SMS.

  • Thanh Vu

    What new update CM 11 for Samsung Vibrant?. It stop at CM 10.1.3 when capitivate and i9000 (it same chipset and RAM) updated CM 11. Why why why not faire for Vibrant

  • Nishanth gowda

    Cm11 rom can be installed on samsung galaxy note3 sm n900 4.4.2. .